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Choosing the right career and making the right career decision is very important for an individual. There are lots of inspiring professions that make you earn a good name in the particular field. In order to achieve your financial goals you need to have great academic qualification so that you can get the best job relating to your field. The salaries of various professions in USA differ from one another. There are a number of professions that pay you more while some of them are low paying as well. Being a professional, one must know about the term ‘salary’ exactly. Here in this article I will discuss with you different aspects relating to professions and their salaries.

What does the term ‘salary’ mean?

Salary is that regular compensation that is paid commonly on monthly basis for the employment.

What is the difference between salary and wages?

You might have heard the word ‘wages’ among employers and workers in the same way as ‘salary’. There is a slight difference between the two terms that is clearly explained here. Today Salary is basically the employee compensation that is quoted on annual basis. In case of wages, it is the employee’s compensation that is usually based on the total number of hours worked and then multiplied by an hourly pay rate. One may receive additional pay if the working hours exceed to 40 per week.

Why the salaries of men are higher than women?

As it is seen all around the world that the salaries of men are higher as compared to women and the same is right for the US as well. Men on average earn more than women in spite of same work experience and capabilities. This gender pay gap is seen in almost all the professions. The Director of pension research council of the University of Pennsylvania, at the Wharton school has highlighted three major reasons for the gender pay gap in US. Firstly it is the penalty that a woman faces on becoming a mother. Secondly it is due to the lack of negotiating skill among women and thirdly the biasness faced by the women from employers. Due to these gender pay gap facts, the salaries of women are lower than men in US.

Most authentic salary stats

If you are looking for the authentic salary stats of USA for 2017 then you are at the right place. We will give the authentic figures gathered from lot of research done so that you get the right information. People belonging to medical field such as physicians are the highest paid individuals. Others professions like pharmacy manager, patent attorney, medical science liason, pharmacist, enterprise architect and many others go like wise. Here you will find the salary stats of various professions along with their job descriptions.

How much money does an average person make in his lifetime in USA?

This question usually arises in the minds of many Americans because they are very serious about their earnings and savings. On average, an American earns $2 million to $10 million in his lifetime. The salary stats may differ depending upon the age, qualification and experience. Generally the US people prefer more than one job because they have to manage their expenses. It is seen that a common man in USA has a part time job as well in order to provide better living to his family and also it is the best way to save money as well.

How the average salary raise percentage is predicted?

The salaries of employees working with various companies and groups increase on annual basis. The average salary raise percentage for the year is calculated by seeing past year’s average which is then compared against the previous year. In this way the increase in salary is predicted. It totally depends on how the employee is performing with the company and also how the company is performing. We will also provide you the most latest salary updates for this year.

What are the hardest professions in USA?

Every job has its own requirements but there are certain jobs in USA which are very tough to do. If you are competent enough then you don’t have to worry because these hardest jobs are actually the most paying ones. The job of a data scientist, financial advisor, general and operations manager, home health aide, information security analyst and many other similar are the hardest jobs to get into.

How can international students find part time jobs in USA?

If you are an international student then you can find job in USA in order to manage your finances. There are lots of options like you can do food service work at restaurants and hotels. Other options include the hospitality jobs or the campus employment. In this way you will not only get experience but also an additional amount that will help you with the expenses of your higher studies. This will also give you an idea that how much student can earn in USA.

How to ask for a pay raise?

Employees working with the same company for many years are not sure to ask for a pay raise. It is because they are hesitant and also they are unaware of the right way to talk about it. You need to check the market rate for the particular job. You have the strength to negotiate with your boss and tell him that you are eligible for the pay raise. You need to update your skills as well because it is the best way to ask for a raise in salary. You have to keep one thing in your mind that every job takes time to flourish. It depends on your hard work and dedication with the company that will pave way for your success. There are tough times with professional but one should always be motivated to face challenges of professional life. Your salary is based on how you perform at the workplace. So the better you perform, the more will be the chances of your promotion.

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