Aerospace Engineer Salary Stats Around The World {2018}

Every person is born to become successful one day. Whenever it comes to earning good amount of money then you have to choose such a career option in which you have great interest. It is tough in the engineering but with the passage of time you understand the requirements of your field. If I talk about an aerospace engineer salary then it is an encouraging amount for young people. There are details about aerospace engineer job description and salary and also list of top ranked institutions for an aerospace engineer.

Aerospace Engineer Salary



When a student enters high school he is very confused about the selection of right subjects. It is very important that you know well what you want to become in future. There are so many types of engineering fields like mechanical, electrical, chemical, and electronic but if you want something unusual then you must consider aerospace engineering. Few people select this field but one thing I would like to tell you is that it is a suitable field for girls definitely. Being an aerospace engineer, you have to face the challenges of work. Here in this article I will discuss about an aerospace engineer job outlook and aerospace engineer salary in UK and USA in detail.

What does an aerospace engineer do?

An aerospace engineer is the person who designs aircrafts, missiles, satellites and space crafts. This job is to design new types of aerospace products. If any project is proposed to an aerospace engineer then he evaluates it in the light of various factors like whether the project will be possible on technical and financial basis or not. He assesses all safety as well. Any proposed project must fulfil the engineering principles. After the approval of the project, he has to coordinate the designing and manufacturing of the desired product. The final test of the product is conducted under the supervision of an aerospace engineer. In case of any malfunction with the product then it is aerospace engineer who looks for the problem of the product and then determines the solution. Aerospace engineers are expert in many types of products like military products, commercial products remote piloted aircraft. Additionally he launches rockets and vehicles.

How is the aerospace engineer salary in a year?

When we talk about the average aerospace engineer salary in the U.S. then it is around $83k in a year. The aerospace engineers are also given bonuses and some extra allowance of $10k which in most of the cases reaches to $20k. In this way the range of their income become $59k to $136K. So the aerospace engineer salary starting is around $59k. The aerospace engineers are often seen enjoying their work and many of their have share their experiences regarding their job satisfaction as well. They receive medical and dental allowances which is the reason of higher aerospace engineering salary. These stats are collected from various surveys conducted in the U.S.

The products in which the aerospace engineers are specialized include military products commercial products, rockets, and remote piloted aircraft, can launch vehicles and so on. Both types of aerospace engineers; the astronautical engineers and the aeronautical engineers are recruited in leading industries and companies. They use the sophisticated computer software in their offices in order to design the models or to carry out stimulation tests. They should expert in communication skills and in the development of space or aircraft components in order to achieve their targets.

What is the average annual Aerospace engineer salary?

The annual average salary of an Aerospace engineer I is $71,056. The salary ranges from $64,221 to $76,013. The salary may vary from state to state. This is the survey data collected by experts. However this is the average salary of Aerospace engineer I in the U.S.

How much is an aerospace engineer salary UK?

In the United Kingdom the starting aerospace engineer salary is around £22,000 to £28,000. If you have more experience and belong to a higher post then the salary range is £28,000 to £40,000. It all depends on your skills and competence. When you reach at the level of seniority then the salary becomes £45,000 to £60,000 or even more than that. It is when you have acquired chartered status. Individuals with master’s degree or having research qualification has more chances of getting higher salaries in UK.

Aerospace salary

What are the duties of an aerospace engineer?

  • An aerospace engineer evaluates the feasibility of the proposed proposals technically and financially.
  • He handles and coordinates the design, manufacture and tests the aerospace products such as aircrafts.
  • He ensures the safety of the proposed projects.
  • All the product designs are analyzed to see whether they are according to the engineering principles or not? He determines all the environmental challenges and customer requirements.
  • He has to show positive attitude towards quality standards and the completion of products on allotted dates.
  • He has to find out the malfunction in products and then look for possible solutions.
  • They work with expertise in the related fields like thermodynamics, aerodynamics, flight mechanics, celestial mechanics, guidance and control systems, acoustics and propulsion.
  • He conducts the research to determine the material adaptability and the equipment needed in the manufacturing of space and aircrafts.
  • He also recommends the schemes and techniques for improvement in testing the equipment. Aerospace engineer salary is the answer for all those hardships. Those stats are amazing when you read about the aerospace engineer salary in dfferent cities in the world.

What kind of work schedule does an aerospace engineer follow?

The job of an aerospace engineer is of full time. He working hours are very hectic as well. Some extra working hours are for engineers who monitor the progress of projects. He look for the performance of the products checks the timely productions based on standard designs of aircrafts.

How to become an aerospace engineer?

If you are interested in the field of aerospace engineering then you need to have a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering. Another options can be engineering in any filed which is related to aerospace systems. You must have a security clearance when you work on projects associated to national defense. In many cases the U.S. citizenship is required for clearances.

Education of an aerospace engineer

For entry level aerospace engineers, you are required a bachelor’s degree. For aerospace engineering the selection of subjects should be like chemistry, math (algebra, calculus and trigonometry included) and physics.

In a bachelors degree the programs comprise of laboratory, classroom and field studies. These subjects of these programs are propulsion, general engineering principles, control structure, stability aerodynamics and mechanics.

Partnership with regional businesses via cooperative programs and internships are offered by some universities and colleges. It is a great opportunity to gain practical experience among students during the course of their study. It helps them to manage their finances as well.

In a 5 year program offered by universities the student will get a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree when program is completed. After the graduation degree an engineer works as an instructor within the university. All programs are accredited by ABET in aerospace engineering.

What are the important traits of an aerospace engineer?

Here are some of the qualities that should be found in an aerospace engineer. Let’s have a review of them.

Business skills

An aerospace engineer should be expert at standard business practices. These practices are the basis of federal government standards. He should also be capable of knowing commercial laws.

Math skills

The mathematical skills are needed for the analysis and these principles include trigonometry, calculus and other advanced subjects. These principles are a part of the work’s troubleshooting and design.

Writing skills

He should be an expert in making documentation whenever needed for future references. He has to do paperwork and explains the designs of the aircrafts in a detailed manner.

Analytical skills

The elements which are designed must be then identified by an aerospace engineer. He should propose the alternatives so that the performance of elements needed to be improved.

Critical thinking skills

He should be able to think logically and critically when dealing with issues. After the analysis of a set of problems he comes to know that why certain designs are not working. He puts the question and then answers in a right manner.

Problem solving skills

He should be an expert in problem solving skills which are required for the up gradation of designs and should look for the solutions of the problems. The new demands related to aircrafts are fulfilled by the experience an education of an aerospace engineer. If those skills are easy for you then you have to read about aerospace engineer salary here at this article. It has information about the aerospace engineer salary stats in different cities around the world.


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What are the licensure requirements for an aerospace engineer?

The engineers working at entry level are not asked for licensure. However the PE or the professional Engineering license is needed at higher positions. The engineers who are licensed are known as Professional Engineers or PEs. He has the authority to supervise other engineering working on any project. He can sign off the projects and also provides direct services to the public.

Requirements for stare licensure are:

  • The individual should have a passing score in the Fundamentals of Engineering program.
  • A should have a degree from ABET authorized engineering program.
  • A minimum 4 years of work experience in the relevant field.
  • A passing score on Professional Engineering Examination.
  • The beginning Fundamentals of engineering program can be adopted after the bachelor’s degree. Those passing the exam are called Engineer interns (EIs) or Engineers in Training (EITs). After gaining enough experience, both the EIs and the EITs undergo second exam which is known as the Principles and Practice of Engineering.

Some career options related to aerospace engineering

The career of aerospace engineering has some other similar available options. One must not restricted to a particular profession. If because of any reason you are unable to adopt the profession of aerospace engineering then you must consider other professions associated to this field. In the following lines I will explain those careers.

Architectural and engineering manager

There is a bright career in the field of architectural and engineering managers. Their task is to plan and direct the scheme of business in engineering and architectural companies. There are also leading figures for the coordination of procedures.

Computer hardware engineering

These engineers work to design, research and develop the computer systems. All the testing regarding computer hardware are undertaken by them. They check the correct working of the components such as circuit boards, processors, networks, memory devices and routers. They have a prominent role in hardware engineering and because of them we see lots of advancements in computer technology.

Aerospace engineering and operation technicians

The expert of both of these fields work in the designing, operation and maintenance of the equipment used in construction of aircrafts and space crafts. There are lots of procedures which involve the computer simulation and modeling used by these experts in their respective fields.

Electronic and Electrical engineering technicians

These technicians have the duty of helping out their engineers in the development and designing of computers and other navigation equipment, communications equipment, medical monitoring devices, some other equipment in the field of electrical and electronic engineering by the use of diagnostic and measuring devices they work in the evaluation and testing of products. In the automation line, they are concerned in the development and manufacturing of the equipment.

Industrial engineering

The engineers in the industrial field work to eradicate the uselessness in the procedures of production. They come up with many effective systems that incorporate the machinery, materials, information, workers and energy in providing services of developing the products.

Electronic and electrical engineering

The electronic engineers work to develop and design the electronic equipment e.g. music systems, broadcast and communication systems, global positioning systems and much more. The electrical engineers develop, design, supervise and test the production of electrical equipment like radar and navigation systems, electric motors, power generation equipment, communication systems and others.

Mechanical engineering

The mechanical engineers are a part of the widest field of mechanics. They design and build mechanical devices and other thermal sensor devices such as engines, tools and machines.

Material engineering

The material engineers work in the development, processing and testing of materials. These materials are used to create lots of products ranging from smallest microchips to the huge aircraft wings, biomedical and golf clubs. They also study the structures of metals, their properties, and substances such as plastics, ceramics, composites and nanomaterials. They combine these substances to create other materials which are required in the chemical. Electrical and mechanical field.


How working hours in UK differ from that of U.S.?

When we talk about the working hours in UK then they are from 9am to 5pm. In case of projects assigned to be completed on the allotted time then the aerospace engineers work for extra hours. They are ready to consul on call whenever needed in emergency situations. In case of US. The engineers work for full time in monitoring the project performance however the relief is also provided so that they can work effectively in their field.

What are the different types of aerospace engineering?

There are two main divisions in the field of aerospace engineering.

Aeronautical engineering

In this type of engineering the aeronautical engineers design and test new aircrafts in order to increase their efficiency and performance. They concentrate on helicopters, planes and aircraft that fly inside the atmosphere. They study the working of aircrafts and come up with ways to improve the construction and propulsion of aircrafts.

Astronautical engineering

The astronautical engineers emphasize on spacecraft that include satellites and missiles. The study the construction and designing of these crafts within and beyond the earth’s atmosphere. They face their own challenges in the field.

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How much is aerospace engineer salary in the year 2018?

The aerospace engineer salary 2018 is $84,866 on average in one year. The salary may vary from state to state. This statistical data is collected directly from the employees in the past 12 months in the U.S.

Is aeronautical engineering a suitable career option for women?

Like all other fields of engineering, aeronautical engineering is a good field for women. Everyone has his own point of view regarding the career for women in this field. Some fields in the U.S. are male dominated for example marine engineering or petroleum engineering. However aeronautical engineering stands in the middle between a male and female dominating fields. When we talk about the facts and figures then in U.S. nearly 9.1% of the aerospace engineers are females. Women show more interest in aerospace engineering than in aeronautical engineering in U.S. there are very bright chances of employment for women in this field. You can see some of the influential figures as aeronautical engineer who will inspire you to choose this field apart from the handsome amount of salary. So it is definitely a flourishing field for women.

Is it stressful to be an aerospace engineer?

There are responsibilities and challenges in every field. It is how you take your job. Many people find the toughest job easy and in many cases easy sort of jobs become hectic. The job of an aerospace engineer is of mixed kind. There is a normal work routine but sometimes the working hours are of great anxiety. The pressure from the boss but from inside you are strong person who strives with hard work and passion. Every kind of person inside your field or the public expects something from you. It is up to you how you deal the people of both the circles. The stress is when the deadline of the project is reached and it is not completed yet. You have to ensure that the assigned tasks are fulfilled properly or not. It is a part of working experience I mean the hard and easy times.

What are the some of the top ranked aerospace engineering graduate schools in U.S.?

Students who are willing to go for the field of aerospace engineering or related fields like astronautical engineering and aeronautical engineering must consider these top ranked engineering schools in the U.S. students from all over the world are enrolled in these universities because of their ranking and education quality.

  1. Stanford University located in California
  2. Georgia institute of technology located in Atlanta
  3. Massachusetts institute of technology located Cambridge Massachusetts
  4. California institute of technology located in Pasadena, California
  5. University of Michigan located in Ann Arbor
  6. Purdue University located in West Lafayette
  7. University of Texas located in Austin
  8. Princeton University located in Princeton

How can I become an aerospace engineer with NASA?

Many people have the dream to join NASA which is the national aeronautics and space administration U.S. agency. There are a number of career opportunities in NASA. Joining NASA can be an exciting as well as thrilling experience. You must ensure that you are competent enough to join this agency. Students who do not know how to join NASA should read the following guidelines. You will definitely find a flourishing career with NASA if you are skillful enough. It all depends upon your hard work and sincere efforts to select from aerospace engineer jobs.

  • Once you have made up your mind to join NASA then besides you sheer hard work in academics, you must select a course of study. These courses will be selected once you reach at college or high school level. The academic advisors can be helpful in this regard. Furthermore the educational path with science, technology, engineering and math should selected for students willing to become an astronaut, NASA scientist or an engineer.
  • The internship employment program of NASA pathways will allow you to look for the current positions available with NASA. In order to start the internship make sure you are eligible enough to meet the requirements. You need to a U.S. citizen with age of 16 and enrolled in a good educational institution with a GPA of at least 2.9
  • You can also apply through Recent Graduate Program by NASA pathways. After your application is accepted you are placed in a one year career development program. After that there are bright chances of a permanent employment with NASA.
  • There is another program called Presidential Management Fellows Program is for individuals recently completing their advanced graduate coursework.
  • The Astronaut Candidate Program is also available for those interested in the field of Astronaut. Once your application is accepted you will be placed at Johnson Space Centre in Houston Astronaut office. Here you need to complete your two years of training.
  • On the other hand if are a civilian you can directly apply from the USAJOBS.
  • Your resume should be precise and simple. Mention all the details of your work experience and educational history. Clearly highlight all your accomplishments.
  • Once the resume is submitted it is then transferred to the NASA Staffing System. There you have to answer some additional question if asked. And track your application from USAJOBS if your application status.

How much does a NASA aerospace engineer salary in a year?

The aerospace engineer salary NASA is around $ 97,667 on average in a year. The salary is above six figure when you are a NASA aerospace engineer. It needs great efforts to reach at a permanent employment position with NASA.

aerospace engineers


It is a dream of many to adopt the career of an aerospace engineer. It is very promising and flourishing field. The job of an aerospace engineer is to design aircrafts, space crafts, missiles and others. It needs great hard work to prove your name in this field. When we talk about an aerospace engineer salary then it is around $83K in a year.  There are great career opportunities with NASA in this respective field.

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