Bank Teller Salary Stats Around The World {2018}

As the technology is evolving day by day new job opportunities are emerging. Over the last twenty years the only field in which lots of new career openings have been observed is for the banking system. The job that I am going to elaborate in this article is the Bank Teller job. This article is all about bank teller salary.

To be specific, bank tellers are those professionals who are remained responsible for the processing of authentic bank transactions. Those bank transactions included depositing money, gathering of the loan payment and cashing of the cheque. If you want to be a bank teller, here is all the information including the job description, education requirement, soft skill and salary analysis. Keep reading and know what you don’t!


The rustling sound of money sooth the ears of many people but the responsibility of handling large amount of money on daily basis is something else. Having a job of a bank teller is quite challenging yet fun on its own.

Bank tellers are the first person you meet when you enter in the building of a bank. A bank teller should have a well-maintained tone with the customers and must handle all the customers in a well behaved and friendly manner after all first impression is always the last impression. Tellers have to verify the person for further processing in the Patron accounts. Tellers are allowed to process cheque withdrawal or deposits.

They have to certify the money checks as per the specification of the customer and have to answer the questions of the customers too, they also direct some customers to other staff as per their queries’ difficulty level. Bank teller also exchange the currency of foreign customers with that of their own countries’ currency

As their shift begins, bank tellers have to calculate the cash in their drawers and then at the end of their shift, they reconcile the remaining cash to the specific account for dispersal and deposition.

Bank teller salary

What is the bank teller average salary?

The hourly average wage for professionals like bank tellers is estimated to be $11.69. On yearly basis the average wage for bank teller is $25,938.

What is the bank teller salary UK?

If you are thinking of pursuing education in UK then you are probably wondering how much a job of bank teller the average bank teller salary UK according to a report is £15,297. This is not an exact figure

rather it is just a median which was extracted at the end of a survey. At the beginning bank tellers should expect to earn as much as £14,213 per year but as they obtain few years of experience the pay can get as high as £28,517 per year. The yearly bonus that these professionals should expect to earn is £1,140.

What are the bank teller similar professions?

Here are some of the bank teller similar profession which are somewhat same:

·       Billing clerks:

Billing clerks are those professionals who maintain payment file, evaluate charges and keep the record. The average salary that the billing clerk are expected to earn is $37,089 per year.

·       Loan clerks:

Loan clerks are those professionals who process and submit the application and paperwork for loan. Some of their duties on job are finalizing the contracts and forms, preparing and auditing the finance of the organization they are working in.

·       New account clerks:

They are the professionals who have to interview clients for opening new accounts they also explain the available banking services and help them in preparation of the application forms.

·       The clerks for brokerage:

Brokerage clerks are the ones who are being hired by those firms who sell and buy the securities. Their main duty is verification of the placed transaction, writing order and keeping the records of the investment related activities like bonds and stocks. Per year the brokerage clerk are expected to earn a sum of $50,557.

·       Receptionist:

A receptionist greets the visitors in the office they are working in. they also take the office related calls and perform the clerical duties. The average wage of the receptionist lies between $27,859 and $29,874 per year.

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What is bank teller salary California?

California is famous for their happy go lucky fellows and of course how can we forget Disneyland? But do you know how much you can earn being a bank teller their? If not then let me tell you the average salary that you should expect earning is almost $12.31 per hour. The range of yearly salary lies between $20,357 for the beginners and $32,500 for professionals with few years of experience.

banker teller

What are the skills required for bank teller professions?

By far we know that the existence of a bank teller is very important for banks and their day to day operations. If you are unsure whether you are suitable for this job or not, here are some set of skills which must be a part of your personality in order to excel this job on maximum threshold.

1.    Good Math skills

It is obvious every career except for the security in bank need to be excellent in math. When it comes to bank teller, they have to handle a handsome amount of money every day, poor math skill will only get them fired from their organization. If a client asks for transaction of money from their account, a bank teller should be able to evaluate within seconds whether the client’s account balance is up to the mark of transaction or not. The drawers of cash allotted to the bank tellers need balancing on daily basis and a good mathematics skill can help them big time in doing so. The above mentioned duties thus require these professionals to divide, add, subtract or multiply large amount of cash within seconds. Having good algebra, geometry and calculus also create good effect on the job status of the professionals working in this field.

2.    Good behavior:

Little things matters the most in life and this rule is not general rather it is applicable to every aspect of life including the professional life too. Having good attitude and well balanced tone is always a yes when employers hire an individual for this job. You must be subtle and patient when dealing with the clients because each one of them has different temperament some loose it easily and some don’t! You must know how to calm and answer all the questions of the clients so that they won’t turn towards any other bank for the services. So be very well prepared for touch, sensitive, angry, excited and even stressed clients. If you have experience as a customer services manager or cashier, then this job can be pretty easy for you.

3.    Attentive:

People are very touchy about the money matters and all they want from a good bank teller is the attention towards details even the minute ones. Try to show them that you are actively listening to their query and implementing on them as much as possible. You are the professional they meet right after entering the bank building, if you give a negative vibe; no one is going to use that bank anymore. Good bank tellers handle large sums of money so never get confused no matter how small or how large the amount is

4.    Good communication skills:

Just because it is a front desk job, the professionals need to have good speaking skill in order to deal with the clients efficiently. You need to have both strong spoken, written and listening skills so that you can evaluate and solve the issue within minimum time possible. An efficient professional in bank telling job must know the right and easiest ways of answer questions of clients on subjects like interest rate, services charges and the history of their account in this bank. One of the biggest aspects of this job is good communication with the colleagues and mangers of the bank branch. Other than that the bank teller must articulate the bank financial programs to the customer in a good and right manner.

5.    Good skills in computer:

Having good grip on computer is beneficial for almost all the fields these days. For this job keep in mind that computer skill is essential to success as you have to be in touch with this dream box for the rest of the life. Computer skill help the tellers in such a way that enables them to find out the financial status of the client and also it help in digging out information about the new services which the bank launches. According to one aspect of the job, the candidates working as bank tellers have to do data entry of the client’s information on regular basis. Some other computer related duties of the individual includes keeping intact the electronic files, using the security and general system of the bank and also maintaining the records of the clients in the system.


What are the expected shift duty hours for a bank teller?

Typically a bank allows the employee to work between 8a.m till 7p.m but now that some banks are opening branches in retail and grocery stores the duty hours may extend according to the bank policy. These extended hours work well for those fresher who need to part time job to meet their expenses. This time period is just an average as every bank has created own sets of rule including the duty hours. Typically a bank is open for 6 days a week inclusive of Saturdays with full time duty.

What is the bank teller salary wells Fargo?

Wells Fargo is known as the renowned financial services and banking company residing in USA. This company runs on an international level not just US. The head quarter of this corporation is in San Francisco. The average hourly rate of a bank teller working in this company is evaluated to be $12.94 an hour. The yearly average base salary that the bank tellers get from their employers working in Wells Fargo is $25,472 per year. The rate of commission sharing for the tellers in this company is reported to be $2,203 per year and along with this the bonus that the tellers should expect to get here is $280.

How much do bank tellers make at chase?

JP Morgan or Chase bank is a national bank which includes subsidiaries of consumer and commercial banking in USA. The head quarter of this bank is in New York City.

The chase bank teller salary as median is $11.91 per hour. The yearly salary of a bank teller working in chase is as low as $21,008 per year and the yearly salary for the experienced bank teller at Chase is reported to be $30,635.

What is bank of America teller salary?

Bank of America is a multinational corporation which provides the financial and banking services mostly to the citizens of America. The Headquarter of this bank is situated in North Carolina and is known to be the second biggest bank of USA.

With so much name you must be wondering what an average bank teller earns from this corporation. The average salary that a bank teller should expect to earn in an hour working for this corporation is $13.79.

What is TD bank teller salary?

TD bank stands for Toronto Dominion bank, this is an American National bank is providing multinational banking services since 1955

The hourly rate of the bank tellers in the TD bank is evaluated to be $12 and the yearly median wage of the bank tellers is $24,000. This is not figure of wage rather it is an average of the different salary rates provided to the bank teller employees at the bank. Sadly, the salary is almost 87% lower than the gross national salary rate for almost all working or employed Americans.

What is Santander bank teller salary?

Santander is one of the best retail banks in USA. This bank has more than 14,000 branches and over 102 million clients. This bank is federally chartered and commercial bank.

The average salary of a bank teller in Santander is reported to be $11.79 per hour. The rate of hourly salary ranges from $9.14 for the freshly hired bank teller and $13.91 for experienced individuals. The yearly salary can be as little as $19,289 and can be as high as $28,701.

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What are the bank teller requirements (education wise)?

Basically for being a bank teller one must have the diploma of high school or GED. For this position it is not necessary to have a college degree but if you acquire a 2 year long associate degree or 4 years of bachelor’s degree in finance, business or math your chances of either being hired or promoted might increase drastically. Having education in a secondary language might also help the candidate big time as these days some banks also require the employees who are fluent in speaking foreign language.

The programs for certificates:

Although it is not a much necessity but some schools also provide bank telling programs which ultimately provides the candidates or students with certificates. For these sorts of programs the classes teaches the students about actual duties of a bank teller, bank requirements, regulation of banking, banking operations and work ethics. The main aim for these trainings or programs is to enhance the customer services and skill of math in the enrolled students.

Training that is observed during job:

Mostly there is an aptitude test conducted for the sake of background check in the tellers by their organization sometimes. While these training go on, the candidates are introduced to the client’s applications online, counting the cash, machines for process checking and the candidates are also taught how to communicate and interact with the customers

Bank teller training also teach the candidates some important bank procedures like redeeming of the saving’s bond, coin payments, issuing the travel’s checks or bank verified cheques, taking utility payments, making out money orders, providing the customers save access to deposit boxes and provision of license plate stickers etc.

What is the RBC bank teller salary?

RBC stands for Royal Bank of Canada. This is multinational company that provides financial services and is probably the largest bank at Canada so far. The bank has more than 80,000 employees and almost 16 million clients. The bank was founded in 2012.

The average salary of a bank teller in RBC is $16.01 per hour. The salary can be as low as $12 per hour and can be as high as $17 as per hour. The average salary (base) for bank tellers in RBC is evaluated to be $32,000 per year.

What is the bank teller salary Ontario?

Bank tellers working in Ontario should expect to earn $12.96 per hour. Most of the employees move on to other jobs once they complete 20 years in this career. The chances of increment for the first 10 years are pretty steep but having additional experience or education do affect positively on the salary.

The range of pay in a year for the bank teller can be as low as $20,854 and it can be as high as $34,509 in a year. The yearly bonus was evaluated to be $350 but it totally depends on the employers as how much they will give you bonus.

What is the bank teller salary Alberta?

The average pay a bank teller should expect to get in Calgary Alberta is 15.36 per hour. The pay varies from $29,956 per year to $41,217 depending upon the years of experience and education level in the candidates. The rate of bonus for bank teller is evaluated to be $500 per hour.

What is the bank teller salary Scotia Bank?

Scotia bank is one of the finest banks of Canada. Have you ever thought about the salary that a bank teller is getting from this bank? The average salary of a bank teller in Scotia bank is $12.17 per hour. The base average salary of bank teller in Scotia Bank for bank teller is $30,000 as per the rate of a year.


Applying for a job that is well suited with the set of skills you have is hard to find. The job that I have described in this article is that of a Bank teller. Bank tellers are the very first professional you interact with right after entering a building, these professionals are responsible for multiple processes like processing funds transaction, taking loan payments and depositing cash in the bank account of the client etc. If you love math and have good customer services skills then you can be a good bank teller. In this article I have covered potentially everything that can help you in making your mind regarding this profession from job timings to bank teller salary in different areas of the country. This profession is best for you if you are efficient in handling money with cheerful personality. It is one of the honorable professions around the world and people want to know more about this specific field.

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