Data Analyst Salary Stats Around the World?

This article is going to be a detailed insight on the profession of data analyst and the data analyst salary. Before going into depth detail; you must know what the data analytics job is all about? This is the science in which candidates thoroughly analyze the data and try to change it into useful knowledge for the companies they are currently employed at. This knowledge can further be used for making the world better day by day.

This career comes with a lot of benefits especially for data analyst salary. Keep on reading as you will get to know all the necessary details regarding this field if you are considering it for your future.


Data analyst converts the information given to them in simple English. There are different forms of data that need consideration like costs of transportation, market research, the logistics and the sales figures etc. A data analyst takes this data and formulate in such a way that it would be able to help big companies in making the business decisions. A common interpretation leads the company in right direction for pricing the upcoming products, overall reduction in the transportation cost of the company and solve the queries which is causing a lot of expenses from a company’s finance. Besides that they are also hire to sort out petty queries like the number of employees who will work on Saturdays etc.

Data Analyst Salary

What is the data analyst job description?

As mentioned earlier a data analyst collect and analyze the data so that the companies can use that data for molding business, insurance, marketing and political practices. They are highly trained individuals who perform different mathematical calculations which are applied for the profit and benefit of the company’s business.

The data analyst also concludes the risk and also the statistics that shows whether a company is giving way to any potential harm or not. We know that almost all the companies in one or the other way look forward to expand their business practice and in general want to grow; data analysis is their way of profit.

What are the duties of data analyst?

Here are some of the duties that is taken care by the data analyst:

1.     Management of the Data:

The management of data service by the data analysts totally depends upon the need of the employers. They usually provide ideas and recommendations about the data management. For collection of the data they used several methods like studying the electronic or hardcopy documentation and data mining for the sake of updating the company’s data bases. Their job is to enter the data into the system manually via key entry or document scanning technology. Besides that they have to delete out any duplicate, irrelevant and outdated information from the data entry system too. Besides analyzing the data the data analysis they also recommend different methods of analyzing and collection of data. They also help in management and improvement of quality of the data.

2.     Thorough analysis of the data:

Data analyst goes through the data to see the improvement areas in the company or sometimes the company provides the data analyst with issues and queries for deep analysis. They further dig into the data provided to them so that they can come out with a probable solution. In their course of research they must also communicate with the other experts of the field if they find it difficult to extract out the potential solution. The experts can be other statisticians and senior data analysts.

3.     Reporting the Results:

After the analysis the data analyst creates an elaborated report which is then sent to the decision makers and other committees in a company. The tools used in the generation of the data must be very efficient and should be able to mold the report in such word that the readers can understand the report perfectly well. Some common tools used for the sake of comprehension can be statistics, graphs, images and lists etc. in order to distribute the reports created by the data analyst common methods of sharing can be face to face arranged meetings, online meetings, emails or through shared customized softwares. A good data analyst mostly shares several solutions for one potential problem that can include changes in departmental regions, training methodologies, new business procedures etc.

Some other random duties:

The data analyst teaches the new techniques and procedures to the employees too. Other than that they maintain record of installation, maintenance and operation of some new technologies. Employers usually expect the data analyst to offer assistance to major and minute changes in the company. If they are not linked with any project they usually provide the co-workers with basic technological support and may also help in updating the companies’ website too.

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What is the data analyst salary entry level?

We all know that the beginning of every job is the toughest of all and not just that the salary at beginning is always questionable in every job. Averagely in a span of a year the data analyst who are hired on entry level are estimated to earn a sum of $55,275. Some skills that can potentially increase the salary of data analyst is the expertise in Data Modeling, Python and SAS etc. the bonus provided to them in the in the initial years of employment to the data analyst is in range between $900 and $9,400 depending on the efficiency of the data analyst.

What is the data analyst salary NYC?

Cities like New York are known worldwide because of great number of job opportunities and great sources of income. But working as a data analyst does really worth it in NYC or not? The data analyst working in New York City earns a sum of $60,826 averagely in a span of a year. This is not the exact amount of money rather the range of yearly salary lies between $44,900 and $84,798. The rate of profit sharing in New York is calculated to be from $1,007 to $14,899 in a year and the bonus that is given to the employees is $1,564 till $ 12,513 in a span of a year.

What is the data analyst salary San Francisco?

A data analyst working as on entry level in San Francisco is reported to earn an amount of $68,819 in a span of a year. Of course this is not the exact figure that they earn rather it is just an estimated average. The range of earning lies between $50,649 and $98,032. The rate of bonus is reported to lie in the range of $3,030 and $17,232 and the profit sharing that the employees mentioned is $9,826. The salary can accelerate if the employee enhances the skills of Data Modeling, data Mining, Data Warehouse and Python etc.

Who is a business analyst?

As the world is constantly growing day by day the business is changing rather innovating on a fast pace. The old school methods which were used in the past are no longer in practice rather their emerged new ideas and technologies which can lead to success even when the economic conditions are not in favor of the company. Bigger scale corporations achieve their objectives by different projects whose aim is to translate the needs of customers into new projects, service and profits having a business analyst can make this happen efficiently and effectively.

Their primary function is the implementation of technologies in businesses run by the companies. They also determine the project costs along with the requirements. Business analyst must have active communication with the stakeholders, partners and facilitators etc.

What is the business data analyst salary?

The average reported business analyst salary in a year for the business data analyst is $66,167. This is a calculated average salary figure which may vary due to several reasons like geography, experience and above all the experience of the employee. The range of overall salary lie for the business analyst lies between $37,149 and the maximum salary reported to be $121,642 in a span of a year. The profit sharing received by the data analyst in a year is around $3,189 in a year. The bonus that the employers can provide to their employee can be as little as $297 and as high as $20,134 in a course of a year.

What is the data analyst salary New Jersey?

The average pay estimated for the data analyst salary in the state of New Jersey is $58,983 in a span of a year. Surprisingly people affiliated with this job do not have more than 10 years of experience. The salary is affected by so many factors like experience and quality of work of a data analyst. The pay can be as little as $48,479 in a year and can be as high as $99,666. The bonus that the employers $5,500 in a year.

Who is a data scientist?

Data scientists are famous for handling large bulk of data. They manage gigantic size of messed up data which are unstructured ad structured, along with it they use their good gripped skills in the subject of mathematics, programming and statistics to clean and organize the given data. Afterwards they are utilize their strong analytical skills which include knowledge of industry, the understanding of the correct context of the project, the skill of skepticism and current assumptions for the sake of deciphering solution of the given business challenges.

What is the data scientist salary NYC?

If you are wondering about how much does the data analyst actually make in a metropolitan city like New York then here is your answer, the average salary of a data analyst in a year is evaluated to be $138,228.  This data scientist salary is however 0.3% lesser than the national average salary. There are many factors on which the salary of the data scientist relies and that contribute to increment or decrement of the pay scale.

The entry level data analyst salary NYC is reported to be $60,826 in a year. This is just an average figure and the actual pay varies from the company to company.


What is the data analyst salary London?

The estimated salary of data analyst in London, England is reported to be 29,683 pounds in duration of a year. Mostly people switch to other jobs once they spend 10 years in this field. The profit sharing offered to the data analyst by the employer is 152.60 pounds. Addition to this the bonus which the data analyst is given in a year is reported to be in between 1,164 and 8,726 pounds. Over all pay in a year can be as little as 22,376 pounds and the salary can be as high as 46,930 pounds in a year.

What is the data analyst qualification?

In order to be a data entry analyst, the candidate must have bachelor’s degree in subjects like statistics, mathematics, and management of information and computer sciences. Being graduated in these subjects actually creates great impact in your career as it enhances or upgrades your skills like analysis and statistics. The bachelor’s classes cover the courses in system analysis and design, practice and trends of business, management of IT projects, the upcoming technologies and management of database systems etc.

Afterwards the business analyst is required to go for an entry level job. Almost all the entry level opportunities provide the candidate s with information job trainings. The entry level jobs also gives the candidates with experience in analytical tools like SigmaStat and/or SAS, PolySystems Asset Delphi, Microsoft Excel. The initial job must also provide some experience in Structure Query Language which is used as language of computer in majority of the data analysis jobs.

In order to achieve success and if you want to excel in this career you must have a master’s degree. Some common fields for a candidate who is going for master’s degree are MIS (management Information Systems, analysis of information or any other related field etc. these programs further provide the data analysts with courses and seminars in testing and architecture of softwares, HTML coding, warehousing of data and e-commerce etc. few of these programs requires the candidates to submit well researched thesis on topics that are linked with the information systems. Having a well-researched thesis can be very effective and provide the candidate with promising job opportunities with great insights

What is the data analyst salary Toronto?

If you are thinking about how much is the salary of a data analyst in the city of Toronto? Then here is the answer to your question, the average pay of a data analyst in Toronto Canada is reported to be $54,166 in a year. This is an average estimated pay and in actual the pay provided to the data analyst can be as low as $38,179 in a time period of a year and they pay can go as high as $$75,450 per year depending upon the skills and experience of the employee. The range of bonus of data analyst lies in the range of $993 and $10,123. The profit sharing is reported to be $507 till $8,882.

Skills in fields like SAS, Python and Tableau Software shows a direct link with high wage in this occupation. The employees having 10 or more years of experience tends to move of shift to some other career option linked with the data analysis.

What is the senior data analyst salary Canada?

The more experience a candidate obtain in a certain field the more they are likely to have good figured wage. The same if the case with the occupation of a data analyst, the individuals serving for more than 8 or 10 years to this field are earning an average of $71,257 in a period of year. The range of the salary can be as low as $52,989 in a year or as high as $92,334 per year depending upon the great efficiency of the data analyst and the work status of the company. The bonus that the employee mentioned was as little as $1,019 or $7,973 yearly.

This salary was evaluated from a survey conducted on thousands of the data analyst who are currently resident in Canada. According to that survey experience showed a moderate effect on the amount of the wage the data analyst individuals are getting in Canada.

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What is the data analyst salary Vancouver?

In Vancouver, British Columbia an average data analyst is reportedly earns a sum of $54,013 in a span of a year. This is not the exact amount which is earned by the data analyst rather it is just an evaluation of the exact wage. The range of the data analyst salary can be as lesser as $39,690 in a year and can be as high as $78,885 inclusive of bonus and the profit sharing. Speaking of the bonuses, the average bonus provided to the individuals of this field is mentioned to be $3,100.

Some employees claim having strong grip on the fields of SQL and SAS proves to be super beneficial for the data analyst and the job they are doing. Surprisingly individuals having 20 or more years of experience prefer working for some other field rather than this one.

Who is a health data analyst?

The health data analyst is someone who is given with large amount of data linked with medical which further help the organizations and their heads to come up with a strategy which can help on maintaining success of the business and deliver the best health care to the needy.

Individuals looking for this job must have great hold understanding as to how data is being gathered, ways of sharing this data and storage of this data. Due to their skills they are fully able to interpret those data set and they do not forget even a single time aims and the necessities of the organization they are working in. the data that is been extracted after the long struggle of the health data analyst helps ins shaping up the ongoing strategy of the company and most often it also depicts the some handy tactics related to business too.

All the clinical operations and the practices of finance going on a company is linked with the field of health care align with the job duties of data health analyst and this grows the business, so this makes the data analyst to possess both of the skill of business experience along with it the experience in this health care is also needed.

What is the health data analyst salary Canada?

The average healthcare data analyst salary is reported to be a sum of $67,608 in a span of a year. The hourly rate at beginning of the career of the data analyst is $35. The highly experienced health analyst salary is reported to be $95,000 in a span of a year.

What is the data analyst salary Montreal?

Montreal is considered to be one of the busiest cities in Canada. The average salary of the data analyst in this city is $53,390 in a year. This salary is reported from a survey conducted in Montreal, Quebec. Experienced employees tend to earn bit more as compared with the entry level data analyst salary. The minimum salary reported in that survey was $35,431 in a year. Mostly the employees tend to shift to some other field after spending 20 years or so in this particular field. The profit sharing in this field is calculated to be $750 in a year. The bonus that the employees are getting is estimated to be $1,216 till $1,983 per year.


This article is a deep insight about the salary structure of a data analyst. This field has great potential of growing and not just that the data analyst salary is also one of the best things job opportunities. Data analyst is a person who converts data into information which is further used by the employers for making big business decisions. They take raw data and create reports from it which is further handled to the owners of the company. Those reports indicate potential risk factors in the economics of the company and need an insight from the company’s board of chamber.

Data Analyst Salary Stats Around the World?
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