Want to Know About the Dental Assistant Salary Stats? (Updated)

Dental assistant is one of the prominent careers around the world. It is a stable job and also gives you a chance to help others through your field. Dental assistants and dental hygienists are very skillful persons who are a main part of the dental team. The scope of this field is increasing with every passing day that is why more and more students are showing their interest in this field. Here in this article I will provide you all the information regarding dental assistants, dental assistant salary, and dental hygienists along with their salary also.

Dental Assistant Salary


Who is a dental assistant?

A dental assistant is the one who takes X-rays, schedules appointments, keeping records and helping the dentists in specialized procedures and other routine tasks.

What is a RDA dental assistant?

RDA stands for Registered Dental Assistant. They work along with dentists thereby providing the patients with dental care. Their job is to perform lab procedures, taking care of patients along with performing clerical work. Every state has different licensing requirements. They work in their administrative capacity. Additional duties are allowed only after you have been registered.

How much is the registered dental assistant salary per year?

The average salary of a registered dental assistant is about $34,740 per year.

How much does a dental assistant make a year?

The average salary dental assistant annually is around $35,413. The salary ranges $31,427-$39,158. The salary for dental assistant may differ due a number of factors like the education, location and work experience of the people living in United States.

How much is the dental assistant salary USA?

In USA, the dental assistant annual salary is about $35,413.

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How much is the dental assistant salary UK?

In UK, the average salary of a dental assistant is about £ 14529 per year.

How much the dental assistant salary 2018?

The average salary of dental assistant in 2018 was $65,000 approximately.

How to become a dental assistant?

If you have made up your mind to become a dental assistant then you have to know about certain requirements before you step into this field. Here are some dentist assistant requirements to know.

How can I choose the best educational route for my field?

Once you have decided to become a dental assistant then you have to follow certain steps to reach to the final stage when you are working as a dental assistant.

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Choose the appropriate path for study

Many students normally are admitted to their community colleges or technical dental assistant school for the study of dental assistant. The duration of the dental assistant programs is around one to two years, normally depending upon degree. Like the time duration for certificate diploma and associate degree is different from one another. Hands on learning opportunities are also provided in the clinical setting. The course work can be of dental materials, dental pharmacology, oral anatomy, dental office administration, dental radiography, CPR and first aid.

  1. Externship

You can complete the externship in order to gain experience through dental assistants-in-training. Lots of academic programs offer externships on voluntary basis during the course work. There are lots of training opportunities provided to the dental assistants. During this time the students can increase their skills in various fields.

  1. Be focused

There are many areas in the oral care where a dental assistant can specialize. An experienced and educated dental assistant can specialize in the fields like periodontics, dentofacial orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, maxillofacial surgery, endodontics, prosthodontics and others.

  1. Completing the state certification or licensing

States where it is necessary to get the certification, students have to pass Certified Dental Assistant examination of the DANB’s. This exam consists of 320 questions. The student has to score 400 points out of 900.

  1. Other forms of certification

The students can also opt for national entry level dental assistant test which is administered by DANB. Further certification can be in the areas of orthodontic dental assistant, preventive functions dental assistant and restorative functions dental assistant.

  1. Begin an entry level job

After the completion of graduation in dentistry, there are lots of job opportunities available for the dental assistants. The job positions are going to increase by 25% in the years to come as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  1. Advanced studies in future

Once you have worked as a dental assistant for a number of years then you can go the advanced degree. After the completion of an associate’s degree, can transfer existing credits to bachelor’s degree in the field of dental hygiene.

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What are the duties of a Dental Assistant?

A dental assistant has to perform the following duties while working in his field.

  1. His first task is to prepare the patient before beginning the treatment.
  2. He has to ensure that whether the patient is comfortable with the dental chair or not.
  3. He has to prepare the work area where dental procedures and treatments will take place.
  4. He sterilizes all the dental instruments needed during the procedure.
  5. He processes the x-rays and completes the entire lab work being assisted by the dentist.
  6. He also instructs the patients regarding oral hygiene.
  7. The helps the dentist by providing him dental instruments.
  8. He schedules the appointments of the patients.
  9. He keeps the entire record of the dental treatments.
  10. He keeps the patient’s mouth dry with the help of suction hoses and other equipment.
  11. He manages the payment and billing of the patients.

Which dental procedures are allowed to be performed by a dental assistant?

Apart from helping the dentist, a dental assistant performs certain procedures. There are some states who allow this duty to dental assistants. The procedures include:

  • Sealant application

In this procedure, he paints a thin plastic like substance over the teeth which seals out food particles and acid-producing bacteria that prevents the teeth from developing cavities.

  • Coronal polishing

It is process in which the dental assistant removes the soft deposits such as plaque from the teeth, giving them a clean appearance.

  • Fluoride application

Here the fluoride is put over the teeth directly. It is also another way of preventing the teeth from cavities.

  • Topical anesthetic application

Here the anesthesia is applied to a certain area in patient’s mouth to make in numb. Then the procedure is started afterwards.

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Does career of dental assistant suits females also?

Gone are the days when women were thought to be unreliable to be dental assistants. Now the trends regarding workplace are changing very fast. Females are more willing to work side by side with the males even in the field of dentistry. Females who are confused about choosing a right career must consider the career of being a dental assistant. There are more job opportunities for females as compared to males. They are mostly preferred by the dentists because of their long lasting relationship and behavior among the patients. They are also good organizers as well so that the dentist may not face any difficulty while using the equipment during the treatment. It means the females organize such stuff much better than males. For females, dental assistant salary options are also good enough. Additional bonuses make the overall amount handsome. Women are more eligible due to their skills and capabilities. They better know how to deal with patients by maintaining their comfort level in the clinic. The short courses and training are given to females also so that they can also move forward and make a prominent name in the dentistry. So if you are thinking about a possible career for you then I will suggest you to go for dental assistant without any second thought.

Why it is better to prefer a female dental assistant at the clinic?

There are a lot of professions where females are preferred to work as compared to males. Today there are no much gender discrimination at the time of hiring. Here I will tell you why it is preferred to go for a female dental assistant.

  1. A dental assistant has to be very gentle and polite with the patients when the procedure is being performed. So many dentists believe that the patients feel more comfortable in the presence of a female dental assistant. They are good at coping the fear of treatment among patients.
  2. Female dental assistants have more knowledge and they are more skillful than the male assistants. Apart from having experience, this can be the best career for females if they look more seriously on it. It is proved that they are more eligible for this post as compared to the males who only think about gaining experience.
  3. A female assistant is thought to form a long lasting relationship with the dentist at the workplace. While males don’t think of settling themselves in this field making it a career. Women look at it from the view of a settled and long lasting career. They are favorable for this post because of their longevity.
  4. Many dental firms understand to keep the balance between males and females at the time of hiring. Mostly there are successful male dentists who prefer to look for a female dental assistants in their clinics. So there is no more specific gender preference among top dental firms.
  5. Female dental assistants are easier to be outsourced. Many firms prefer only females for outsourcing. The work of females is appreciated more by the patients. That is why dentists are more interested about the satisfaction of their patients.

How is the work environment for a dental assistant?

A dental assistant works in the dentist’s office. The dentist is present to supervise the assistant along with dental hygienist. Before starting the treatment, he wears safety glasses, wears surgical mask protective clothes, and gloves to be safe from infectious diseases. Extra care has to be taken on his part to minimize the risk related to x-ray machines. He works full time with his job and sometimes works at the weekends also depending upon the situation.

Dental assistant career basics

Programs consisting of 2 years are less common that lead to associate’s degree. The accredited programs contain the classroom and some laboratory work. There the students learn about basics of dentistry like teeth, jaws, gums and also about the instruments used by the dentists. The supervised practical experience is also a part of these programs. The training to the fresh dental assistants is often given by the experienced dental assistant or by the dentist himself. Here they are taught about the dental terminologies, interacting with patients, names of instruments used during treatments, completion of everyday tasks, and similar other activities.

What ate the notable qualities of a dental assistant?

Interpersonal skills:

The dental assistant must feel the condition through which the patient is going. Therefore he has to be very close to his patients and dentists. He must help the patients to cope with the pain or any sort of stress.

Detail oriented:

They have to be aware of all kinds of details regarding rules and procedures at the time when they are with the dentists. They should be aware of the fact that which task is going to be completed at the time of their work.


A dental assistant must be highly skillful while using his hands during the work. They have to use precise tools and instruments and work in tight quarters on small body part. So they must be very efficient and fast.

Classifying skill:

He should have the great skill of organizing and arranging things. He places all the instruments and tools in its proper place so that the dentist may not feel any difficulty at the time of patient’s treatment.

Listening skills:

He must listen to the needs of every patient because it is a part of his job. He has to act upon the instructions given by the dentist so that the tasks during the dental treatment are easily performed.

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Are dental assistants licensed or registered?

In some states it is seen that a dental assistant must be licensed or certified or other states not really demand this formality. Some of the tasks like coronal polishing require a dental assistant to be licensed from the Dental Assisting National Board. In order to be licensed from (DANB), one has to pass through an exam. The eligibility criteria for the exam is that the candidate must be graduated from the accredited program or have a high school diploma along with enough work experience. There must also be current certification in CPR with the applicant. Some states also demand certain educational and work trainings like when working with radiography equipment. In the end one must know that the requirements vary from state to state.

An increased demand of dental assistant in the years to come:

There will 18% increase in the demand of dental assistants in the years to come. The dental services will be required on larger scale to perform routine tasks and more complex dental procedures will be performed in the years to come.

What are the possible dental assistant similar professions?

There are lots of careers available for a dental assistant. The possible fields are discussed below:

Dental Hygienists

A dental hygienist cleans teeth and examines the patients to look for the symptoms of diseases like gingivitis. He tells about dental care as well. In this way the patients are able to maintain a good oral health.

Nursing Assistants and Orderlies

These assistants are also called nursing Aides whose task is to provide long term facilities to the patients in hospitals or living in their houses. They transport the patients and also clean the treatment areas.

Medical Assistants

They complete all the clinical and administrative tasks in the office of physicians in hospitals. Other kind of medical facilities are also provided by medical assistants. It depends upon the location that what kind of activities are assigned to them.

Occupational Therapy Assistants and Aides

They help the patients to develop and improve the skills that are needed for daily living. They provide different therapies to the patients for their recovery. The occupational therapy aides are there to support the activities of the assistant. Both of these men are instructed by the occupational therapist.

Physical Therapists Assistants and Aides

These are also called as PTAs who work under the supervision of physical therapists. The patients recovering from injuries and illnesses are helped by the physical therapist assistants and aides.

Pharmacy Technicians

These men help the pharmacists supply the prescribed medication to the customers or other health experts.

Surgical Technologists

They are also called as operating room technicians who help in surgical operations. They also play their part at the time of surgeries. They arrange equipment and prepare operating rooms as well.

Salary dental

How much does an orthodontic assistant make a year?

The average orthodontic salary is $32,362 in a year.

How much does a dental assistant make an hour?

The dental assistant salary per hour is around $17. It ranges with $15 to $19. However there are a number of factors on which the dental assistant salary hourly depends. The approximate range is calculated by the wages of people in the United States.

How much is the Dental Assistant Salary California?

The dental assistants working in California earn around $17.83 per hour. The hourly wages normally start from $11.93 and to up to $27.07.

How much does a dental assistant make a year in California?

The salary of dental assistant working in California is about $37,090 in a year. The salary range begins with $24,820 to $56,310.

What affects the starting salary of a dental assistant?

The starting of dental assistant salary depends of various factors like whether the man is certified or not. It is also depends upon the location and work experience of a dental assistant. If he is working in a prosperous region then he can earn as much as $42,000. Apart from that the dental assistants working with the insurance carriers industry earn approximately $41,000.

dental assistant vs dental hygienist salary

What is the difference between a dental assistant and a dental hygienist and what does a dental hygienist do?

As we have already talked about that the job of a dental assistant is to take X-rays, keep the record, schedule the appointments, helping the dentist with treatment procedures.

While a dental hygienist’s job is to clean the patients’ teeth and look for any kind of diseases like gingivitis and provides preventive cares to the patients.

How do you become a dental hygienist?

Many people are still confused regarding the question how to become a dental hygienist. In order to become a dental hygienist, you need to have associates degree in dental hygiene. However the trend of bachelor’s degree is less common. The duration of this program is 3 years. Almost every state demands a dental hygienist to registered or licensed. The programs relating to this field are found in technical dental hygienist school, community colleges and in universities also. It also happens that these programs often require the applicants to have been completed at least 1 year at college.

There are various dental hygienist schools and best universities that offer dental hygienist degree. Here are some of the best schools and universities to consider.

  • University of Southern California in Los Angeles
  • University of Michigan- Ann Arbor, MI
  • Texas A&M University- College Station
  • New York University
  • Ohio State University-Main Campus
  • University of Washington-Seattle Campus
  • University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
  • University of Maryland-college Park

How much is the dental hygienist assistant salary in a year?

The salary of dental hygienist assistant is approximately $35,000. The salary ranges $25,000 to $45,000 in a year.

How much does dental hygienists make in a year?

The average dental hygienist salary is around $71,520 in a year.

How much does a dental hygienist make an hour?

A dental hygienist makes around $34 in an hour. The salary ranges $29 to $38. The range may vary from state to state. This calculation is done with the dental hygienists working is the Unites States.

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How much was the dental hygienist salary in the year 2018?

The dental hygienist salary 2018 was approximately $92,910.

Dental assistant vs dental hygienist salary

The average annual salary of a dental assistant is $35,390 while the average annual salary of a dental hygienist is $71,520.

How much is the dental hygienist salary by state?

The salary of a dental hygienist varies from state to state. For example it is $92,528 in New Mexico, $84, 477 in Washington, $ 97,791 in Virginia, $69,146 in California, $55,664 in New York and $67,858 in New Jersey.


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