Dental Hygienist Salary Stats in Different Part of Your Country?

All adults know how difficult it is out there to choose the right profession and earn adequate amount of money from it. One wrong decision and all your plans will drown drastically. In this article I am going to talk about a profession which is unknown to many people among us. Not only this job has a good net worth but it is also one of the most competitive jobs out there. So, here is a brief overview regarding dental hygienist salary all over the world.


What is the dental hygienists work?

Dentalhygienists perform a wide range of challenges throughout their career the dental hygienists along with dentists work together to fulfill the oral needs of the patients. Since each state has created its own sets of regulations regarding the responsibilities of the dental hygienists, so the range of services provided by them varies from area to area. So even if the services vary, here are some of them:

  • Performing office documentation and office management tasks
  • Taking impressions of the teeth of patients for the sake of study cast
  • Teaching the patients the correct oral hygienic strategies
  • Teaching patients the benefits of right nutrition and its impact on oral health
  • Performing patient’s screening procedures including assessment of oral health, health history review, screening of oral cancer, head and neck inspection, forming the dental charts, taking pulse and blood pressure readings throughout the day.
  • Cleaning buildup of plaque along with stains from the teeth of the patients
  • Assisting doctor during the surgery procedure
  • Can also work with the orthodontists and provides the specific care required for the orthodontic patients and procedures

How to become a dental hygienist?

If you are thinking of becoming a dental hygienist, you are definitely embarking upon a fastest growing career which was ranked on no.5 best careers in USA according to the new world Report of 2015. In a 2016 survey, this job was ranked #32 in the 100 best jobs.  In order to become the dental hygienist, here are two basic steps that you have got to follow:

  1. The Dental Hygienist School:

Most of the dental hygienists get to have an associate’s degree. This degree is completed in a 2 year time period. The school includes timings in the lab and classroom along with period of clinical experience. Clinical experience is very important for the dental hygienist to opt for a suitable yet well-paying job.

  1. Licensing:

Almost every country requires the dental hygienist’s degree to be licensed. In USA all 50 states have made the licensing obligatory for the dental hygienists. For initiating the licensing procedure you are required to be graduated from a well-reputed dental hygiene school

Once you are ready for the licensing procedure, seek for the state boards to find out the requirements that are needed to be fulfilled. Usually, the dental hygienists are required to pass an exam conducted by the national board along with a clinical exams conducted on state or regional basis. Additional to that you should also be CPR-Certified and should be completing continuing educational courses on an ongoing basis throughout your career.

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What are the courses offered in the dental hygienist course?

  1. Microbiology and Immunology
  2. Dental Anatomy
  3. Patient management
  4. Pain Management
  5. Introduction to dental hygiene
  6. Anatomy and physiology
  7. Periodontics
  8. Head and neck and anatomy
  9. Radiology
  10. Nutrition
  11. Pharmacology of dental hygiene
  12. Medical ethics
  13. Pathology

What is the average salary of a dental hygienist?

According a survey (Bureau of labor Statistics) that was conducted in 2011, dental hygienist earned an average income of $69,769 per year. The mid-point salary of this profession was estimated to be $86,280 in a year. This takes us to a conclusion that almost half of dental hygienists have earned this amount of salary in a year. However the figure that we have mentioned doesn’t account for any experience. So just like any other job, dental hygienists makes a bit less money when starting their career in this industry.

What is the salary for dental hygienist in the beginning of their career?

At the beginning of their career, a dental hygienist with less than a year experience can expect to be a paid $12 per hour. This means they can easily earn $26000 dollars in a year. With a bit of experience the hygienist can also earn up to $34 per hour which makes it $72,000 in a year. In my point of view this is a handsome amount of salary for almost any fresh graduate who is new in the practical life. Dental hygienists having a 5 to 6 years of experience earns up to $93,000 a year. Increase the number of experience and you will see a mass increase in the salary digit as well.

Can you tell me the job outlook of Dental hygienist?

Here are some of the potent points to keep in mind regarding this field:

Extremely good earning potential:

A career like dental hygienists provides the individuals with high paying jobs. Not just the income, some of the companies are also providing the dental hygienists with excellent benefits like sick days leave and paid leave for vacations too. Regardless of where you are, you are still going to earn a high income as compared to national average income. So this is probably the best career choice for someone who is looking for stable career and income

Good number of side opportunities:

In most scenarios dental hygienists do not work full time rather they carry this job as part time opportunity. This is the perfect job for those who are looking for an excellent side job which fits perfectly with their busy schedule. Typically dental hygienists work for some of the days in a week during peak business hours and they don’t have to work at night or at weekends. If you are looking for full time job, then good news is that there are some companies which offer a full time opportunity for the dental hygienists. Mostly dental hygienists work part time for different offices and manage to earn on a full time schedule

Excellent for those who have strong people skills:

This job requires you to communicate with patients on somewhat regular basis. This means that the person applying for the position should be excellent in interacting with patients. We know that there are a lot of people who feel very uncomfortable when they visit a dental clinic so it is the duty of the dental hygienist to make the patients feel relaxed and comfortable during their visit. A person with excellent yet strong interpersonal skills can carry this task perfectly. Dental hygienists work very closely with dentists so they should know how to work well as a team mate.

A lot of opportunities:

Due to the fact that every month thousands of people are gaining access to health insurance, the dental services are in high demand. Apparently more dental hygienists are going to be needed because of an increase in the number of patients which might keep on increasing with the time passes. In arriving decade it is expected that more than 64,000 jobs are going to be opened. This means that there is going to be an increase in the rate of the dental hygienists position by 33%. Surprisingly it is triple the average growth rate among all other careers in U.S. If you are looking forward to join this field I guess you couldn’t ask more for a better job outlook than this.

Here are some not so good outlooks of this field:

Few job opportunities in the beginning:

One main issue with this job is that it doesn’t give you much room to grow. There isn’t much room to advance beyond a dental hygienist job. This means that there is a very little mobility upwards. However this doesn’t concern much the dental hygienists as they make a decent amount of income.

Physically tough job

The job of dental hygienists makes them either sit, stand or lean over the patients almost all day long in order to obtain a clearer view of the interior of a patient’s mouth. At the beginning, this doesn’t feel uncomfortable but after a while you might feel it way too uneasy especially if you are suffering from neck and back issues or if you observe back to back patients in a day. It obvious that physical discomfort vary from person to person, this is something to be considered way before time and only if you have back issues or neck issues or you can’t serve a lot of time in  the same position than do not select this job for your own betterment.

What is the salary of dental hygienist in USA?

In USA (all states inclusive) the salary of dental hygienist is $31.28 per hour. However there are some leading companies like United Dental group that pay as much as $42.63 per hour.


What is dental hygienist salary in Texas?

If you are wondering how much the dental hygienists make in state of Texas then here is your answer, in Houston average pay of the Dental hygienist is $37.62 per hour. The medical benefits are provided to slightly lesser than a third, and around an eighth earn dental coverage. One amazing thing is that the work environment is super enjoyable in Houston for Dental Hygienists. A high number of dental hygienists claim satisfaction and peaceful work environment.

What is the difference between Dental Assistant and dental Hygienist?

Here are some of the vivid differences in a dental assistant and dental hygienist:

Job duties:

Dental assistant:

Prep the patients for the treatment make sure to clean the equipment and instruments used in a surgery or examination. They as shown by name assist the dentist in an ongoing surgery. They also help in office management tasks like billing, keeping records of the patients and insurance paperwork

Dental hygienists:

Collect information of the patient. They also examine the teeth and gums of the patients. They write down oral and medical health history of the patients. They apply preventive treatment like fluoride treatment etc. They volunteer in administration of local anesthesia in the patients before surgery. They can also remove suture and dressings. They can clean the patient’s teeth, chart them and provide suitable conditions for the dentist to examine the patient.


Dental Assistant:

In USA, some of the states require the dental assistants to be graduated from an accredited program along with a certificate or diploma. This course might take 9 to 12 months. Some of the schools also offer a 2 years associate degree dental assisting programs. This program includes the general education classes.

Dental Hygienists:

Dental hygienists usually require an associate’s degree (which is 2 years long) to practice. There are other lesser common options that include certificates (that is 1 year-long), a bachelor’s degree (that is 4 years long) and a master’s degree (that is 2 years long). Keep in mind that the years required to complete the degree is totally based on full-time study.

Next step:

Dental Assistant:

Many dental assistants go back to the school in order to acquire a dental hygienist degree

Dental Hygienist:

If you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, you can move up to research, clinic practicing or teaching. The clinical practice can be done in public or school health programs.  With a complete degree, you will always have a room of improvement and you can always upgrade dental hygienist profession by taking baby steps.

What is the dental hygienist assistant salary?

In US, this profession is usually carried by women.  This group as a whole has a nationwide average salary is $15.45 per hour.  The total salary of dental assistants sums up to minimum $23 thousand and maximum $44 thousand. Biggest cash in this profession includes approximately 43 thousand for bonuses and $3 thousand for profit sharing. Compensation of this profession is highly affected by the residence but long years of experience for a stable career are the most influential factors. One in six medical assistants gets to have vision coverage and one in three claims for medical insurance. A vast majority of the workers have reported high level of job satisfaction.

How much does a dentist make a year in New York?

Most of the dentists, around 80% of them are general dentists according to the American dental Association. The specialization like pediatric dentistry, orthodontics and surgery requires additional years of study but these dentists are being paid a higher amount of salary. The average salary of the dentists in New York was recorded as $166,810 in a year. Surprisingly dentists earn a lot more than average health care worker. By far we know that dentists have quite a higher pay than dental assistants and dental hygienists. Registered nurses and pharmacists also make quite lesser money when compared to dentists.

Just like other professions, Dentists also make very less money during the beginning years of their career. According to a 2008 report, the fresh dentists had made a wage as lower as $34.56 per hour. However do not forget one thing that the earning capacity and the amount of pay increase as their experience starts increasing. For example the top ten dentists in New York are earning more than $100,000 every year. The top most doctor of New York is earning around $190,000 per year.

Here is a salary structure created by a recently submitted report:

The experienced professionals have earned $71.55 in an hour, the junior dentists earns up to $60.33 in state of New York and fresh dentists earns up to $51.22 in an hour

How much does a dental hygienist make in New York City?

The median hourly wage of the Dental hygienist is around $ 34.66. Hourly wage of dental hygienists is as little as $25.13.  Salary can go up to $47.04.

We know that dental hygienists gets to have a lot of job benefits, the biggest of them was the part time job hours.

Base hourly plus commission:

This is kind of a guarantee which makes them sure about the little salary that they are going to get. Besides, there are incentives for efficient production which is given to the dental hygienists after analyzing their performance.

Straight commission:

Dental hygienists are known to put in risky situations when it comes to finance. However dental hygienists are known to earn about 33% of the total hygiene products, this phenomena open the door for them to higher salary than those paid straight hourly salary.

Hourly Plus bonus system:

Bonus in this profession is very common, many dental hygienist look at those bonuses with for efficient production. Bonus is usually 20 to 30 % of totally performed services.

How much does a dental assistant make in New York City?

On hourly bases, dental assistant earns around $16. The hourly wage initiates at $10 and reach all the way up to $25. Per year dental assistant gets a $35,060. The salary typically starts with $22,760 and $50,100.

There number is expected to grow by 25% over the year. This job is expected to grow more than twice as fast as all the occupation these days. There are many factors which determine the starting salary of the dental assistant. First of all it is important to know whether your assistant is certified or registered, where are they located and type of practices they are going to work for.

How much does a dental hygienist make a year in Ontario?

Being dental hygienists in Canada has a lot of benefits. You can not only pay your schooling fee but you can also see yourself working in a better outlook Job. According to the Canadian Dental Hygiene association, that is famous for conducting surveys for this very profession. The hourly rate of dental hygienists all across Canada is about $40.18. The salaries also differ because of location and above all the experience of the worker. According to the survey, the professionals who are under 30 have an average hourly rate of $36.57, while the more experienced hygienists is $42.96 per hour.  The most promising place when it comes to this profession is Alberta. Those professionals who are willing to move in that part of Canada which has lesser population, this is the best opportunities you have gotten.

What is the dental hygienist salary UK?

The average dental Hygienists salary in UK is around 51,452 pounds a year. This is calculated as an average of salary given by many different offices in UK.

At the beginning of the career the salary is almost around 21,000 or 36,000 pounds for a junior or entry level dental hygienist in a year. However for senior or experienced Dental Hygienist the salary can be almost 51,000 to 63,000 pounds in a year. The salaries might increase or decrease depending upon the city you live in.

If we talk about hourly basis the range of salary for dental hygienists is 19 to 34 pounds. You must know that the dental hygienists in UK are being paid 6.6% more than the national average advertised salary.

The number of dental hygienists job ads has drastically increased 24.1% as compared to the last year. Right now, there are total 371 vacancies available all over UK regarding Dental Hygiene.


What is the salary of dental hygienist in Australia?

The dental hygienist earns an average wage of AU$44.74 in an hour. This pay seems to be static for the first 5 to 10 years in the same position. The wage of the dental hygienists is known to increase very steeply in Australia. In order to have a high pay rate, it is better to associate yourself with skill in Periodontics. Most of the people in Australia that have skill of dental hygiene tends to move to any other position after serving 20 years of services in the respective field.

What is the dental nurse salary?

The dental nurse earns an average wage of 8.29 pounds in an hour. However there are certain factors which can definitely boost the salary for a dental nurse.


Choosing the right job is very important for having a secured future. In this article we have talked about a job that has a shockingly increased demand year by year, this job is known as dental hygiene. Not just that, this career is also paying more than the other jobs in health department. In order to earn like a full-time job, the dental hygienists are required to work part time in different offices. Like every other job opportunity the pay will be lesser for the beginners but with the passage of time as you gain experience your pay will definitely increase. So read the article and know the dental hygienist salary in your country.

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