Financial Analyst Salary Stats Around The World

Whether believe it or not but career like financial analyst is considered as one of the most coveted opportunities in the financial services industry. As obvious with the title, the job is solemnly attached with the firm work and the person seeking for this career can work both in junior as well as senior capacities. Now some of you might think that it seems tough to break into this field but believe me once you know the entire thick and thins of this career especially financial analyst salary, you will definitely want to consider this career for full time. Keep scrolling it down and know everything you need to know before perusing this field:


Financial analysts are known to keep a close eye on other people’s financial status and money figures. Most of the time financial analysts are being hired by brokerage firms as investment advisors, it is not necessary for a financial analyst to be linked with someone as investment advisor rather they can work independently too. Financial analysts keep records of millions of dollars that belongs to their clients. Financial analysts can also work at banks or at the companies who manage insurance of the clients. The financial analyst jobs require the employed candidate to maintain a positive flow of finance when a loan or claim is paid.

Some financial analyst also specializes as acquisitionist or mergers. They come in function when one company tries to buy another company via acquisition or if two separate companies try to determine their profit by combining their forces through a merger.

Financial analyst salary

What exactly financial analysts do?

Mainly financial analysts have to conclude the financial situation of any area where they are working; the evaluation is done in the form of reports which can be presented both verbally and in written form. They have to interpret and monitor the information of the industry they work in. the data holds information about economic and industry trends, forecasting the ongoing trend into the future profitability, determination of market value in order to sell the industry stock and not just that they also recommend the actions to the investors and their company.

Some professional also associate themselves with the industries that supports “going green” movement. They analyze the expenses along with advantages of green technology and its inclusion in the company. The financial analyst is also involved in the generation of capital venture for green companies. They also keep a close eye on monitoring and interpretation of data that are associated t environmental bias like climate change due to pollution or clean water project. They are the ones who suggest the owners of the company whether to invest the finance upon future energy resource, water rights and other commodities within a green industry

For being successful as a financial analyst one must be superb critical thinker because they are the ones who determine the best decision for any potential decision.  The job requires the candidates to be active learners with variability and a room for upgrading. They must be well aware of the new technologies and economic condition of market as they are the ones who are responsible for predicting results of their investment decisions. Financial analyst finds out the problems in their investment opportunities and afterward they either look forward for resolving the issue or opt out of it. One of the must requirements of this job is an excellent communication skill, which can lead the candidate to combine a large amount of complexes data into a concise and clear presentation which can further compel the clients to sign the agreements right away.

Financial analyst should willfully take risks for generating profit for the company along with this they should also have a good hold in risk management and should be well aware of the probable risk levels for the company and the clients. An ideal financial analyst should possess some characteristics like attentive behavior to the finest details, ability of initiation, integrity and dependability these trades act as a hallmark for the most successful finance analyst.

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Everyone out there who are getting serious for  opting this job, must know that this is a high-end, extremely competitive and Fast paced job opportunity. So therefore one must have a good grip on the knowledge of microeconomics as well as macroeconomics, this will also help in enhancing your area of specialty and will definitely provide you with better opportunities in coming years. In order to remain at the top of their career, the financial analyst must go through all recent economy and stock related publications like

How to become a financial analyst after college?

Before digging deep into this topic, please research everything about this field including the tasks that you will mostly likely to be assigned also the educational information and requirements for this career. Here I am going to elaborate this step by step:

The educational requirement and financial analyst course:

The minimum requirement education wise for a financial analyst is the bachelor’s degree in either finance and/or business. But a financial analyst can also go for a master’s degree in any of the related field. Additional to that the financial analyst can also opt for additional certifications in any of the related field

The main purpose of a financial analyst is to create economic fiscal report in order to predict the performance of investment. Business man and individual basically run on these predictions as they make decisions in stocks, investment and stake holders. There are a wide range of industries who hire financial analysts as employee like corporation, insurance agencies and financial institution. Having a master’s degree along with bachelor’s degree always levels up the career. If a candidate wants to go for a selling of bonds and stocks then they must opt for licensing which will only be given after employment.

Bachelor degree for financial analysis:

The bachelor’s degree enhances the theoretical and analytical skills of the candidate who wants to apply for this position. Here are some of the courses that are offered in the degree;

  • Investment analysis
  • Financial marketing
  • Accounting
  • International business
  • Statistics
  • Business ethics and laws
  • Marketing
  • Managerial finance

Master’s degree for the financial analyst:

Undergraduate degree is mostly sufficient for many job positions but some opportunities do require the candidate to hold a postgraduate degree especially in business administration. The course takes around two years to complete and gives instruction in business theory and management. The students of this program concentrate their focus on any one subject like finance, project management or marketing.


Certifications for the financial analyst:

There is an institute under the name of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) which gives of designation to only the qualified professional. In order to apply for this certification one must be a member of the institution. The students who are in the final year of bachelor’s degree can also apply for the membership. After the membership they are required to pass 3 examinations. Before obtaining this certificate, the financial analyst must have a 4 or 5 years of professional investing experience.

The requirement of licensure for financial analyst:

There are some opportunities which are involved in regulatory services like legal advisory, stock exchange and insurance agency required license. The financial analyst obtains the license for security mostly from FIRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority), if they want to peruse license in other services then they should opt for specified licenses according to the need. In many companies the employers sponsor the financial analyst on their panel for licensure.

What are the skills that are required for the job of financial analyst?

If by any chance you will get the job in accounting and audit section of any company, then here are some must qualification and set of skills you should possess:

  • Expertise in financial modeling
  • Written and verbal excellent communication skills
  • Strong skills of organization
  • A good and thorough understanding of Generally Accepted Accounting principles also known as GAAP
  • Strong grip on work ethisc and the candidate must always possess a can-do behavior while working in the office
  • Excellent skill for MS Excel must be a present in the financial analyst.
  • A very high level of discretion should be a part of a financial analyst’s personality
  • The candidate should be mature and has a great deal of professionalism
  • Must work well while multi-tasking
  • Should willfully accept the work related challenges and should be able to conduct them within given time period.
  • The candidate must have a good knowledge on procedural controls and validation of data
  • Should have independent thinking and must be able to conduct the research on any given project.
  • Should conduct data analysis and comes with 100% true results.
  • Strong personality and can interact perfectly well with the seniors in leadership
  • Must have expertise in financial modeling

What is the work position of a financial analyst in banking?

The financial analyst has an exciting job when it comes to working at banks. I have comprehended the work duties and competences that are required at bank job:

  • Must monitor the variance coming from variances so that finance of the bank can be tracked down
  • Must be proficient at reconciliation of the transaction by correcting and comparing all obtained data
  • Should be able to create strategic plan of 3 years, forecast of quarter of a year, the per annum budget. In addition to that, they must work in good professional terms with the bank manager and should frequently add the number in the planning system of the bank
  • Form the monthly reports on expenses and also for P and L so that it can be demonstrated to the management of the company for the sake of analysis and review
  • Must have ability to enhance and improve the financial status of the bank by conducting a thorough analysis of variances, identification of trends and action recommendation to the bank management.
  • Must be a skilled worker in a team so that they will be able to support almost each phase linked with expense financial planning. Should be well aware of consolidation
  • Should know how to build financial models along with analysis of valuation
  • Must know the techniques of assistance to the management for the diligent project
  • Must know how to assemble and summarize the data before it has been presented.
  • Must know how to accumulate the acquisition in the projects of ad-hoc
  • Must present the management with authentic and profitable recommendation
  • The bank will consider the financial analyst responsible for the consolidation of the finance the headcount reporting and should have strong grip on compensation analysis.
  • Must be well prepared for the financial information of the company. They should also be well researched on every industry, company and previous or old financial statement linked with the bank
  • Must have a deep analysis on user-acceptance testing system
  • Should work efficiently with the accounting department for observing safer re-classification. They should also frequently review the expenses on monthly basis in order to get pretty assured regarding the expenses that are booked without errors.


What are the qualifications and skills required for this job in the bank?

  • The working ability to understand the data and as well as its analysis
  • The candidate must possess an idea of processing, implementation of all the acquired financial knowledge. These methods can be used to integrate data and formations of reports
  • Must have a good grip in financial accounting system like SAP and must also be super-efficient in using Excel and generating files out of it.
  • Must have an adequate experience in Microsoft and its products
  • The person who is willing to apply for this job must have excellent interpersonal skills; they must also have goof oral and written communication skills.
  • The educational degree should be in accounting and finance and the bachelor’s degree will work just fine in this job opportunity
  • The candidate must be well aware of the tools that are used in pricing and budgeting, they should also know how to observe changes into the software.

What is the difference between credit analyst and financial analyst?

Although both the titles look similar but there is a vivid difference in job duties of both these professionals. Credit analyst grants the credit to the customers. They are the member of any bank’s credit lending association. They also give permission for lending the loan based on the creditworthiness of the borrower.

When it comes to comes to financial analyst according to the description they have a bit broader spectrum in terms of job duties. The financial analyst also do calculations like return on assets, return on equally, yield of dividend, price earnings ratio. They are often linked with management, investors and creditors.

Who is a financial advisor?

A financial advisor basically guides the customers or advices them regarding compensations. They are known to provide multiple services like preparation of income tax, estate planning and management of investment etc. in order to conduct  the business with people they must hold a license 65, other than that there is a wide variety of licenses for the financial analysts  to own.

What is the starting salary for a financial analyst?

A financial analyst who has job experience that is less than a year in a small company should expect to earn $47,600 to $55,700 in a year.

What is the financial analyst salary California?

According to the the financial analyst is earning up to $63,000 in a year in state of California. Basically this is an average or estimated pay rate that has been submitted online to the

What is corporate finance analyst salary NYC?

The average income of a corporate finance analyst in New York City is around $68,455. It is almost 0.8% lesser than the average national salary of $68.986.

What is the senior financial analyst salary?

The average pay of senior financial analyst is anywhere around $77,300 in a year. The people linked to this field do not have more than 20 years of experience as a whole. Usually the more experience you are the better earning structure you are likely to be offered.

How much does entry level financial analyst make?

If you are a financial analyst entry level then you should expect an income of $49,000 in a year. The finance analyst earns a bonus up to $7,000 to $8,000. The profit sharing varies from the work ability of a person, but If you are a hardworking professional that the rate of profit sharing may goes as high as $8,500 in a year. Most employees enjoy some allowances like medical and dental coverage. Half of the linked associated also opt for insurance too. More than half of the entry level financial analysts are pretty contented with their job and their pay lies in line with the average national pay scale. Surprisingly most of the surveyed individual for this job is men.


How to create the best financial analyst resume?

We all know how important is a resume when it comes to acquiring the job. The employer’s attitude towards you is always linked with the kind of resume you hand them off. So here are some tips for you to go through before creating your resume:

Skills and responsibility that you should highlight must include:

  • Forecasting
  • Reconciling
  • Financial analytics
  • Good written communications

Share your success stories that can highlight all your expertise in one go

  • Published articles
  • Role in leadership
  • Continual in education
  • Gains in efficiency

What is financial analyst salary with masters?

A financial analyst who owned a master’s degree is earning up to $75,750 in United States of America. The pay increases even more once the person has an attached experience of 10 or 20 years, they pay go as high as $86,050. The employees according to the conducted survey showed a high level of satisfaction with the pay scale and job duties. Alost 82% financial analysts who were surveyed were men and 18% were females

What is the pay scale of certified financial analyst?

A certified financial analyst who has an experience in the field around 10-20 years can expect to earn as much as $127,000. The employee who has work experience of more than 20 year can easily earn $156,000. The highly paid among certified financial analysts are the chief financial analysts.

What does CFA stand for in terms of accounting?

CFA stand for chartered financial analyst, this is a professional designation that is provided by a CFA institute. This institute is considered as the largest global association of the investment professionals. There are almost $123,000 Chartered financial analysts who have been certified from the institute who have been working in more than 145 countries of the world.

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What is the financial analyst career path

The recent graduate that holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting is hired for the position of a junior position. They work under the supervision of a senior analyst. After obtaining several year of experience, almost half of the financial analyst goes back to business school for obtaining a master’s degree or upgrade their educational level. Having a master’s degree will level up the junior financial analyst position to senior financial analyst.

Having a greater experience and expertise, senior financial analysts continue to work in supervisory committee. In the security industry the senior financial analyst levels up to the portfolio manager and or a fund manager who has to keep an eye on senior financial analysts. This is the first milestone for the professional to step ahead in senior management role. The last milestone of this career is working as chief financial officer that is responsible for all the financial activities for a company.


In this article I have talked about one of the finest yet high paying job opportunities that are financial analyst. The financial analyst salary is considered to be one of the highest pay structures. Overall I think perusing this career is pretty fruitful and has a great room for promotions and handsome bonuses and I will highly recommend the graduates to pursue this career.

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