Flight Attendant Salary Stats Around the World?

Having a job that is lead in the air is mesmerizing in its own way. The job that we are going to talk about in this article is the job of a flight attendant. Like all other jobs the job of flight attendant resides in the timing of 9 to 5. In this article I have mentioned some crucial facts about this job. Out of everything else the flight attendant salary is worth mentioning. Keep on scrolling down and know the even the slightest details regarding this job if you are willing to opt it.



The first and foremost duty of the flight attendant is the security and comfort of the passengers while they are travelling in the airline. They are known to be essential members of the cabin crew. The flight attendants make a team who know very well the right way of operating a military or commercial aircrafts. Flight attendants are equally needed for both domestic and international flights though the salary may vary in both these circumstances. The job opportunity of the flight attendant emerged on the scene in 1912. The female flight attendants are known as flight host or stewardess and the male flight attendants are known as stewards or flight hosts. All the flight attendants have to go for the special training provided to them by the airline which hired them.

Flight attendant salary

What are the skills that are found in an ideal flight attendant?

We know that each airline is unique for the other. By now there are hundreds of airlines for people to choose from, so in order to attract good number of passengers every airline try to go for something different and that hasn’t been offered by any other flight for example food, environment and above all the cabin crew. Just because of the uniqueness, each airline look for something different in the flight crew candidates, whether it’s the physical appearance or the type of personality.

However the job of the cabin crew is same in every airline. Here are some of the soft skills which must be a part of a good flight attendant personality in order to excel in the career rapidly.

1. The orientation of the customary services:

During your interview for the job, you will be asked tons of questions like “Do you believe that the customer is always on the right side?” or “what is your way o handing a difficult customer?” so whatever question you will be asked always make sure that the customer is your top notch priority. Questions like these bring out your ability of solving passenger related queries leaving them with satisfaction, appreciation and the feeling of being heard by someone. Try to give the employers a vibe in the question session that you have in mind the best interest of the customer.

Also don’t impose your solution on the passenger rather let them choose the solution by their own desire

2. The skill of Empathy:

The skill of empathy should not only be towards the passenger rather it should also be observed in your nature for your co-workers. On the day of the interview, try to be kind and nice towards the rest of the applicants. Keep on smiling, be nice and if required give way to the other applicant. And remember never try to crush someone else down just because you want to sine for the designation. The job of flight attendant is all about care, love and above all being genuine with everyone they come in contact with.


3. The skill of adaptability:

Spending a weekend with your loved ones with this job is bit of a risk because the job roaster tends to have a lot of changes. One of the cons of this career is the unending number of standby duties and not just that every time you get a call for the duty, you have to get ready in a span of 20 minutes. Flight attendants have to constantly experience the delay and cancellation in flights regularly. Sometimes the span of performing on ground pre-flight duties can be as little as 5 minutes and an ideal flight attendant has to cope with it and perform their best.

Mostly the changes the changes f these types are basically a trick from the recruiters as they want to see how flexible you are and not just they also want to analyze how quickly you adapt such changes.

So try to manage the stress of things moving quickly and perform every task correctly in the shortest span possible in order to excel in this career.

Some common questions that you might be asked by the recruiter in order to assess your skill of adaptability are:” Tel us the span which you need to improvise in order to achieve your goal” or “tell us about a great change that you had to deal with recently” as an answer to these asked question try telling the recruiters a story in which you welcomed and embraced any change. Try mentioning the positive outcome of this change and at the end tell them what you have learned from that change

4. Skill that enables the cultural awareness in the candidate:

The flight attendant has a variety of people that belong to different ethnicity. This rule is even more applicable for those candidates who are working for the multinational airlines as there are people with different nationalities that you have to work with on every day basis. A goof flight attendant put asides the culture and ideals and work in uniformity with the colleagues.

The recruits might try to nudge your intellect by asking questions like: try to name one nationality that you loved working with” this question might seem easy at first but believe me it is one of the trickiest question of all time. So in order to answer do not name any nationality in particular while answering the answer, show them that you can easily work with members of any nationality , religion and race. The more you can work with diverse ethnicity environment the more you will be able to broaden your horizon and your knowledge about the cultures of world and about the humanity

5. The skill of team work:

Being a flight attendant means that you have to work with people you might have never met before in our life. So, in order to gain expertise you must show the employers that you are capable of working in a team and not just that you can have strong connection with anyone you meet during the course of employment. The recruiters are most likely to ask your question like “tell us about the time you had to work as part of team” in order to answer this question you must provide the recruiter with real life example in which every member of the team put their best in order to achieve that one intended goal. Remember never ever try to sound like you are the hero of the example you have just gave. A good suggestion however is to change every” I” in your answer with “we”.

6. The skill of grace and grooming:

You must realize before going for this job that flight attendants are the real time image of any airline they work in. an ideal flight attendant must have a graceful posture and not just that their grooming must be impeccable. In this career one must work for late hours so you got to look just as fresh at the end of the flight like you did at the beginning of flight. While your interview is conducted by the recruiters try to have a poised and confident demeanor. You must be groomed from the hair to toe because grooming standards tend to be pretty high in the airline industry

7. The skill of communication:

Flight attendants must be effective in communication. They must be able to communicate with the passengers about proper emergency procedures. The flight attendant must deliver every message in a clear manner not just that they must be good listeners too so that they can listen to the request to the passengers. One of the duties of the flight attendant is to convey all the present information to the flight crew in a plane manner with less distraction


8. Physical skills

In order to have a successful career as a flight attendant one must have a 30/40 vision and must also have good hearing ability too. They must also have a good sense of balance because at times they have to cater the needs of passengers even at turbulence. They must be able to move small and large objects in relatively confined spaces like beverage carts in the airplane. The candidate applying for this occupation must be in good health as they have be in motion for almost all day long till they are working.

9. Some other qualities:

A flight attendant must be active and energetic and they must be quick to analyze if something is wrong either with the passenger or with any equipment. They must be aware the psychology of passengers and must know how to act once the passenger is panicked.

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What are the flight attendant requirements?

Here are some of the requirements that are needed to be fulfilled if you are looking for the position for a flight attendant:

The Educational requirement:

Having a high school diploma is the minimal requirement for the position of a flight attendant but the recruiters prefer the candidates having a degree that can promote customer service skill. The degree in psychology, communication and education works best. For those flight attendants who want to have more influence on the employers an associate degree program that is directly link to flight attendant training is also available in some of the community colleges. Students enrolled in such kind of programs study the courses like airline operations, crew emergency management and aviation safety etc. if you want to increase your chances of being hired by an internationally recognized airline then also go for the emergency management training in which CPR and other rescue techniques are being taught.

Training requirements for flight attendant?

Every airline trains their hired employees with some training once they have passed the screening test. The duration of the trainings is typically 3 to 6 weeks. Every company provides the freshly hired candidates with set of programs that is intended to cover its own business models and core values. The topics that are covered in the training are emergence preparations, flight procedures and the federal regulations, first aid and safety.

The requirement of certification:

There is an organization under the name of FAA or Federal Aviation Administration which has put forward a law that says all the candidates applying for the job of flight attendant must have certification from this organization. There are a whole lot of requirements of the training that FAA provide in order to gain the certificate; the candidate must fulfill all of these requirements.

Some additional requirements:

Usually there are lists of other requirements like physical condition and health conditions of the flight attendant. Airlines mostly restrict certain candidates who have age, height or weight not up to the requirement. There are high standards by the employers in term of hygiene, grooming and physical appearance. For the perspective hiring the employers also try to run some background checks and medical tests on the candidates who have applied for the job.


What is Flight attendant job salary?

The flight attendants in USA are expected to earn as much as $39,000 in a span of a year. This is not the exact figure of salary that they get rather this information of pay was collected via a survey in which thousands of flight attendants working for different airlines participated. The lowest recorded income for this job was $23,000 and the highest income recorded was $82,000 in a span of a year. The job usually includes a bonus of $5,000 and in some of the most exceptional cases the profit sharing can be as much as $10,000. Tenure and geographic location plays most of the role when it comes to compensation. Majority of the candidates working for this job are females almost 73%. Majority of the flight attendants have shown high level of satisfaction from their job.

What is the Average flight attendant salary in an hour?

The average salary that the flight attendant makes in an hour is $11.80. The maximum wage in an hour recorded for the flight attendant is $48.84. The salary varies in each airline so this is just estimation.

What is the salary of American airlines flight attendant?

A newly hired American airlines flight attendant roughly makes $26.16 in an hour; the salary for recently hired candidate can go as high as $24.67 per hour. For the employees who have been working with American airline for more than 16 years, they are earning up to $60.13 per hour.

What is the Delta airlines flight attendant salary?

Base Salary of a flight attendant in Delta airlines is recorded to be $41,752 in a span of a year and the salary can reach to $42,906 with total compensation. The survey was conducted on 81 delta airline flight attendants all over USA, so the pay might vary a bit for each employee depending upon the experience and the efficiency.

What is the salary of united airlines flight attendant?

The base salary of united airlines flight emplyee is $40,992 and the total compensation salary is $41,365. In this conducted survey the stock bonus given to the flight attendant was calculated to be $4,571.

What is the Southwest airlines flight attendant salary?

The flight attendant working in the South west airlines are earning up to $38,000 on an annual basis. In hourly basis the pay of the flight attendant is $18. This pay is however 46% lower than the national income rate for all the working Americans out there.

What is the average flight attendant salary 2017?

In the year of 2016 the starting salary of the flight attendant was recorded to be $24,000 per annum, for seniors in commercial cabin crew the per annum without allowance was recorded to be $35,000.

What is Alaska airlines flight attendant salary?

The average salary of the Alaska airline flight attendant is recorded to be $37,836 in a year. The range of salary lies between $21,685 and $50,000. The wide range definitely depends on the years of experience and the geographic region where the employee is working.

Alaska airlines

What is Qatar airways flight attendant salary?

The average salary of the flight attendants working in Qatar airways is recorded to be in $20-$25k without bonuses and profit sharing.

What is WestJet flight attendant salary?

In an hour the pay of newly hired WestJet flight attendant is $30. The pay might range from $18 to $42. The annual bonus calculated that is given by WestJet is $3,000 and the profit sharing is calculated to be $3,547.

What is JetBlue flight attendant salary?

The average salary given to the flight attendant working for the JetBlue is $48,537. This pay is calculated after the compensation. The yearly bonus given to the employee by JetBlue is $1,900 and the profit sharing is estimated to be $2,176. The tips can range up to $1200 in a year.

The salary of flight attendant for an hour is estimated to be $24. This is an average salary, the range of the pay can be as little as $15 and it can get as high as $42.

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Which airline has the highest paid flight attendants?

Surprisingly the flight attendant working for Delta Airlines, the pay that they get in an hour is estimated to be $41.752.

What is flight attendant salary per year in Canada?

A flight attendant yearly wage is about Canadian $21,816 to C $59,647. The pay varies greatly between these figures and depends a lot on the years of experience and the performance of the employee. The profit given to the flight attendant is around C $5,187 in a year.

What is flight attendant salary air Canada?

In the beginning of the career the flight attendant earn about C $24,474 in a year.

What is flight attendant salary UK?

The average salary of the flight is recorded to be 15,936 pounds. The first 10 years of the employment can have good effect on the pay. The average bonus calculated for this job is as low as 3.04 pounds and as high as 4,932 pounds. The salary based on experience and the years of employment may range from 11,870 pounds to 31,609 pounds.

What is a flight attendant salary British airway?

The average salary that the British airways give to their cabin crew is 21,000 pound to 25,000 pounds in a span of a year. The starting salary for the newly hired flight attendants is 12,192 pounds. The bonus depends upon the performance of the employees and the commission depends upon the inflight retail sales.

How much do flight attendants make emirates?

The salary suggested at the beginning of the flight attendant’s career at emirates is estimated to be $2,309 in a year. This salary is accumulation of 3 other forms of wage given by the employers that includes the basic salary, layover allowances and the flying hours.


What are flight attendant requirements UK?

For entry in the job, following are some of the requirements:

  • One must be at least 18 or 21
  • Must have ability to swim
  • Have good personality
  • Must have GCSEs at the grade 4-9 in the subject of English and Math
  • A color normal vision
  • Authenticated passport which doesn’t have restriction to any country in which the airline travels

Following are the skills that are required for this position:

  • Good communication skills
  • Firm yet polite approach towards the job
  • Good attitude while greeting the passengers
  • A team working skill
  • Good at handling money
  • The skill of staying calm under stress


The job of flight attendant is difficult but is linked with so many adventures. On daily basis the flight attendants get to meet so many people. The flight attendant salary is good and not just that the job gets smoother as the candidates get to have more experience in the field. Among all other airlines the Delta airways is considered to be paying their employees the highest salary in the airways industry so far.

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