Mechanical Engineering Salary Stats Around the World?

The job of a mechanical engineer is pretty tough even the duty hours may be more than the rest of the jobs but when it comes to the mechanical engineering salary neutralizes harshness related to this job. From the pay scale to the soft skills we are going tell you all. Keep on reading this article and known a bit more about mechanical engineer job description


So first you must know what is mechanical engineering? The subject of mechanical engineering, one must know that this subject has emerged from the necessity of manufacturing out of small devices and parts. Mechanical engineers are the one whose job circles around designing, building, testing and developing devices like machines, tools and even engines. They are mostly employed at the industries intended for the manufacturing and also at the organizations run by governments. Besides that, they also create mechanical systems for every type of humans out there. Their creations run according to the laws of physics, some principles that they follow for creating those systems are motion, energy and also the laws of forces. The mechanical engineers play the greatest role in making the world a better place for us and for our future generation. Some of the common advantages that they work for are economic vitality, enhancing he safety factors and overall enjoyment etc.

Mechanical Engineering Salary

Mechanical engineer contribute in creations of things like medical devices, athletic equipment, the personal computers, air conditioners, electric power plants, the automobile engines and medical devices etc. they not only design these above mentioned equipment, they also design certain machines that creates these innovations. From local firms to multinational companies, mechanical engineers are high in demand throughout the world.

What are the job duties of Mechanical engineers?

Here are some of the job responsibilities according to the mechanical engineer job outlook that mechanical engineers have to cater during their employment:

  1. They monitor and measure the component related to mechanics and also the mechanical devices and the engines.
  2. They have to assist the major requirements of every project given to them
  3. Their main job is the implementation and production of the designs and the test process.
  4. They have to maintain and upgrade the equipment they used so that the safety, efficiency and reliability is ensured in their respective departments
  5. They also have to present the designs to the clients and managers.
  6. They undertake the accurate and relevant research for the assigned projects.
  7. They have to work up on the agreed budget, the time spend and the specifications created by the clients or the managers
  8. One of their tasks require them to evaluate, test and re-test the products that they design
  9. They must be good at interpretation and analysis of the data provided to them by the client.
  10. They also have to oversee the process of manufacturing
  11. They must be pro-efficient at analyzing the problems and also how their created devices can solve these problems.
  12. They must know how to create the blue print of the devices that they are about to create and must know each and every single detail of the product.

What is mechanical engineer salary?

Now that I have mentioned the entire job related duties and brief introduction to the career and salary for the mechanical engineer, it is time to finally jot down the potential salary for mechanical engineer. The average salary of a mechanical engineer is reported to be $68,268 per year. Surprisingly many individuals linked with this career tend to change it with some other careers opportunity. The experience in this field pays a vital role in the increment of salary. This is just an average salary rather the salary can be as low as $50,171 and the pay can be as high as $99,584 in a year. Beside that the yearly commission in this job is evaluated to be $37,095 per year.

What is Mechanical engineering starting salary?

No one can expect to earn a ton of money right at the beginning of the career as the salary gradually or step by step increases as the person obtain experience. When it comes to mechanical engineers the median salary at very beginning of the career is reported to be $64,109 per year.  The salary may vary due to certain factors like the number of years of experience and the type of company the candidate is currently employed at. It is reported that the entry level salary can be as low as $48,457 in a year and can also be as high as $83,808 in a year. The entry level candidate can also get the yearly bonus of $7,694. The profit sharing for the mechanical engineer who just started their job ranges between $23.91 till $7,219 in a year.

What is the difference between mechanical engineer technology and mechanical engineer?

Both the fields are often miss-judged and consider as the same field. But funny thing is they are not the same:

1- The career as a mechanical engineer:

Once the candidate has mechanical engineer degree they can further pursue the entry level position in the respective field. This field enables the engineer to design the mechanical systems and products. The mechanical engineer has to problem analysis, creating the blue prints, development of the prototype of mechanical devices and testing and retesting those devices etc. sometime they also have to redesign a device which is already in market

2- The career of a mechanical engineer technologist:

The graduate having degree of mechanical engineering technology may find the entry level position in different companies as an engineering technologist, testing manager, materials manager, and quality assurance assistant or also as a testing engineer. They have to imply the scientific knowledge, technical skills and scientific knowledge for creating the engineering designs. So, basically mechanical engineers creates new techniques and methods while mechanical engineering technologist use those methods in the industry.

What is the mechanical engineering technologist salary?

The median annual salary for the mechanical engineering technologist according to a survey is $57,000 in a span of a year. The two biggest factors which influence salary the most are the years of duration and the geographic location where the candidate is working. According to the same survey which was conducted all over USA, men tend to outnumber women when it comes to mechanical engineering technologist. The individuals get both the medical as well as the dental coverage from their employers. The salary can go as low as $43,722 in a year and it can be as high as $82,912 in a year. The rate of profit sharing for this occupation in a year is reported to be $1,600 and the rate of bonus provided to the employees annually is summed up to be $8,759. High level of satisfaction was reported by the individuals working in this occupation.

What is mechanical engineer salary California?

The median salary of mechanical engineer in California is $72,135 in a year. This is just an average pay and the salary can go as high as $104,051 in a year. The starting salary for fresh graduates in California is estimated to be $50,161 per year. The skills that plays role in higher salary are simulation of ANSYS, software and ANSYS. Years of experience also plays a big factor in the salary structure of the individuals. Besides the annual pay, the individuals are also given a yearly profit sharing and bonuses of $23,557 and $9,530 per year in the state of California

How much does a mechanical engineer make an hour?

Now, many of you might be interested in knowing the hourly wage of a mechanical engineer, the hourly wage for the fresh graduate mechanical engineer is $15.48 while the hourly wage for experienced individual can be $41.86. The rate of hourly tip can be $3.96 and if the individuals wish for the over time, the amount of money that they are most likely to be paid can be as little as $24.31 and as high as $55.74

What are the soft skills that are required for this field?

Here are some of the skills that must be part of the personality of anyone who wants to have a career of mechanical engineer:

1- Skill of creativity:

We know that majorly the mechanical engineering is concerned with the designing and developing of the products. Devices that range from medical devices to electric generators the mechanical engineers can and should make it all. Invention is in itself creativity.

2- The skill of communication

Mechanical engineers make products for the clients. Sometimes clients do not understand the technicalities of the product that they have ordered, in this case the mechanical engineer must know how to communicate well and present their created products in simple yet understandable terms. The candidates must know how to express their though and ideas in a clear manner.

3- The skill of solving problems:

One of the biggest tasks in this job of mechanical engineering is solving out the queries by using the thermal or mechanical devices. Being an analytical thinker must be part of mechanical engineer personality as they must know how to come up with the authentic solution to the problems that have been taken to them by their clients or managers. Usually the mechanical engineers use the analytical abilities and the math skill for resolving issues that is given to them in form of a project. This gets even more needed once your project is completed as you have to make sure that whether your created device do as per client’s requirement or not.

4- Attentive towards the detail

A good mechanical engineer must show keen attention towards the details provided to them during projects. Even the slightest error during planning, construction or development might end up with failure. Having a project that failed can lead to so many things including the death of someone and more than that it’s a great loss of money too.

Mechanical Engineering

What is mechanical engineering salary UK?

UK and USA similarize with each other so much but is the pay scale of engineering matches with each other at all or not? The average salary that a mechanical engineer in UK can expect to earn is 29,726 pounds in a year. According to the respondent of a survey that was conducted in UK, mostly people shift to some other profession after serving 20 years in this field. The pay gradually increases for those individuals who have obtained more experience. Of course this was not the each figure that a mechanical engineer expects to earn in United Kingdom rather the range of salary can be as low as 18,837 pounds a year or the range can also go as high as 46,395 pounds a year.

The rate of profit sharing that the mechanical engineer gets by the employers in a year can be 3000 pounds in a year. The bonus that they get annually is reported to be 4,152 pounds per year. Surprisingly the UK employers also give commission to the mechanical engineer which is 1,500 pounds per year.

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What are mechanical engineers similar professions?

Here are some of the professions and industries which can be optd by the individuals who have a mechanical engineering degree.

1- Aerospace:

In the industry like aerospace, mechanical engineer has to design, develop and produce space crafts. The occupational deviates further into aeronautics and space crafts. This job is exciting and attracts those engineers who share fare love of space sciences.

2- The industry of marine:

To some of you it may sound obnoxious but a mechanical engineer can actually work in marine industry. Their main job is to manufacturing and designing of the vessels that are used to explore the marine life.

3- The train or rail industry:

Mechanical engineers have been linked with rail industry from the moment they came in business. Their duties in this industry are designing, developing, managing and maintaining all the rail systems which range from tracks to train controlling system and electrical power system. The mechanical engineers also put innovation in the design of trains and trying to improve the quality of rail system all over the country.

4- The industry of national defense:

Although they are not directly linked with the army but they control all the defense related equipment that the army uses. They come up with new and better designs of this equipment and also provide the services and support to the national security and armed forces of the country.

5- The industry of chemicals:

Chemical is just a term which widely covers many other small and large scale industries. Some of the companies that come in this heading are oil, air, water, natural gas and chemical companies etc. mechanical engineers contribute in designing and developing new plants for the companies and the also comes up with new procedures that enhances the functionality of the industry.

6- The industry of Electronics:

Mechanical engineers share this unbreakable bond with the electronic industry from the beginning of time. Their job in this industry includes designing and constructions of the components. They also fulfill the instrument for medical, military and the sector of automotive.

7- The industry of metals and materials:

Some of their activities being in this industry include development of new materials and construction of the end products. Because mechanical engineer have fare share in knowledge of metals and alloys, this industry is perfect for them. Mostly mechanical engineers instruct the workers about the machines that are used in discovery or manufacturing of certain metals.

8- The industry of constructions:

When we hear of construction, buildings and infrastructures comes in our mind. This is exactly what mechanical engineers do. The design and build the infrastructures of the buildings and provide other construction related services.

What is the education requirement for being a mechanical engineer?

Having a bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement for this profession. This program requires the instruction in numerous components of the system. From the power systems to the programming of the computer this degree contains it all. Some technical subjects that the degree covers are fluid dynamics, hydraulics and thermodynamics. Besides that students of mechanical engineering are also given insight regarding other engineering like chemical engineering and civil engineering. The students are also required to have some field experience in those industries where mechanical engineering is implemented.

Those students who likes to have developmental position in industries or academia may also opt for master’s degree. However the graduate degree involves typically involve a project of research in any specific topic which culminates into dissertation or thesis at the end of the degree. Usually the schools that offers mechanical engineering is accredited by the organization known as Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology.

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What are the mechanical engineering salary masters?

The salary for the candidates having an M.S degree in the mechanical engineering depends on a lot of things like title of the job, experience years, type of industry and the employers etc. the average salary for mechanical engineering individuals having master’s degree is summed up to be$62,527 per year if the candidate has 0 to 5 years of experience. If the candidate possesses experience between 5 to 10 years in general, the average salary that they are most likely to get by their employers is$73,618 per year. If the candidates have experience of 10 to 20 years, the average wage which mechanical engineer would get is $83,979 per year.  Experience of 20 and above years will provide the salary of $94,016 per year.

What is senior mechanical engineer salary UK?

The average salary that a senior mechanical engineer is most likely to earn in a year is 41,353 pounds. Mind it is the highest engineer salary in UK. The pay after certain years served in this field increase slowly as compared to the beginning. The range of salary lies between 34,092 pounds till 58,374 pounds depending upon numerous factors like geographic region, years or experience and the type of firms. The rate of profit sharing that they get in a year is 5,872 pounds in a year and the bonus that is offered to the mechanical engineer per year is 5,042.

Mechanical Engineering Job

What is mechanical engineering salary Canada?

The median wage that the mechanical engineer should expect to earn in a country like Canada is $63,592 per year. Experience shows moderate effect on the amount of salary a professional earns linked with this field. However according to the survey many people tends to move on some other career opportunity once they have served 20 years of experience in this field. For the beginners the pay is $44,104 per year and for the individuals that have experience of few years might earn $96,527 per year. The yearly commission is evaluated to be $2,999 and the rate of yearly bonus is $9,927. Besides that the employees are also given the profit sharing by the employers which are reported to be $6,128 per year.

What is mechanical engineer salary Alberta?

Because Alberta is such a large province so we are only going to mention the salary that the mechanical engineers are getting in Edmonton, Alberta.  A mechanical engineer who works in Edmonton is expected to earn an average wage $75,980 per year. Is the professional obtain excellent skill in Windows Operating system and its general use, it is most likely that the mechanical engineers might begin earning high salary as this skill is highly demanded by some of the employers in the city. The range of salary lies between $57,742 and $130,363 per year depending upon the number of years of experience.


The job that we have talked about in this article is Mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering is that branch of engineering which is associated with the development, design and usage of machines. The job suits well for those individuals who are innovative and like to create things. The mechanical engineering salary is also worth noticing as it is handsome than most salaries given in other fields of engineering.

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