Nurse Practitioner Salary Stats Around the World? {2018}

The career of nurse practitioner first came into existence in 1965 and ever since this career is slowly evolving. This career works well for those who want love to help others around them. This occupation seems very rewarding as you can convert your passion into fully paying job. In this article we are going to cover every single detail regarding this occupation including the mostly asked aspect which is nurse practitioner salary. So if you are someone who is confused which profession to choose with your soft skills, give this article a go and choose wisely for your future.

Nurse Practitioner Salary Stats Around the World? {2017}



One surprisingly good thing about this occupation is that not only this occupation is satisfying it also provide the professionals with financial stability.
So before going into the details of this topic, I must tell you what exactly a Nurse Practitioner is. A nurse practitioner is a Registered Nurse with advanced practice. This occupation is considered to be the highest rank in nursing occupation. For becoming a nurse practitioner one must be ready to serve a lot if time, experience and strong will of dedication.
Like all other occupation, nurse practitioner works in health care system as professional who help in caring and accommodating patients. In majority of set up, nurse practitioners usually have to work more than the other forms of nurses. As they nurse practitioners get experienced, they become the supervisor or in charge of the other nursing professionals such as Licensed Nurses and or Registered Nurses etc. due to upgraded and better clinical knowledge and patient care techniques, these nurses can care more for their patients as compared with other types if nurses in the health care organizations.
Besides that, nurse care practitioners can also go for specialization into any specific fields like family care practitioner or physicians etc. For example family care nurse practitioner can handle and take good care of both physical and mental health of the admitted patients. Just like that pediatric nurses deal primarily with babies and geriatric nurses’ takes god care of the elder or old aged patients. Some other areas of specialization for the nurse practitioners can be anesthesiology, neurology, obstetrics and gynecologist etc.

What exactly nurse practitioners do?

When it comes to the work responsibilities, the nurse practitioners have a ton of responsibilities. However the major responsibilities of nurse practitioners are to care for their patients. Mostly they have to work with alongside the physicians. Their major responsibilities are prescribing, diagnosis and treatment of the patients.
Here are some of the job responsibilities of the nurse practitioners:
They have to write prescription for certain medicines including the dosage and frequency
Providing guidelines and care to the patients about certain medications. With the guideline they must also inform the patients about the potential side effects along with any interaction that the medicine have with other medicines if the patient is taking any.
they can order as well as conduct the diagnosis test which include electrocardiograms and x ray
they have to treat and diagnose the injuries and ailments in the patients.
One of their main jobs is to examine and record history (medical), symptoms and diagnosis of the patients
They must be able to have active communication with the patients. They must talk about the ways by which a patient can manage their health along with recommendation in health care.
The main focus of the nurse practitioners is to provide the holistic and preventative care to the patients. Along with they also provide customized treatment for ever patient. During their course of academia the professionals are also provided specialized expertise along with regular duties. Here are some more duties:

  • Diagnosing conditions.
  • Educating and counseling of the patients.
  • Treatments of the ailments and different conditions.



What is salary of a nurse practitioner?

The average salary of a nurse practitioner in a country like USA is reported to be $91,000 per year. This profession incorporates a handsome amount of profit sharing and yearly bonuses. The skill that increases the salary big time for the individuals are the kind of firm and employers the professionals, the respective city and the years of experience the professional has from their career. The yearly pay in USA can be as little as $74,387 and it can be as high as $122,401 inclusive of bonuses, commission and profit sharing.

Who is family nurse practitioner?

The average salary of a family nurse practitioner is estimated to be $89,043 per year. Surprisingly most of the professionals tend to shift to some other career opportunity within 20 years of employment. Experience has low key impact on salary that individuals get in this job. The pay can get as low as $76,436 and as high as $119,557 per year. The commission for family nurse practitioner is around $8,000 and the rate of the profit sharing can be as little as $970 and can be as high as $16,487 per year.

What is nurse practitioner hourly salary?

If a nurse practitioner works for 40 hours per week which is the standard duty hours, the pay that they most likely to get is $44.48 in an hour. The salary for the those professionals who just joined this field can be $37.86 in an hour and for those who have severed couple of years can expect to earn a sum of $64.30 per hour.

What is nurse practitioner salary Florida?

The median salary of nurse practitioner salary in Florida is $86,840 per year. The salary is just a figure an there are so many factors which can affect the wage of the employees.

Who is an advanced nurse practitioner?

Although there is little knowledge as to what advanced nurse practitioner does but mostly their job Is kind of a link between the nursing teams and medical staff. Their job duties vary greatly and it all depends on the specialization of the nurse. The advanced practitioner mid wife nurses mainly focus on the health care of women and the advanced practitioner anesthetist nurses works in the surgical department of the hospital. Not all advanced nurse practitioners are able to prescribe the medicines to the patients as it totally depends on the specialization and the state of their work place. They can work in any set up which includes hospitals, long term care facilities, and private practices and even at educational or at settings of health care policy too.

Nurse Practitioner

What is advanced nurse practitioner salary UK?

With an occupation like this, one can expect to earn an average salary of 36,306 pounds per year. Surprisingly the experience does not add any significant increase in wage when it comes to this career choice but the work set up does. The pay at the beginning of the career can be 30,067 per year. Gradually the professional can earn as much as 50,132 pounds in a place like UK.
In an hour the nurse practitioner can earn as little as 17.30 pounds and can earn as high as 25.28 pounds.

What is nurse practitioner salary UK?

UK is a place full of elegancy and job opportunities one can only dream of. There are certainly professionals among the readers who would like to know the expected salary for this profession. So, the median wage that the nurse practitioner can expect to earn in a country like United Kingdom is 29,194 pound per year. This is not the exact figure of wage rather it is an average taken from the survey which was conducted earlier this year in UK. The salary can be as less as 13,885 pounds and it can be as high as 45,519 pounds.

What is nurse practitioner salary Houston?

Texas is one of the busiest and largest states of USA. The average salary of Nurse practitioner in Houston Texas is reported to be $100,206 per year. Pay does not affect much by the experience of the person. According to the survey the experienced individuals earn only a bit more than the average fresh employees.
The pay can be as little as $80,978 and the pay can get as high as $127,393 in a year. The yearly bonus reported for the nurse practitioners is $3,000.

What are the professions similar to that of nurse practitioners?

Following are some of the career options for nurse practitioners:

Pediatric nurse practitioner:

These nurse practitioners are specialized in taking care of young children. These nurses take care of almost all sorts of diseases that occurred in children of almost all age groups. They can work in both the clinical and intensive care environment.

Midwifery nurse practitioner:

Basically they are advanced practice registered nurse practitioners who have specialized in providing health care to the women who are expecting a baby. Although theses nurses can perform the births, they are also specialized in taking care of the mothers during, after and before the child birth. If you are a family nurse practitioner then specialization in this specific field can be very fruitful for you as you know the right way of close bonding with the family.

Neonatal nurse practitioner:

Neonatal nurses provide the health care to those types of babies who have born way before their time. They can provide intensive care to the premature babies depending upon their health condition. Surprisingly the job demand for this profession is expected to grow by 17% with in coming years.

Geriatric nurse practitioner:

These professionals takes cares of elder patients. Their profession is most likely to continue either at the care homes or at the hospitals. The geriatric nurse practitioners are specialized in handling the kind of challenges which that are being dealt with the elder patients only. Some of these challenges include dementia, chronic illness or arthritis etc.

Psychiatric nurse practitioner:

Psychiatric nurse practitioners specialize in counseling their patients. They possess a greater degree of expertise about the mental health of the patients and they can help out patients in dealing with the drug abuse, mood disorders, anxiety and depression etc. this job has a bright future ahead and according to the experts, by the year 2022, the demand for this job will increase by 19% in general.

Chronic pain nurse practitioner:

These nurse practitioners are known as the managers of the chronic pain in patients and not just that they are considered to be very crucial in the field of medical. They try their best to enhance the quality of life in patients. This career choice is best for those nurse practitioners who like to create strong bond with their patients.

Clinical specialist nurse:

The clinical nurse practitioners are those professionals who deal with patients suffering from very serious or chronic health condition. The works of these nurses are totally in a clinical practice where they provide health care treatment to patients having acute illnesses. This profession option requires the nurses to work with the same patient for longer period of time.

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Researcher nurse:

Alongside of working directly with the patients, nurses can also fulfill the leadership role with the help of their qualification. Basically nurse researchers work with the any research organizations or the medical groups for the sake of performing clinical studies which is directly linked with the health care. Usually they are supposed to write for the grants so that the organization they are working with will receive funding in order to run the research smoothly. According to several surveys the demand of this job will increase by 26% by the year 2022.

Advocate nurse:

Just as the title depicts, the main job of the advocate nurse practitioners is to represent the interests of patient and their families in to the clinical or hospital setting they are currently admitted in. nurse practitioners have stronger bond with the patients as compared to the doctors and this career is best for those professionals who are good at treating the patients.

Anesthetist nurse:

Provision of Anesthesia is one of the most important steps before going into surgery. The anesthetist nurse practitioners ensure that this step before surgery is properly conducted. Along with it they also provide the health care to the patients in the Operation Theater. Besides that they are also responsible for provision of the follow up care to those procedures which are dine in the basis of the outpatients.

Nephrology nurse practitioners:

Practitioner nurses linked with this field are known also known as nephrologist. All the patients that are linked with kidney related disease are being diagnosed and treated by these nurses. The patients having severe kidney failure need to go through the dialysis in order to purify their blood form impurities. Being a dialysis nurse you will be providing all the necessary care during this procedure.

Nurse Case manager:

As depicted by the title of this career choice, the main jobs of nurse case manager are evaluation of the progress of the patients; monitoring their health care and suggesting the patients with alter treatments for the ailment of the patient. All these tasks are to be carried regularly by the nurse case managers. These professionals also provide cost effective care to the insurance providers and to the medical facilities.

General health care Nurse practitioner

These nurses work similarly like the family health nurse practitioners. Instead of working with a solo patient they provide health care to larger population of patients. They educate the patients about the preventative measures for any disease.

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What is nurse practitioner Salary Chicago?

The median salary for the nurse practitioners working in Chicago is evaluated to be an average of $89,060 per year. According to the same survey, for first ten to five years of employment the pay of the professionals increases on a slow rate and afterwards the pay increases drastically. The yearly bonus for this job is reported to be $5,000 in Chicago. The pay for the nurse practitioners can be as low as $77,458 and it can get as high as $123,216 per year.

What is Pediatric nurse practitioner salary?

A pediatric nurse who is certified can expect to earn an average wage of $97,000 in a span of a year. The lowest earning reported for this profession was as little as $66,960 and the highest earning that was reported for this profession was $126,250 per year.

What is general nurse practitioner salary UK?

In an hour, the average salary for general nurse practitioner is reported to be 17.30 pounds. The skills linked with high pay are the family practice and nurse prescriber. The pay can be as little as 6.84 pounds and it can go as high as 36.44 pounds as per rate of an hour.

What is nurse practitioner salary Toronto?

The average wage for nurse practitioner sin Toronto is reported to be $84,927 per year. This salary is known to be 2.6 times higher than the federal median wage. The salary tends to start at $59,000 per year and it can go as high as $119,000 in a year.

What is nurse practitioner salary Ontario?

Ontario is known to make a quarter of all the nurse practitioners in Canada. In a year these individuals are reportedly earn between $90,000 and $120,000 depending mainly upon the area and experience do the individuals performing the job.

What is nurse practitioner salary Alberta?

In an hour the individuals can earn a salary of $44. The median yearly salary for these professionals in Alberta is almost $86,717. The salary can be as high as $121,000 and it can be as low as $61,000 depending mainly upon the experience of the individuals.

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What is the qualification required in nurse partitioning?

Although the requirements for trainings vary from state to state however many employees actually require the candidate to possess a master’s degree. All employees require having the licensure and mostly also requiring national certification.

Licensure rules:

All the licenses are conducted with in the territory of the US. Before beginning the carrier it is obliged for them to sit in an exam called as National Council examination registered nurse. When it comes to the criteria, the main requirement is to complete approved nursing programs along with some clinical experience. Once this test is passed are then educated and they can further be able to perform their tasks and duties in the industry of the healthcare.

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Have you ever wondered how to become a nurse practitioner? well the job of a nurse practitioner is best due to several reasons. One of those factors being the nurse practitioner salary, which is a lot as compare to other jobs. If you love working with people and treating them and seeing them getting out form any disease makes you happy then this job is perfect for you. Nurse practitioners act the same as doctors and can perform all those duties that a doctor has to perform.

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