Occupational Therapist Salary Stats Around the World?

Right after high school, there is a pool of occupation from which you choose to achieve milestones of you future. Out of millions of career choices, the one that we are going to elaborate is the occupational therapist. Occupational therapists are the ones who help people who have physical disabilities. The physical ability can be anything like learning disabilities, medical condition or any mental health condition. Before pursing any field one must have clear insight about the wage of the occupation. You must also know about the occupational therapist salary before considering this career.


The major role of the occupational therapist is to help out the patients in enhancing and improving skill which they need in their daily activities. This is a rehabilitation and health profession. The occupation therapists have to work with people that belong to all age groups. The occupation therapist helps the individuals in leading productive, satisfying and independent lives. These clients might be suffering from many issues like developmental, physical, social or even problem related to mental health etc. The main focus of occupational therapist is to promote the self-care in patients which can be achieved by several ways.

Occupational therapist salary

What is the meaning of occupational therapy?

The term occupational sciences are new as compared to other sciences. Mainly this term provides vast information regarding the occupations, along with it occupational sciences also promotes the activities supporting the occupations. Occupational therapists have to study how the activities come in contact with the needs of people and communities and provide the meaning to life. Occupational therapy closely resembles sociology sciences.

What is the job description of the occupational therapist?

As mentioned earlier the occupational therapist is known to treat the disabled or injured clients through set of activities. Here are some of the job duties of the occupation therapist which he performs throughout his career:

  1. They test, record and maintain the patient’s related activities. They also keep a keen eye on the progress of the patients. If the occupational therapist finds any other unrelated ailment in patient he must further communicate with other health care provider.
  2. They help in accomplishing daily tasks to those people who are suffering from various disabilities.
  3. Once provided with a client they have to then come up with a treatment plan. The treatment plan consists of set of actions and activities that help in accomplishing recovery in the patients.
  4. They are required to actively communicate with the family members and guardians of the patients. This communication is mostly about educating the relative and loved ones as to how to take care of the patient during the treatment.
  5. They have to evaluate the needs of each client regularly
  6. They have to educate the patients if they require special equipment e.g. wheel chair, aiding equipment for eating. Occupational therapists are the ones who recommend these equipment’s to the needy patients.
  7. Time by time an occupational therapist must demonstrate physical exercises to the patient like arthritis relief or stretches the joints. Occupational therapist also treats clients who are suffering one or other chronic illness.
  8. One of the most important jobs of an occupational therapist is to examine the workplace or home of the clients, and based on that they should come up with area of improvement in respect to the client’s health. For example labeling the kitchen cabinets for the poor memory aged people etc.

What is the salary of occupational therapist in an hour?

As depicted by the title of this article, our sole concentration is the amount of pay an occupational therapist gets in different regions of the world. So if you are wondering about the salary for occupational therapist then you must know the average evaluated salary of occupational therapist is estimated to be $36.41 in an hour. The range of salary in an hour for the occupational therapist is between $28.49 and $49.14. The bonus that the occupational therapist receives in a year can be as little as $358.31 and it can be as high as $7,964. The rate of profit sharing in a year for the occupational therapist is around $1,900. If the occupational therapist works for over time, the most likely amount of money that they will make can be as little as $34.89 and as high as $64.15.

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Who is occupational therapy assistant?

Occupational therapist assistant help patients in developing the skills that are involved in daily life tasks which include home based tasks and also work based tasks. They are directly linked with provision of therapy to the patients. As described of thousands of employees, the work environment for occupational is high end satisfying. They have to work under the supervision of an occupational therapist.

Most of their work is linked with guiding the patients about their prescribed exercise or therapeutic activities. They are also trained about the usage of equipment in this field. Though the occupational therapist is the ones who suggest treatment to the patients, the occupational therapists are the ones who are considered responsible for closely and directly linked with the patients in order to achieve the goals of the treatments.


What is the difference between occupational therapist and occupational therapy assistant?

When it comes to the difference, the occupational therapists are linked with the evaluation of the treatment plans and creating custom goals for the patients whereas the occupational therapist assistant make sure that these treatment plans are a 100% implemented thus leading to successful treatment. The occupational therapy assistant has to make notes on daily basis regarding each patient, and at the end of the week all notes must be signed by the occupational therapist. Unlike the occupational therapist assistant, the occupational therapists do not have a supervisor neither they have to report any head. Just because both these professionals have to go side by side, it is highly required for them to have strong communication skills so that the best outcomes can be observed from the treatment actions.

What are the occupational therapy assistant tasks and job duties?

Following are some for the tasks that have to be completed by the Occupational therapy assistant:

  1. Assisting the occupational therapist in evaluation of the treatment plans for the patients.
  2. Observing and recording the behavior of the patient and reporting it to the supervisor at the end of the week.
  3. Keen monitoring and evaluation of the performance of the patient in the activities linked with the therapy and also showing encouragement to each patient
  4. Selection of the therapies which fits perfectly according to the condition of the patient and their needs. The occupational therapist must be given authority for altering the treatment plans if it is required in any situation.
  5. Usage of the adaptive instruments and educating the families of the patient and patients themselves about the skills needed for the basic living along with the level of care that is required by the patients.

What is occupational therapy assistant salary?

The hourly average rate of occupational assistant salary is reported to be $25.91. This is just an average salary figure the pay however ranges between $19.69 and $34.18 in an hour.

The strongest and most influential characteristic with which the salary of the occupational therapy assistant is linked is the geographic location of the organization where the OTAs are working. Besides that the years of work experience and the nature of employer also have slight impact on the pay destiny in this career.

The bonus that the professionals are most likely to receive in a year is $3,125. If the candidate works overtime the most likely extra pay that they will receive is in between $26.82 and 49.83 per hour. The yearly rate of profit sharing for the occupational therapy assistant is almost $500.


What is occupational therapist salary California?

The median salary of an occupational therapist in California is $44.07 in an hour. This is not the exact salary structure rather the range of wage is in between $22.27 per hour till $58.66 depending upon the area where occupational therapist is practicing.

Yearly salary of the occupational therapist in California can be as lesser as $46,320 and can be as high as $122,010. The average yearly salary recorded is $91,670. The biggest factor which has heavy influence on the salary is the area and years of practice. Of course occupational therapist at beginning earns very little but slowly with time the pay tends to increase.

What are occupational therapist similar professions?

Here are some of the career choices that are related to the occupation of occupational therapist:

1.     Health consultant:

Being a health consultant after practicing occupational therapy for a while is a key to success. Many people in the world are opting for the corporate health consultant job. Mostly big health insurance companies are hiring occupational therapists to run their health related programs and to aware general clients about every health program launched by the corporation. Mostly this occupation requires the candidate to deliver health related consultations to the clients who include weight loss programs, fat loss programs and healthy living programs etc.

2.     The home enhancing specialist:

This is one of the best alternative professions for the occupational therapist. Their main task is to work with the new disabled or old people. For all those occupational therapist that have home health firsthand experience. The route of this job lies in the category of entrepreneurship.

So basically the home enhancing specialists take care of the disabled person and the aged patients in their homes through set of activities and specialized instruments.

3.     The medical equipment sales man:

Although working in the department of sales is bit stressful but I can assure you that having such changes career wise will only bring out more enthusiasm in your personality. There are several medical related equipment are used both by the health care providers and the patients on almost daily basis. Some of the equipment which are linked with occupational therapy like wheel chair, modalities, hospital beds, e-stim etc.

All the equipment that is used medically is sold by the representatives who have to visit the hospitals, clinics and private practices on daily basis. All you have to do for switching the career is to contact the manufacturing company of any product that you use during the job  afterwards apply your resume and if there is any open position of the sales rep. other than that you can always search for the position of sales rep on internet.

4.     The assistive technology Professional:

The degree of occupational therapist is perfect for the post of assistive technology professional. Assistive technology is something which is used regularly when it comes to the occupational therapy. Assistive technology is that technology which enables the client to use technology and devices to perform daily life tasks which they are unable to do otherwise.

In this field therapists use wide range of rehabilitative devices. This technology also includes the remote monitoring of patients.


5.     The driving rehabilitation:

Traveling from one point to another is very important in our daily life. One common way of travelling is via car. Sometimes due to any reason, a client is unable to drive. The reasons due to which a client is unable to drive can be any impairment neurologically. Stroke, injury in brain, stroke or any recent imputation. Going back to driving after any of this situation is surely one of the hardest things for a person, so one for sure need an intervention from a therapist.

In the driving rehabilitation although you are working with a patient but your total focus is only at one aspect of their life.

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What is the occupational therapy salary Canada?

In a year the median of an occupational therapy salary is reported to be $59,221 in a year. The salary depends upon multiple factors like geographical region, years of experience and the years of experience of the candidate. The range of salary lies in $49,455 and $92,011 inclusive of the bonuses given to them by the employees. The bonus that is provided to the candidates of this profession can be as little as $1,014 and as high as $10,101.

What is the occupational therapist assistant salary Canada?

As mentioned earlier the occupational therapist assistant have to keep a keen eye on the patients and have to report to the occupational therapist about the effectiveness of the treatment plan on daily basis.  But does working as an occupational therapist assistant really gives off good financial support to the candidates or not? The answer is that it pretty much does support the living because according to a conducted survey the median salary of the occupational therapy assistants in Canada have reported to be $23.60 in an hour. The candidates who have experience between 1 to 4 years are earning a sum of $52,381 in a span of a year. The overall salary depend on a lot of factors, the biggest factor is the employer for whom the assistant is working for. Most of the candidates working as assistant do not carry on the same job for more than 20 years and they tend to change the career.

What are the occupational therapist qualifications?

As per the rules of American Occupational therapy association there are several undergraduate programs which can lead to an aspiring career as an occupational therapist. When it comes to the graduate degree, the occupational therapists are required to serve few years of work in this field. The major subjects that are offered in the programs are of physiology, kinesiology, anthropology, sociology, biology and Psychology. You may found some schools in your US which are providing the dual degree program which means a student can earn both bachelor’s and master’s degree all at the same time. The total time of this kind of degree is 5 years.

If we talk just about the master’s degree, it takes 2 years for completion. The courses that are offered in this degree for occupational therapy are social and medical conditions, anatomy, and the concepts of patient care, assistive technology and the methodology of research. Every student affiliated with this field must submit the field work of 24 week during the span of the program. They can perform their field work in rehabilitation centers, the hospital settings, the schools and other academic institutions or in the private practices.

For applying graduate and undergraduate programs in occupational therapy, a CGPA equivalent to 3.0 in the subjects of physiology, chemistry and the human anatomy is required by majority of the accredited schools. Some of the institutions also require the applying candidates to have working experience with a disabled mentally, physically or developmentally clients.

The licensure:

Every fresh occupational therapist must look forward for the state based license. The occupational therapy requirements for being licensed are: completing of an accredited program of occupational therapy, some experience of the field work along with at least passing marks in the NBCOT or National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy. Once the candidate completes the entire aforementioned requirement, they will then be provided with the credential of Occupational Therapist Registered. In order to maintain this credential the candidates are required to pursue the higher studies in the same field.


What is the occupational therapist salary UK?

The average salary of the occupational therapist in United Kingdom according to a conducted survey is reported to be 27,085 pounds as per year. The more experienced an employee is the more salary they should expect to get from this occupation. The occupational therapist may expect to earn as less as 21,451 pounds in a year and as high as 39,402 pounds a year in UK. The bonus that the participant quoted in that survey for occupational therapist is 1000 pounds. The salary reported in hours is 19.40 pounds. If the candidate willfully works overtime then the extra money they might earn is around 37.60 pounds.

What are the best occupational therapist schools USA?

Following are some of the best occupational therapist schools in USA:

  1. Houston Community college
  2. South Arkansas Community College
  3. Itawamba Community college
  4. August Technical College
  5. Cape Fear Community College
  6. WeatherFord College
  7. Southwest Virginia Community College
  8. North Dakota State College of Science
  9. Rhodes Sate College
  10. Lone Star College

What is the occupational therapy starting salary?

Though every entry level job offers a bit lesser money, but does starting salary of occupational therapy really worth it? Well the salary that the occupational therapist tends to receive at the beginning of their career is estimated to be $33.85 as per an hour. The hugely affecting factors for the entry level job of occupational therapy are the kind of residence and the company they are currently hired by. Most of the employer provides the occupational therapist with medical and dental coverage which is a plus for this job. The range of salary lies between $27.07 and $43.52 in an hour. The bonus that the entry level occupational therapist might make can be as little as $300 and also can be as high as $8,090 in a year. Along with the salary the profit sharing of the occupational therapist is $1,900 in a year. Almost all the entry level occupational therapist showed high level of satisfaction from their job.


Being a part of a job that influences lives of many people is a blessing in its own way. The job that we have elaborated in this article is a formally known profession of Occupational therapist. The job allows the professional to assist disabled clients in one or the other way. Mostly occupational therapist tries enhancing skills which enables the disabled patients to finish daily basis tasks. Along with various allowances the occupational therapist salary is worth mentioning too. Mostly Occupational Therapist creates the treatment plans for the clients and the occupational therapy assistant make sure that the clients are following it along with the progress of those treatment plans.

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