Orthopedic Surgeon Salary Stats Around the World?

Although the jobs related to any medical field is very difficult but it definitely worth the hard work though. A typical day of an orthopedic surgeon is very hectic as they have to accomplish so many tasks and is typically longer than Average American worker. The day follows with the consultation of the patients suffering from any bone related disease or injury. Other than they also suggested the treatment plans for the patients. The orthopedic surgeon salary is handsome and worth mentioning. Keep on reading and you will get to know everything about this profession if you are considering it in the profession.


Starting with orthopedic surgery, one must know what it really is. Orthopedic surgery is that discipline of surgery which is linked with the bones and skeleton of a person. Typically an orthopedic surgeon has to practice on patients having conditions like arthritis, fractures, tumors, some metabolic conditions and few procedures of soft tissues etc. during the study years a student practicing medical has to work in rotation that allows them to work for different aspects of orthopedic surgery. There is wide range of experiences that a student can get via these rotations like the experience of emergency room, operative office and the clinical practices.

Orthopedic Surgeon Salary

Who is exactly and orthopedic surgeon?

Orthopedic surgeon is a form of physician who devotes their career for the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of the injuries, diseases and disorders closely linked with the musculoskeletal system of the body. Keep in mind here that the musculoskeletal system consists of shoulder, elbow, spine, foot, ankle, bones, ligament and joints etc.

Almost all of the orthopedic surgeons are familiar with the muscloskeleton system; most of them specialize in a single area of the musculoskeletal system. The orthopedic surgeons have options to specialize in that special area too which are rarely been opted like reconstructive surgery, oncology, pediatrics, and trauma or even in sports medicine.

Why one must choose an orthopedic surgeon?

Common problems like back injury, stiffened neck, arthritis, osteoporosis and fractures are something which is affect the health care system of almost the entire globe. Surprisingly these aforementioned issues can cause 135 million emergency hospital visits, cost of $245 billion and a rate of 3 million hospitalizations alone in the USA every year. For the sake of proper diagnosis and treatment option of these muscleoskeltal conditions, one is required to visit and consult and orthopedic surgeon.

What is the orthopedic surgeon job description?

There are variety of tasks related to the treatment and diagnosis of the muscleoskeltal disorders. We know that the orthopedic surgeons are those medical experts whom have the potential of curing these ailments and deformities.

Orthopedic surgeons mostly conduct patients’ interview, perform the tests like MRI, arthroscopy, X-Ray, sampling of blood for the sake of interviews. A good surgeon has to come up with the most curable and exact plan of treatment. The surgery procedure which is observed by the orthopedic physicians includes reattachment of the ligaments, replacing the hip bones or the knees with the prosthetic devices and mending of the fractured bones. These surgeons also perform the non-invasive techniques of patients like prescription of the drugs and nutrition supplements. They also recommend the physical exercises linked with the therapeutics along with, the immobilization the broken bones with the help of casts, splints and braces.

Following are some of the job description of orthopedic surgeon:

  • They have to examine the diagnostic tests of the patient.
  • They study and analyze the medical history of the patients along with it they also set the meetings with them in order to arrange the symptoms and complaints related to their ailments.
  • They prescribe supplements and drugs
  • A good orthopedic surgeon conducts the research and must also pursue the continual education.
  • They must ensure the authentic and correct record keeping
  • They educate and supervise the medical students and also the medical residents.
  • If they are working in a private practice, they also have to perform some business related tasks and they have to play an active role in management.
  • They are required to perform non-invasive procedures on the patient and along with it they have to supervise the other colleague physicians for it too.
  • They should be in position of recommending the lifestyle changes to the patients that involve exercise, diet plans and other factors. They must also be aware of how to provide the post-operative care to the patients.
  • They should be able to perform accurate diagnosis, recommend surgeries and other forms of treatment to the diseased patients.

What is the average orthopedic surgeon salary 2017 – 2018?

The annual average salary recorded for the year 2017 – 2018 is $457,706. However the range of salary that orthopedic surgeon all over the USA is between $359,848 and $592,188. Each state has its own laws and pay structure allotted for the orthopedic surgeons. This average that we have mentioned is the evaluation of a survey which was conducted on orthopedic surgeons all over the USA.

Orthopedic Surgeon

What is the orthopedic surgeon starting salary?

The starting salary of an orthopedic surgeon is higher than the national salary for the employees. The average salary of the newly assigned orthopedic surgeon is $465,000 in a year. The salary may be less or more due to the efficiency of employee and the level of the job.

What is the orthopedic surgeon salary UK?

The median annual salary of the orthopedic surgeon in the United Kingdom is about 140,000 pounds. The range of the salary lies between 105,000 and 162,400 pounds in a year. The higher end of the wage is definitely for the experienced individual in this field. The salary of the orthopedic surgeon is around 70 pounds in an hour. Work settings and the geographical region is the most important aspect of the orthopedic surgeon salary.

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What is the training requirement of orthopedic surgeon in UK?

For becoming an orthopedic surgeon in United Kingdom one must finish school of medical. Afterwards the candidates are required to complete 4 or 5 years of residency in surgery of orthopedic. There is 1 or 2 years of fellowship for those candidates who wants to practice the subspecialty.

Here are some of the subspecialties for the orthopedic surgeons to consider:

  • The spinal surgery specialist
  • Pediatric surgery specialist
  • The hip surgery specialist
  • The ankle surgery specialist
  • Sports injury and trauma specialist
  • Trauma surgery
  • The upper limb surgery
  • The knee surgery

The Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum set the curriculum of the orthopedic surgery programme.

What is the orthopedic surgeon training UK?

Once the medical school is finished the candidates are then required to go for two years of training which further enables sense of competence in the candidates for the junior doctor in any hospital. This training teaches the individuals how to work in emergency words, with nurses and with other Allied health professionals. In the final year of the training each candidate will be provided with a supervisor who is going to assess their performance against any common curriculum.

Once this training ends another begins which is known as core training which lasts for 2 years, in this training the doctors establish the clear future medical career and the preference is given to the experience of undergraduate training.

What is the private orthopedic surgeon salary USA?

We all know that doctors working in private practice make quite a good fortune but is it rally the case with the orthopedic doctors? Surprisingly the orthopedic surgeon who works in a private practice are considered to be the highest paid orthopedic surgeons. The annual income recorded in the year of 2012 for the private orthopedic surgeons were $480,000. The pay increases even more if the surgeons are working with a solo specialty in the sub-specialty group. Besides the specialty there are other factors which can drastically increase or decrease the rate of pay for the orthopedic surgeons and one of them is the geographic region.

What is the private orthopedic surgeon salary UK?

Orthopedic surgeon observed in the private practice earns a total of 325,000 pounds in a year in which both profit sharing and bonuses are inclusive. The range of salary lies between 242,060 and 333,125 pounds in a year. This great scale of fluctuation is observed due to many things like the years of experience and the quality of work of the surgeon. The geography also plays an important role in this matter

What is the orthopedic surgeon salary Canada?

The average salary of an orthopedic surgeon in the country like Canada is $205,579 in a span of a year. Just like in the neighboring country USA this job is considered very renowned in Canada too. The range of salary lies between $59,206 and $487,835 in a year. The bonus that the orthopedic surgeons are most likely to receive in a year is evaluated to be $19,487.

What is the orthopedic surgeon salary Saskatchewan?

Saskatchewan is considered to be the home of medicine and the Canadians believe it consists of some of the best paid physicians of Canada. The pay that they receive in a span of a year is known to be $ 412,679 and the bonus given to them is roughly around $51,874. Their hourly salary is evaluated to be $198. This data was collected by a survey conducted on the orthopedic surgeons working in Saskatchewan, Canada.

What is the orthopedic surgeon salary Alberta?

The orthopedic surgeon in Alberta is expected to make $435,022 in a year. This is just an average salary which is evaluated after conducting a thorough survey on the orthopedic surgeons working in Alberta. The hourly wage rate in Alberta for the orthopedic surgeon is $209.

The entry level salary of orthopedic surgeon is reported to be $305,836 and the experienced orthopedic surgeon salary is reported to be $527,824 in a year.

How long does it take to become an orthopedic surgeon UK?

Becoming an orthopedic surgeon takes more time than other specializations as the surgery involved in the orthopedic field is very difficult but indeed very rewarding.

Here is the total procedure of becoming an orthopedic surgeon:

The undergraduate degree

It is a 4 years programme in which the candidates must go for one year of biology, 2 years in chemistry and a year of education in the field of physics.

The Test for Admission in Medical School:

The preparation of MCAT is something that one pursuing MBBS should be proud of. MCAT consists of sections like Biology, physics, verbal and written comprehension in English and literature. The test is conducted in 1 day and the result of the test comes in about a month.


Medical School Applications:

The candidate’s admission in the medical school comes in two forms: the first one is Preliminary and the second form of application is known as Secondary. The candidates if compatible are further called for the interview. The rate of entrance varies form medical school to medical school, but usually the school’s rate of admission varies between 5 to 10 % of the applicants.

The school of medical

The medical school teaches the candidates for 4 years straight. The initial 2 years are of the school is basically based on the classroom study; the last two years are based at hospital. The graduates are known as M.D or the D.O.

What is the average orthopedic surgeon salary?

Now at this point you might be wondering about the actual bucks they are making. The average salary of an orthopedic surgeon is reported to be around $362,000. Of course this is not this final figure that every orthopedic surgeon earns rather the range lies between $121,000 and $570,000. Surprisingly the rate of bonus and profit sharing can get $103,000 and $127,000. The job covers almost all the medical facilities along with dental insurance. The job comes with high level of satisfaction.

Who is an orthopedic spine surgeon?

The orthopedic spine surgeon is that physician who specializes in a specific field in which the orthopedic surgeon consults the patients with any spine injury or disease linked with the spinal region. They choose the treatment plan, diagnosis and form of surgery.

What is orthopedic spine surgeon salary?

After 6 years of thorough practice the spine surgeon makes around $421,000 in a span of a year. However the highest most recorded salary for the spine surgeon is recorded to be $710,000 in a year. There are so many factors which affect the total compensated salary of the spine surgeon like the company or hospital they are working in and the geographical region of their work. Working in a metropolitan area gives off a handsome salary whereas working in a low populated area definitely reduces the salary figure.

What is the orthopedic salary per hour in USA?

In all the previous headings we have talked about the salary of the orthopedic surgeon in a year but do you really know what would be the earning of the surgeons in an hour? The average salary of an orthopedic surgeon in an hour is calculated to be $220. This is just an average and the range of the salary lie between $173 and $285 and is widely dependent on various factors. If the surgeon works more than their shift hours they can get as little as $43.85 and as high as $710 in an hour form the hospital. Besides that the hourly tip of the orthopedic surgeon is estimated to be $1.08.

Orthopedic Surgeon Job

What is the orthopedic surgeon salary Australia?

In Australia the orthopedic surgeon earn an amount of $204,763 in a span of a year. The salary is not an exact figure rather it is just an estimated evaluation of the pay that orthopedic surgeon gets in a year. There are many factors that are linked with handsome salary of the orthopedic surgeon salary. The range of salary is $100,671 and $523,681 in a year. The arte of bonus for the orthopedic surgeon is $10,000 and the profit sharing for this profession is estimated to be $58,500 in a span of a year. After total compensation the pay can range between $100,671 and $523,681 per year.

What are the skills that must be a part of an orthopedic surgeon’s personality?

Good orthopedic surgeons are distinguished by their ability of work and of course with certain set of skills. Along with good mental strength, physical strength and challenging nature here are the 6 skills which must be part of an orthopedic personality:

Flexible  nature:

Every patient recovers on their own pace and literally every patient is unique from the other, a good orthopedic surgeon is required to be aware of sudden changes in the patient. They must know the act of patience and that each patient reacts differently to the medications and treatment plans. If orthopedic surgeon is working in a private practice, they must also consider the budget of the patient before suggesting any treatment plan.

Calm nature:

This soft skill is needed for all those occupations in which the person has to work with different kind of public every day. When it comes to an orthopedic surgeons, so they have to go through pretty unpredictable situations in their life every day and for that they must have a calm approach. They must manage their stress level at all times as much as possible because in a job like this one must have good hold on their nerves. On the other hands patient love being treated by doctors who have sweet and calm nature.

Good coordination skills:

A good orthopedic surgeon must have strong motor skills which can enable their eye to hand coordination full of strength. Surgeries for musculoskeletal disorders are very sensitive and even a tiny bit of mistake can lead to havoc for both the patient and the physician.  Other than that they must know the accurate use of equipment’s that are used in their specialty based surgeries.


A good surgeon must know the skill of empathy. When it comes to patients, a good surgeon should learn the tact of handling a patient both physically and mentally. Being diagnosed with a disorder makes the patients emotionally vulnerable. So at this time besides suggesting the treatment options, a good surgeon must be able to council the patient too. So both sensitivity and empathy must be a part of the personality of an orthopedic surgeon.

Skill of devotion:

The orthopedic must be highly devoted towards their work and to their patients. Working for long hours might snatch away their peace of mind even worse than this is the constant re-calling shifts to the hospital even when they are free from their shift duties. So as the requirement

Of this career the more devoted and passionate you are for this career they more you will excel in this career.

Good health condition:

Long hours of shifts require the orthopedic surgeon to be in excellent health condition. The surgeries of patients require the doctor to actively perform the surgery for hours and for this good health plays key role in the professional life of the orthopedic surgeon.


The profession of a Doctor is one of the most hectic professions in the world as it requires a lot of handwork and devotion. In this article we have talked about a specialist in the field of medical known as Orthopedic Physician. The job of orthopedic surgeon takes care of the muscleoskeltal ailments and disorders. Issues like fractures, tumors and arthritis are addressed by the orthopedic surgeons. The orthopedic surgeon salary is considered to be one of the highest as compared to salaries dispatched in other professions. This profession is very tough with long hours of on and of duties but all this hard work worth it.

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