How Much is Pharmacy Technician Salary Around the World

Honestly finding an ideal job that pays an adequate amount of money is very difficult these days. Even if the best among us says that career enthusiasm is free of materialism, they still no how full of worth money is. No matter how good the job is the pay scale always seems to be inadequate for almost all of us. What if I tell you about a job that is slowly gaining fame for multiple factors. In this article, I will quote from Pharmacy technician salary to the job requirements as per my reader’s request.

Though this field has emerged recently, it still has potential to offer so much. Job of pharmacy technicians is very challenging with a variety of tasks to accomplish almost every single day. Unlike other job opportunities, pharm tech. provides a great deal of career opportunities to the interested candidates. If you are looking for this job than you must appear into the certification tests, these tests not only give you fuller insight but they also increase your chances of employment up to 100%. Go through this article and find what you are looking for your career.

Pharmacy technician salary


Who are pharmacy technicians?

Pharmacy technicians are employees of independent pharmacies, pharmaceutical departments, medicines stores like target, Walgreens and CVS. They can also work with clinics and hospital which tends to dispense off drugs directly to the patients.

Pharmacy technician assemble and prepare the prescription given by patients and are usually assisted by the licensed pharmacists. Pharmacy technicians ensure that the patient is fully informed about their prescription not just that, they also provide high quality care to these patients in every possible way. Pharmacist technicians provide the relevant insurance, deductibles and co-payments informationto the patients; they are also trained to feed the patients insurance information into the softwares.

Pharmacist technicians in some organization call the physicians and/or insurance companies on behalf of the on panel patients.

What are the tasks of a Pharmacy Technician?

Here is the final evaluation of the tasks a pharmacy technician has to perform in their job:

  1. Supervising members of the pharmacy staff
  2. Providing over the counter or prescribed medicines to the patients
  3. Sorting out the medicines for the prescription
  4. Render general information to health care staff as well as the patients
  5. Helping in production of medicines in the pharmaceutical industry or hospitals
  6. Supervision and management of the dispensaries

What are the favorable work environments for pharmacy Technician is like?

Here are some ideal work environments for Pharmacist Technicians:

  1. Pharmaceutical manufacturing and sales department in Pharmaceutical company
  2. Primary care organizations, prison clinics, training and education, vet pharmacy, army and military medical organization
  3. Retail or high street pharmacies which are altogether known as community pharmacies. A large amount of pharmacy technician’s work in hospital and community pharmacies.

How do you become a Pharmacy Technician?

I am a 100 percent sure that there are many among my readers who will be willing to know the right procedure to become Pharmacy Technician, so here is step by step guidelines for the willing candidates out there:

1st Step: Finish a post-secondary educational program:

In America there is an actively running society known as American Heath System Pharmacist (ASHP), this society is active accrediting body for this pharmacy technician program. There are certain programs linked with pharm tech which currently available at all local vocation centers and community college. Now most of you might want to know as to how long does it take to become a pharmacy technician so the answer is that most of these programs can be completed within a year or more but the associate degree takes 2 years to be completed for being a Pharmacy technician. Here are some of the areas which are covered by the course work:

  1. Medical terminology
  2. Physiology
  3. Anatomy
  4. Pharmacy calculations
  5. Pharmaceutical Laws
  6. Healthcare system
  7. Ethics in Pharmacy
  8. Medical Terminologies

2nd step: Accomplish on-job training:

Having a clinical training is very crucial for this field so many programs encourage an on-the-job training for students or workers. If the state law allows, then students can also pursue this on job training without going for post-secondary programs. The training program can be conveniently held in retail drug store affiliated with the school. The training should be well structured and meaningful. If not, then you can opt for the training from a recognized and licensed pharmacy and /or medical center. Remember the other option I have given for training should have to be pretty much hands on.

3rd step get certified:

As per law of few states, a pharmacy technician is highly required to be certified for attractive job opportunities. Infact this criterion proves to be authentic and promising even in those states where certification is not allowed, it is highly required for the employers to be certified from National Healthcare association and/or Pharmacy Technician Certification Board.

The NHA certification requires the applicants either to have one or more year of experience working as a pharmacy technician and PTB requires all the applicants to pass a test in order to be certified.

4th step: Opt for specialization

However some of the Pharmacy Technician selects to work almost exclusively for a retailing drugstore chain of companies and finish the training in order to serve as general pharmacy technician, community pharmacy technician and/or central Pharmacy technicians.

5th step: Update and maintain the certificates:

Every two years, the pharmacy technicians are required to appear in exam for the sake of re-certification. In order to clear that re-certification exam, a pharm. Technician is required to study for straight 20 hours as the test is very challenging.

Pharmacy technician salary

What are the skills required for becoming a Pharmacy technician?

For becoming a pharmacy technician, you must have the skill of a very strong attentive behavior and you must not leave even the petty details of your job. Most of the tasks that are to be achieved on daily basis are composed of measurements, dispensing, and dosage selection of prescribed drugs as per specified orders. A strong hold on verbal and written communication is required in this job, these verbal skill will help better in communication with the pharmacists, with patients, health care professionals and medical representatives that you come in contact with.

Pharmacy technician should be well-groomed regarding information on drugs or any major updates occurring in the pharmacy industry. They are also at times required to drug study, reviewing pharmaceutical literature and reports writing about various prescriptions of medication and activities observed in the dispensaries. Since many of the pharmacy technician works in the emergency room or retail drug store, they must also possess a strong grip on the skill of organization and should be able to work with great efficiency in a more fast-paced working environment without a room for errors.

What are the technologies and tools for which a Pharmacy technician is trained?

Typically pharmacy technicians are trained in almost every medical software programs used by the pharmacy. These software programs enable them to fill out prescription orders correctly, management of patient’s information of billing and in a timely manner coordinatethe communication with the patient. Here are some of the types of software that requires pharmacy technician expertise:

  • Label making software
  • Software related to accounting
  • Medical softwares (these cover wide information like patient’s record, prescription processing etc.)
  • Database software
  • Inventory management softwares

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What is the pharmacy technician trainee salary?

The pay for pharmacy trainee varies from place to place. Here I have mentioned pay scale of some of the big retailing pharmacies that have outlets all around the state:

  • CVS pays the trainee Pharmacy Technician $10.25 per hour
  • Walmart pharmacy pays the trainee $11.48 for an hour
  • Kroger pharmacy pays out $8.72 per hour
  • Walgreens pharmacy technician salary is $10.83 in an hour

How much money does a pharmacy tech make at CVS?

The average base pay of pharmacy tech in an organization as CVs is around $11 for an hour

What is the certified pharmacy technician salary?

For an hour a certified pharmacy technician is paid around $13.37. Some of the highest paying skills for this job are Long term care as well as oncology. In this field, people usually do not have more than 20 years of experience. The hourly tips for CPHT are $1.34

What is the hospital pharmacy technician salary?

The average pay rate of a Hospital Pharmacy Technician is $15.16 in order to opt for high income in this job, expertise in sterile compounding is required.

Can you elaborate the job description of a Hospital medical transcriptionist?

Every day hospital is known to dispense out a great number of medications to various patients. Hospital pharmacy technician plays a very important role in this activity held at clinics or hospitals. They work with the prescriptions written by the doctors for the patients thus ensuring that the care giving staff has given enough information on doses of proper medication as per requirement of the patient.

They are required to first organize and then execute the prescription written by the physicians. Usually there is a supervising senior pharmacist with pharmacy technician. They also participate in maintenance of the drug record inventories for convenience of the supervisor. It is obligatory for the pharmacy technician to have a stronger follow up on the professional ethics and organization rules set by the hospital for proper administration of the medications. A pharmacy technician has to spend most of his day standing on his feet. This is a part time job that works with 4 to 6 hours shift assigned and scheduled throughout the day as well as evening but you can also do extra shifts as per policy of your organization.

What is the average pharmacy technician salary?

This question is closely linked with another question that is how much does a pharmacy technician make an hour?The average wage of the pharmacy technician per hour is $12.68. Some skills that can increase the pay for this job are long term care and mail order pharmacy. As this job has emerged recently, people in this job has no more than 20 years of experience.

What is certified pharmacy technician salary structure per annum?

If you want to knowhow much does a pharmacy technician make in a year? Pharmacy technician earns $21,419 to $39,679 in a year. The pay structure may vary from place to place and of course experience also count a lot when it comes to this opportunity.

Tell me more about pharmacy technician certification:

Many pharmacy employers go for a candidate that is certified by government bodies. Many of the companies and stores have considered the certification mandatory for the applicants.

The tests you take show how deserving you are for the post of pharmacy technician in a particular organization. This test gives way to successful future with decent salary structure and allowances.

Here are some of the eligibility criteria for every pharmacy technician who wants to get certified:

  • A diploma from the high school or any other diploma with the same educational worth like GED or foreign educational diploma
  • Full declaration of all criminal activities and state board of registration acts.
  • Agreement with the polices created by the PTCB board
  • Passing out the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam.

However the candidate may be disqualify from being certified by the PTCB upon revelation of following terms:

  • Criminal record
  • Violation of the policies of PTCB certification. Yet not limited to the code of conduct.

Note:  the disqualification is made on case-by-case basis.

What is the way to apply?

All candidates apply online for the test. The cost of online application and test is altogether $129. All the candidates and CPhTs whom have abide the laws in one or the other way should be subject to discipline immediately. Applicants with successful selection will be appointed to take the certification exam.

What is the Walgreen’s pharmacy technician salary?

Walgreen is famous among every US citizen because of its larger than life range of products that suites almost every one’s need. So here is how much they are paying to their staff:

  1. To certified Pharmacy Technician, they are paying $11.97 per hour.
  2. To their senior certified Pharmacy Technician, the pay scale is $14.47 per hour
  3. To all the pharmacists on their panel their pay scale is $58.33
  4. The pay decided for retail shift supervisor is $12.46

What is the pharmacy technician salary UK?

No matter how much similarities we count in USA and UK, there are always vivid dissimilarities among the two nations. There are some jobs which are known to be paying the largest amount and then there are some jobs which are famous for their pay structure. Let’s see where Pharmacy technician lies.

The average annual pay of a Pharmacy technician is 20,550 pounds here is a little more insight of the pay evaluation:

The Boots Pharmacy pays 10.18 pounds to the Pharmacy technicians on their panel. The monthly pay of Pharmacy technician is 1,283 pounds.

Tell me more about the national Healthcare Association Certification test

Here is a test known as NHA which can certify the Pharmacy Technician. Unlike PTCB examination, for the test you will need to complete a pharmacy technician program or opt for one year of work experience. Here are some of the components of this test:

  • Dosage and calculation
  • Common medication
  • Names of Drugs

The fee for registration of this exam is $105.

What is pharmacy Technician specialty Certification?

All pharmacy technicians know that certification is one crucial step in their career. But if they want to specialize in a certain area or if they want to go for more education, they have a lot of options.

Here are the three certification programs that are being offered by the National Pharmacy Technician Association:

Chemotherapy certification:

This specific course teaches the Pharmacy technicians the proper handling of hazardous drugs. Keep in mind that before enrolling into this course, you must complete the initial courses like IV certifications. If you want to peak through the requirements of this course then visit the official website of NPTA. Some components of this course are control and medical surveillance, risk assessments, personal safety equipment, biological safety cabinets and isolators etc. There are around 10 home based study modules for the students along with 1 day of hands on training and validation of 5 processing techniques.

IV certification:

This course basically covers the aseptic hand-washing, vial manipulations, dangerous or hazardous vial manipulations, quality control, features of sterile products, preparation of sterile products and other related studying materials. There is 2 day hands-on training, some home study modules and process technique validations in this course. The eligible candidates can either be pharmacy technicians, student pharmacy technicians or certified pharmacy technicians.

Compounding certification:

Mostly compounding is referred to science and arts as it involves a careful customizing in the medication. Having a compounding certificate helps in exceling of the career of Pharmacy technician. This course is a bit difficult and complex than the other certificates mentioned. In this course the pharmacy technicians are taught about quality assurance, consideration and practices of compounding, keeping the records and the rightful purpose of capsules, tablets and powders, gels, ointments, paste, medication flavorings, nasal preparations and emulsions etc.

What are the career opportunities for Pharmacy Technicians?

Central Pharmacy operation technician:

As it has been indicated by the title of the job the central pharmacy operation technician works in a central location of the organization. In this job, the pharmacy technician is fully responsible for filling up high volume of prescriptions requests coming from various pharmacies. Not only that you will also play a key role in responding the calls of pharmacists,other pharmacy techs and insurance carriers. Pharmacy technician in this job also have to supervise the computer automated machines and .inventories

Home Infusion Pharmacy Technician:

This job basically home infuses the pharmacy technicians. They will serve as a support to pharmacists who are known to give infusion services (medicinal administrationvia a needle or catheter) to patients at their homes, old age houses and emergency infusion institutes.

They have to communicate with patients regarding drug management in inventories, deliveries and sterile compounding as well as non-sterile preparations .For persuading this career of Home Infusion Pharmacy Technician you should definitely be certified.

Travelling Pharmacy Technician:

Travelling pharmacy technician are just like the travel nursing, the job of travel pharmacy technician enables them to work in various setups all around the country. Once you Partner with a an excellent healthcare organization that will provide you with short spanned assignments which do not take more than 13to 20 weeks your job becomes even more interesting. You can work in different hospitals and get to meet the other members of your field.

Compound Pharmacy Technicians:

Though you will be responsible for normal duties assigned to a pharmacy technician, like attending phone calls and going through refills, the main goal of your job is going to be prescription compounding and compound calculations. Most of the times the employers want to have a compound technician on panel with minimum experience in compounding. Certification certainly helps.

The fast paced ageing in population and amendment in laws of health care insurance will more likely to add a great deal of rise in prescription medication in near future. Now that the pharmacist are openly taking the customer care responsibilities, likeproviding the patients with flu shots, pharmacist will begin todepend more on technicians for performing daily tasks

All of the above factors will bring about a growing need of certified pharmacy technicians.


Having a job that ticks all the right boxes is nothing but a blessing in today’s world and economy. What if I tell you about a job that is slowly gaining insight and not just that this job is also known to pay the employers 6% more than the national jobs. Pharmacy technicians have multiple tasks to perform, whether it is about entering the Patient’s data in online software or productions of medicines they are trained pretty much for everything. Pharmacy technician salary increases even more when the pharmacy technician opts for certification. There are several states that have made licensing and certification of the pharmacy technicians obligatory for the job opportunities. Pharmacy technician is a year diploma for which you have to have a 2 year high school diploma.



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