Physical Therapist Salary Stats Around the World? {2017}

Sometime medicines are not everything a doctor has to provide you with in order to cure your illness; the world of medical is much more than that. The career choice that we are going to talk today in this article is commonly known as Physical therapist. If you are a fresh graduate with physical therapy or a high school graduate who is searching for a good medical related field, this is according to me the best career choice. Along with everything else the Physical therapist salary is also worth noticing. So, keep on reading and you will definitely consider this physiotherapist career for sure.


So write before starting this article I want to describe details like that are physical therapist and how they are supposed to contribute professionally in the field of medical. Following are the two questions which are frequently asked related to this profession.

Physical Therapist Salary

Q.1: Who are physical therapists?

Physical therapists are extremely qualified and also registered individuals who are famously known as being part of health care professionals. Their main task is the improvement or restoring of the mobility of the patients by reducing the pain linked with the muscles. They are known to save the patients from expensive surgeries and also from the usage of prescribed drugs and the adverse effects that these medicines carry. Through physical therapist patients learn how to manage their health condition due to which they can achieve benefits for longer terms. The physical therapist have to thoroughly analyze and examine each patient separately and not just that they also have to come up with the treatment plans all by themselves. Some common aspects that they have to keep in mind before creating the treatment techniques are mobility, reduction of pain, prevention of the disability and restoration of the muscular functions etc.

In addition to that the physical therapists also work hard with the individual patients who are on the verge of losing mobility thus promoting fitness and programs that are oriented with wellness of the patients.

There are number of practices in which a physical therapists are needed like the clinics for the outpatients, the agencies for home health, private practices, fitness facilities, schools, old age homes and the work settings. However the physical therapists do need the state licensure as it is a must requirement

Q.2: what do physical therapists do?

Here are some of the job duties of a physical therapist:

  1. Their main job is to diagnose the patients who have abnormal movement patterns like the way they walk or stand and even by listening to the concerns of the patients.
  2. They also use the therapies and exercises like hands-on therapy, stretching maneuvers and some instruments in order to ease out the pain of patient and increasing the mobility.
  3. They also have to educate the families and the patients themselves about what they should be really expecting from the during the recovery session from any injury and ways to cope up with what is about to come in the treatment techniques
  4. They must regularly evaluate the patient and their overall pro

What is physical therapist starting salary?

We all know that no job provide a lot of wage at beginning of the career and slowly with time and patience the salary increases. Though the initial amount of pay for physical therapist may be low but it is enough to pay your bills, in fact the starting salary of physical therapist is more than many other renowned professions in the country. The average amount of pay which newly assigned physical therapist should expect to take home is almost $66,000 in a year. Now this is not an exact pay figure which everyone with the degree in physical therapy is going to earn rather it an average of the salaries which were submitted via a survey. This pay includes annual bonus of $7,000 along with the yearly profit sharing of $10,000. The physical therapist starting salary is $57,000 in a year and the highest starting salary of the physical therapist can be $85,000 in a year.

The factors which highly influence the pay rate are the geographic region and the owners and type of the firm the candidate is linked with.

What is the physical therapist salary California?

With it is Sea world and fare share in Disney land, California is known to be one of the most famous and high populated states of USA. Definitely High population means higher opportunities. Does really a job like physical therapist in a California worth’s it? The answer is pretty much! The average salary for physical therapist in an hour is reported to be $45.28. The hourly physical therapy salary can be as little as $31.70 and as high as $60.91.  Something which plays a bigger role in the salary evaluation in California is the number of years of the experience. This is the evaluation of a survey which is conducted for the physical therapist in the state of California.

What is the Physical therapist salary Florida?

The average annual salary of the physical therapist in Florida is reported to be $83,570. At the beginning of career the Physical therapist earns around $54,210 and by the time they reach their efficiency and adequate level of experience they are most likely to earn around $122,240.

Talking about the hourly wage, the average hourly pay physical therapists tend to earn in Florida is $40.18. The least amount of pay which a physical therapist can earn in hour in Florida is $26.08 and the highest pay which was reported in a survey was around $58.77 in an hour. They pay can vary greatly due to a number of factors. In California the number of years in profession is very crucial and helps the candidate in earning better. The highest paid physical therapist in Florida has 16 or more years of experience. Besides that the geographic location also plays a big role.

Physical Therapist Job

What are the soft skills required for the profession of physical therapy?

Here are few attributes which must be part of your personality if you want to pursue this profession further:

1.     The skill of Compassion:

The skill of having compassion never go wasted no matter what profession you work in. A physical therapist must learn how to empathize with the patients they have to work with. A patient not only suffers physically but also mentally and this is something a physical therapist must understand.  PTs must motivate their patients towards the betterment and not just the patients but to their families too.

2.     Skill of good communication:

Communication is something that physical therapists have to do on daily basis. The physical therapist must know how to communicate well and give easy and understandable instruction like for exercises. They must also develop active communication with the patient and their family regarding the lifestyle that the patient must opt once the treatment is completed.

3.     Skill of humbleness;

Being humble can be learned from three things. The first one is when the physical therapist learns from all the errors that they have made professionally, this is the best way to mend those errors and work toward a successful career. The second way to be humble is to learn from the colleagues that you work with. When it comes to professionalism no matter how old you get you can still learn so many new things which you don’t know at first place. Especially in a field like medical, every new study emerges on the scene which changes the realty of so many things. The third and the last thing are to learn from the patients that you have treated. Because after all who knows better than the person who is suffering from the issue. Try learning from their experience and implement for the future use.

4.     The skill of flexibility:

Emergency situations can emerge in any time but are you really flexible enough to handle these situations easily? Whether it is about patients getting late, the computer system crashing or breaking of any instrument, a physical therapist must know how to make his way through difficult situations. Learn the skill of improvising as it will only push your career forward not backwards.

5.     The skill of patience:

It might be sure that you have other priorities on a weekend but so have the other patients. You might learn the skill of patience as it relieves your patients from pessimism. In fact some of the patients wait for months to meet the doctor and in all this time they keep on suffering with their illnesses. Be gentle and patient with them so that they can have a sigh of relive.

6.     Excellent motor skill:

You are the ambassador of what you work for. Being a physical therapist oblige you to have good motor skills so that you can treat the patient’s right. An efficient physical therapist knows when to provide the patient with manual therapy and when to accumulate therapeutic techniques during the treatment plan. They must possess strength for transferring patients from exercises to the equipment and not just that they must also learn how to coordinate the speed with balance for guiding the patients when the tread or exercise.

7.     The skill of coordination and strength:

This job requires from the candidates to be on their feet for a long part of the day. For multiple hours of the day the physical therapist have to work like lifting up equipment’s and weight and doing massages. For being the best at what you do it is very much needed to have good coordination skill so that not your and not the patient’s well-being gets compromised.

8.     The skill of science:

The field like physical therapist includes a heavy education linked with sciences. A good physical therapist knows how to reason, calculate, analyze and measure the data provided to them. They must know the ways of exact evaluation of the data provided to them about the patients so that they will be able to come up with most relevant techniques.

9.     The skill of observation;

Observation is one thing that physical therapist can’t leave behind in this profession as almost every treatment plans roams around this factor. The skill to focus on even petty detail can give your treatment a 10% success every time.

What is Physical therapist average salary in New York?

With its rushed up life and heavy population, there is so much New York is worldwide famous for. But being a physiotherapist really worth it there? The median pay that the physical therapist earns in New York is about $72,666 in a year. After spending 20 years serving for this field, the employees tend to change the field and move on to some other occupation. The bonus that these professionals tend to get in New York is as little as $10.67 and as high as $11,920 in a year. Talking about the hourly wage, the physical therapist can earn as low as $31.56 in an hour and as high as $51.15 per hour.

What is salary for physical therapist in Texas?

According to a conducted survey in the state of Texas, the physical therapist is reported to earn a sum of $67,329 in a year. This above quoted pay figure is just an average; the entry level physical Therapist salary Texas is $55,000 and for those professionals who have served 10 to 16 years in this field can earn $82,662.

Who is a sport physical therapist?

Sport physical therapists are those professionals who have to rehabilitate the group of athletes who have suffered from physical injuries of different types. The physical therapists have to diagnose and evaluate the condition of patient while a treatment plan is being implemented on them. The work of a sport’s physical therapist is quite physically demanding as compare to the other professionals of the field. This field requires the candidates to stand up for longer period of times and assist the patients.

What is sports physical therapist salary?

An average salary for sports Physical therapist in USA is evaluated to be $58,700 in a year. The bonus that is given to the sports physical therapist can be as low as $508 in a year or can be as high as $9,671 in a year. The rate of profit sharing for the sports physical therapist is in rang of $685 and $12,605 per year. The good thing is that the sports physical therapist are also provided with yearly commissions by the employers which is $4,786 depending upon their efficiency as a professional.

What is the physiotherapist salary football club in UK?

As mentioned above, sports physiotherapists treat the athlete patients who are suffering from any type of injury. The average pay of the physical therapists working in football club UK is reported to be in between 23,000 and 45,000 pounds.

Physical Therapist

What is the private physiotherapist salary in UK?

The salary in private practices can be very variable depending upon the efficiency of the doctor and the years of practices they have been in practice. According to a conducted survey in UK the average salary for physiotherapist lies in the range of 17,315 and 53,107 pounds.

What is the requirement of the physical therapist education?

Here is what you have to do for becoming a Physical therapist;

Before going into the practice, a physiotherapist has to earn a degree program in which they will be graduated. The degree is mostly completed in 3 years of time period. The degree program is formally known as Doctorate of Physical Therapy or DPT. The accreditation is done by an organization known as Commission of Accreditation in Physical Therapy. During the course of the program, students learn from both lab and class instructions. The lessons included in the curriculum are: evaluation and examination of the patients, the medical screening process, diagnostics and orthotics and prosthetics etc.

Before commencement of the DPT program, the candidate must have a bachelor’s degree with subjects like biology, chemistry, human anatomy, physics and physiology etc. however there are some educational institutes which tend to combine the doctorate and bachelor degree program. Having clinical experience a physical therapist learns how to develop interpersonal skills in this field.


Before starting the career, it is better if the physical therapist opt for the certificate. Every state has different requirement when it comes to the license. However each certificate requires a computerized multi-option National Physical Therapy Examination. This test is offered by the State Board of Physical Therapy. This exam has to be taken and by the candidate thrice in a year and every time the candidate must pass this exam in order to appear in later exam.

What is the physiotherapist starting salary in Canada?

Entry level jobs are great to have experience but when it comes to salary it is a bit disappointing. The median salary of an entry level physiotherapist is reported to be $49,174 inclusive of the bonus. According to the survey conducted in the Canada, if the professionals are good at annual therapy skill they might start earning handsome salary with in no time of their employment. Professional serving in Canada tends to move to other jobs after 15 years of working in this field.


What is physiotherapist salary Alberta?

Professionals working in Calgary Alberta are reportedly earning an average salary $$36.49 in an hour. This is however not an exact figure rather it is just an average, the candidates who just entered the profession may earn $51,064 in a span of a year. The experienced professionals can earn anywhere around $94,363. According to the same report, more than half of the professionals claimed that after serving 10 years to this profession most of the physical therapist move to some other job.

What is physiotherapist salary in Australia?

In a country like Australia, a physical therapist can expect to earn an average wage of $64,216 in a year. This job is recently upgraded and most of the professionals only have 20 years of experience in this field. Two of the skills that are linked with high paid wage are Physiotherapy and Musculoskeletal. In the beginning of career a freshly graduated physical therapist can earn as little as $51,039 and as the candidates get more experienced and efficient the pay scale tend to get as high as $93,931 in Australia.


The topic that we have talked about in this very article is Physical therapists and physical therapist salary. Physical therapists are highly qualified health care professionals whose main job is to treat the patients who mobility, pain or disability issues which hinders there day to day life. Their job is to save the patients from highly expensive and extensive surgeries and medicines. Physiotherapy provides the patient’s with longer term benefits and the patient learn to live an active live and thus gets cure by exercise and physiotherapy techniques only. The job provides the professionals with high end satisfaction and handsome salary. If you are really looking forward a successful career ahead, I will definitely recommend you to go through this article once and choose wisely!

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