Want to Know About Police Officer Salary Stats?

When it comes to law enforcement system, police officers definitely play a central part of it. They are the ones who have to monitor all the criminal activities going on in their city or town. Their main goal is to protect the public from any crime based harm. In this article we are going to guide you every single detail of this occupation. The job may sound fancy buy do you really know how much is the police officer salary? If you don’t, then keep on reading the article and get to know their annual income along with bonus.


So let us tell you about how to become police officer? There are many jobs that have to be done by police officer but their main job is to protect people and their property from crime linked individuals. They are required to patrol the areas which are assigned to them and the duties assigned to them includes law enforcements, making the arrests, responding to the calls, the entire jurisdiction, occasional testify in the court rooms and they also issue citations. Other than they are also required to make the traffic stop, responding to the domestic disturbances but all these activities are on occasional basis. At times they are also trained to provide the first aid to an injured individual who have met with a road accident before the paramedics arrive. A typical day in the life of police officer includes report writing, patrolling and filling out forms. In some states the police officers also serve as immigration agent and perform its duties.

Police Officer Salary

What are the skills that a police officer must have as part of his personality?

Following are the set of skills that must be a part of police officer personality:

The skill of solving Problems:

We know that a police officer is mostly considered as an individual who can actively solve crimes and also prevent them from re occurring in a society. There are many methods which are used by police officers in order to solve out the crimes occurring in a country like community related problem solving, using the SARA model (Scanning, analysis, response and assessment) and the problem affiliated policing.

The learning ability:

Being a cop you will always find new things to learn which can in return strengthen your role and position as a cop. A good police officer must know how to engage the civilians, formulate and write a good report, make the criminal arrest and to patrol the areas along with several other duties.

The skill of following orders:

It is obvious that no matter what job we are doing, we have to follow those unwanted rules which at times even we don’t want to perform. Whether it is about policing the boring areas or alarming those area that have high crime rate a good officer must be able to fulfill his given assignments right on time. Good police officer always maintains a level headed demeanor even if they are bored or scared of the given orders.

Effective communication skill:

A good police officer must have a strong grip on multiple communication skills. For example police officers must know how to write a good report which makes them to have strong grip on written communication skill

Skill of compassion and respect:

No doubt the job of a police officer is very difficult and they are the last person you want to see. Being firm must be a part of the personality of the police officer whether it is about giving a speeding ticket or arresting out a criminal. Besides that being police means the candidates must have love and compassion for all types of public.

The skill of adaptability:

The job of a police officer runs without routine as every day the police officer has to go for different tasks. For this reason police officers must be very flexible and adaptable. This will help them not only in the variable social climate and ever changing technologies but to also in the random new situations. Excellent police officer must be able to adapt, anticipate and also overcome the given challenges for providing good and real services to the community they are living in.

A skill of critical thinking:

There is no routine call when it comes to enforcement of law therefore the officer must be good at analysis of the facts, information and hypothesis given to them and must always make sound decisions. For resolving the issues and solving problems an ideal police officer must be able to think critically.

The skill of balancing work life:

Due to long hours of shift and extremely stressful work life, the health of the police officer can get affected greatly. A good police officer must find ways with which he can overcome the job related stress and anxiety. Through this he will be able to live a happy life at home.

Becoming de-stressed is not only good for the officer’s health rather he will also have a successful future career wise

The skill of empathy:

Empathy is that ability which makes one understands the feelings of the other people. This ability in you can also lead others to share with you their feelings. This can further lead for a deeper appreciation for what the other fellows are going through. By doing so, a positive interaction and communication can be done between the police officer and the encountered people.

These were some of the soft skills that must be a part of a police officer’s personality. By adapting this skill your chances will greatly increase for being hired as most of the employers in this job spectrum are looking for these skills in the candidates.

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What are the fields that are related to police officer?

There are several careers that are related to the field of a police officer. The education is the key factor which can help in choosing a career different from the police. If you have the finance and time than one tip for you is to purse a degree of criminal justice as it can lead to better opportunities. Here are some of the potent fields that are linked in one or other way with police:

Correctional officer:

The correctional officer works in the reformatories, holding centers and in jails. Their job is to look for the ones who are waiting to appear in trial and are arrested. The also oversee for the jailers who are waiting for the sentence of any sort. There is another kind of correctional officer who makes sure that there is full security in the courtroom and law and order is maintained. The number of job is expected to increase by 5% by the year of 2017. For this field the degree required is from high school. The candidate is also required to opt for any training police academy and they must also go for on the job training.

Forensic science technician:

If you share the love of research and investigation then this field is. There are evidences which you have to collect once you are given any case for investigation. The job requires the technicians to collect anything that is left as evidence on the crime scene like hair or fingerprints etc. these samples are then further analyzed in the laboratories. Basically forensic science technician helps in recreation of the crime scene just to help in crime investigation. This occupation typically requires a bachelor’s degree in forensic sciences. In rural or small towns the employers high the candidates on the high school diploma too because of the shortage of workers so check out the requirement in your area and apply. By the year 2020 the demand of this job is expected to increase around 20%.

Game Wardens:

If you are an individual who has police instincts derived towards wild life and nature than this occupation is the best suited for you. Game wardens are basically police officer for Mother Nature. The federal employers require a college degree from the candidates. As compared to this the requirements of state is a bit less stringent and you might be selected for this job by having a high school diploma too. If you want to increase your chances for acquiring this might get high if you have studied will life management course in college. Some employers also require a training academy certificate.

Security guards:

We all know who security guards are they are basically the ones who are hired for protection of the personal property. Typically a security guard position requires a high school diploma unless you are working in a casino or transportation Security Administration. As mentioned above different companies and individuals hire them for protection of vehicle, property and or even workers. Time to time there work tend to increase such as in shopping seasons at shopping malls. By the year of 2020 this occupation might increase to 19%.

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What are the educational requirements of the police officer?

There are certain prerequisites that a candidate must meet before opting for the job. Almost every state has the same educational requirement. Most of the employers use civil services regulations when they are hiring the candidates for the job. Here are some prerequisites for the job.

  • The candidate’s age must be at least 21
  • Be the local of the country they are living in
  • Does not have any prior conviction
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license
  • Must possess a high school diploma

There are a few departments that work beyond the prerequisites and requires from the candidates to complete psychological profile along with some college course work. Once the candidates are qualified for the position the police departments want the individuals to pass test from police training academy before they are assigned to patrol.

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The police academy training:

The training is a mandatory practice for every qualified candidate before they are set for a live work setting. In larger departments the fresher are placed in a training session that lasts for 12 to 14 weeks. They can however choose the academy by their own choice. The police officers who have to work for smaller agencies must go attend larger academies in their region or state. Some community colleges and or universities also provide this police training to the qualified individuals. A traditional training includes stamina exercises and regular physical training exercises. To be eligible for work, all the candidates must pass a written test along with physical examination for fitness.

The training for the fresh police officers includes a classroom setting coursework. If cases of young candidates who are below the required age of 21 appears and gets qualified for the job, then they have to perform simple tasks given by police department along with it they have to attend few classes till they meet the required age at which they will be given the street duty. Some common points of education that has to be covered in the police training academy are:

  • Education on civil rights
  • Education on the law based on constitution
  • The investigation of accident
  • The mental preparation of hostility
  • The norms of working and dealing with general public
  • Psychology of criminals
  • The reporting of the incidents
  • The local laws and state ordinance

Even though education is a must in every field, the practical implementation is very crucial for the new designated police officers too. Police job is one of the toughest jobs in the world and not just that it quite dangerous too and that’s why theses recruits need special training before ahead. The training officers during the training session keep on providing the recruits with work related experience. Following are some common subjects that are highlighted in the training session.

  • Assessment of risk
  • The techniques of self-defense
  • The education of first-aid along with CRP
  • The techniques of Apprehension
  • The art of role playing
  • The right and correct use of firearms
  • The ways of responding to the emergencies
  • The exact methods of controlling traffic in times of needs.


What is salary of police officer?

The salary of police officer is $49,808 per year. This is not an exact figure rather it’s the estimated average salary based on the performance and experience of the police officer. The bonus provided to the police officers is $8,970 in a year and the profit sharing is estimated to be $400 per year.

What is police officer starting salary?

The median salary that a police officer tends to receive in the beginning usually range from $26,600 and $49,500 in a span of a year.

What is the police officer salary California?

In a year the average police officer salary is $75,524. The salary might decrease or increase depending upon the years of employment and the efficiency of the candidates. The beginners in Los Angeles can also receive as little as $40,547 in a year. The bonus that the police officers tends to receive in a year is estimated to be around $1500

What is the police officer salary per hour?

The estimated salary of the police officers in an hour is $26. The range can vary greatly from as little as $21 and as high as $30. There are a variety of factors that can affect in one or the other way the pay a police officer’s get.

What is the average detective salary?

According to the surveys conducted by the Bureau of Statistics the average salary that a detective receives in a span of a year is around $75,720. The hourly median salary of the detective is $36.41. There is a 10% family of detectives who earned up to $122,290 in a span of a year and there is also another group who are earning only a sum of $$39,660 in a year.

What is the average salary of a firefighter?

The yearly salary of a firefighter in the United States of America is estimated to be around $46,870. In the beginning of the career the salary begin with a pay of $23,010 on a yearly basis and slowly rise up to around $79,490.

What is the cop salary with college degree?

Even though the post-secondary education is not a must thing for being a police officer but it can surely help you in moving up both salary and rank wise. The average recorded salary of the police officer who holds a college degree can be as little as $49,714 and as high as $54,741. The number of the years of experience can also help in elevating the pay scale of the police officer.

What is the police officer salary Florida?

The hourly wage given to the police officer in Florida is estimated to be $26.47. The range of the hourly wage of police officer begins from $17.31 till $40.80. the pay definitely vary because of certain factors like the geography, efficiency of the police officer and also the number of years he have served in being a part of the police department.

What is the police officer salary Scotland?

The salary that a police officer is most likely to receive in Scotland is 24,204 pounds in a year. After the training that is given to the new recruits is finished after 21 days the pay of the recruits is increased to 27,015 pounds. Once the police officer completes a span of 2 years with the department the pay is known to increase 28,584 pound. Good thing is after spending 10 years in the department the police officer tends to get 38,001 pounds. Keep in mind that this is just an average pay scale that I have mentioned here, the pay may differ from place to place and position to position.

What is the salary of police detective UK?

In a time of a year, the average salary recorded for the police detective in United Kingdom was estimated to be 38,311 pounds. The bonus that they receive from the job on a yearly basis is 7500 pounds.

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What is police officer qualification UK?

In UK there is no formal education required for the position of police officer. Rather the new recruits might have to complete a high level apprenticeship in order to enter this occupation. Apparently this position is open for graduate, HND qualification and for non-graduates too. There is a competency based test that is mutually agreed nationwide; this test is run by police force to local level in order to select the potent candidates.

Here are some steps included in the recruitment process:

  • The candidate must submit the application form
  • The interview and selection assessment day
  • The fitness or medical test
  • Security and the reference checks.

Almost all the training is completed during the job time but it can be very beneficial for them to to find undertaking postgraduate study as it can also lead to gain promotions.

What is Police officer salary UK?

The salary that the police officer gets in UK is around 19,383 pounds in a year. This is the average salary that is given to the police officer in the beginning of their career and with time it tends to increase.

What is police sergeant pay?

The police sergeant is paid 39,300 pounds in a year. This is not the exact amount which is paid to the every sergeant rather it’s the average pay which is based on multiple factors. The bonus which is given to them is around 2,373 pounds in a year.

What is Police pay scales hourly rate?

The hourly rate of the police officer is $13.69. The pay depends on the geography and work efficiency, the pay can go as high as $34.47.



Serving for the nation in any way is an honor in its self. The job that we have talked in detail is the job of Police Officer. The job requires active personality individuals who can participate in multiple tasks and mostly they are able to take the work stress. Among other excellent benefits the job provides the police officer salary is the one to consider to most. A high school diploma and the 21 week police training is the eligibility for this job, but the requirements tend to vary from place to place.

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