How Much Is The Project Manager Salary Around The World?

It becomes extremely difficult to earn a good livelihood in today’s world when there are so many choices to make regarding professions. Not every profession is high paying but it takes time to reach to that level when you are earning a handsome amount of money. Many people look for the profession of project manager but they are not clear about the criteria or the project manager salary. This profession has strength in it and it is one of the competitive jobs throughout the world. Here in this article I will discuss every minute detail regarding the project manager so that there remains no doubts anymore.

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Project manager job description explained in detail:

The work of a project manager is to take the charge of specific projects with a company. He is a man who plans the budget of the specific project along with looking at the documentation carefully. Projects managers are also attached to the members of upper management so that there is timely execution of the project at hand. A project manager can be either the in charge of team or he can work for himself. There are a number of departments where they can work like IT, marketing, human resources, construction, in the technical fields and in lots of others areas.

How much does a project manager make a year?

One cannot tell the exact project manager salary because their salaries vary according to their field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics say that it ranges around $80,000 to $90,000 in a year.

What are some of the project manager requirements?

The requirements depend on the type of work you want to do in the respective field but usually the project manager education required is a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field and the master’s degree for a higher level. PMP that is certification as a project management professional is also there for employees.

Possible careers available

After having this educational requirement, the possible careers for a person will be of associate project manager, new product development manager, project manager, assistant project manager, site manager, construction project manager and some others.

Job skills of a project manager highlighted

Leadership skills

There may be conflicts and tough time among the employees so you will have to resolve the gulf between workers by motivating them in every aspect.

Analytical skills

These skills are needed so that you solve the issues that arise during the routine work. It also needs the analysis of data and decision making affecting the project.

Time management

You have to be capable enough to deal the workers, management and the customers with multiple tasks assigned in the allotted time.

Math and budgeting

You have to maintain and keep the budget for the specific project in any filed. Mathematical skills are required for this work. In this way to have the record of your company’s money also.

Researchers show that women are great project managers

The research shows that women are more effective at senior level management positions as compared to males. They are best team builders because they are more willing to take calculated risks and this idea is supported by the new research done. They are more courageous to make changes where needed and are always looking forward to accept the change. However the females are chosen for smaller projects in comparison to their male colleagues. The project manager salary of female leaders should be equal to males.

Following are the Competencies found in female project managers:

  • They are more willing to take the initiative as compared to males working in the same field.
  • They are very honest and dedicated towards their work.
  • They show greater qualities of teamwork and collaboration
  • They are experts at analyzing any kind of issues.
  • They are enthusiastic about driving the results in less time.
  • They practice self-development in their work.
  • They have effective communication skills.

There is discrimination done on the part of women. Although they are better leaders than men, still they are not given the same opportunities as given to their male competitors. Even they don’t get high rewards for their excellent work. The misconception that women are less competent than men is the root cause for this discrimination. The gender disparity discourage females to enter the field of project management.

How much does a project manager make in UK?

The services of a project manager are needed in almost every country. In UK they earn handsome amount of money. So the project manager salary UK is around £62,000 annually. There are also additional bonuses offered to the workers based on their performance that becomes £4,000 supplementary. Although they don’t earn any commission but they make good money according to their working time in specific field.

Relationship between Job location and salary

When we talk about UK then one must know that the employee working in main areas of the country earns more as compared to workers in side areas. Their salaries may reach £70,000. Whereas in other regions the national average is around £62,000. It means that if the region is prosperous then you are fortunate enough to earn much more than usual amount.

How much does a project manger make in USA?

The average salary of a project manager is approximately $81,191 per year in United States of America. Project manager salary USA is increased depending upon your hard work. There is lots of potential in this job and one can reach to that highest level through efforts and dedication. You have the six figure salary in your lifetime through your senior status and post.

What counts in having a higher salary for project manager?

There are so many factors that contribute towards your higher wages.

Work experience is basic part

In the field of project management you work experience counts a great deal. You might have noticed that companies ask for the detail description of your work experience when you apply for the Project management professional certification. There becomes increased chances of higher project manager salary.

Always be willing to learn

Being an employee you have to be willing to learn with your specific field. Those who are willing to earn are always enthusiastic achievers. They aim at increasing their skills and educational experiences. They are engaged in self-study and take part in various learning events as well. On the other hand those you ignore this fact lag behind in the professional world.

What are the responsibilities and role of a project manager?

  • He is a person who is wholly solely responsible for the planning, controlling, designing and execution of a project. He has to be very efficient because he is one to get perfect output after the project.
  • He has to be very skillful and abilities to ask questions and resolve the issues that arise among workers.
  • He is also conscious to recognize the risk effecting the success directly. He himself has to measure the risk factors throughout the project formally or informally.
  • He should have good communication skills along with healthy participation to express about his opinions and thoughts. Only then he will be able to lessen the risk and ending with a successful project.
  • He should have strong decision making power at smaller as well as larger scale. His wise decisions will lead towards controlling the risk factor in any project. Each decision must benefit the project overall.
  • He should be in aware of the latest technology updates and should be able to use project management soft wares effectively. These software packages help to produce charts and project reports in short time as compared to the traditional time taking ways.

How the project managers avoid the most frustrating problems?

When you are working with a company then it happens that there is gulf among the employees and workers and that is quite natural. These are the common problems faced by a project manager.

  1. Team members are not aware of their responsibilities

Whenever the team members are seen not contributing towards the project then this leads to company’s loss. If you are capable enough to tackle the situation then the team will be stronger and cooperative.

  1. When the diligent personnel is pulled off the project at hand

A project manager has to be sharp minded because if the boss takes any decision of pulling off the effective team member then project manager has to play his role by convincing the members of the management that this project can become worse in the absence of that specific team member.

  1. Meeting with the deadlines

Make sure you deal with your deadlines well.  You have to give the deadlines for any project few days earlier than the actual dates. In this way there is lots of time to fix any of the problems. It is better you break the entire project into parts so that the management becomes easier.

  1. Scope creep

You must have the potential to deal with scope creep when the requirements are expanded during its execution. You can go for the change when it is seriously needed by strongly emphasizing to its request.

  1. Being aware of the every sort of potential problem

If you are a successful project manager then you should frequently meet with your team to check that whether everything is done timely or not. Avoid any kind of unnecessary team meetings that will save the time for extra work done on the part of your employees.

  1. Collaboration of team members at different locations

The technical limitations are the reason of failure of any project. Today there are so many new technical mobile collaboration tools available in devices which will help the workers collaborate online. Make sure your employees are aware of mobile collaboration tool and other tools.

  1. Lack of communication among members of a project team

You have to meet your team members regularly to check how the things are going. So that if there are any issues or tasks not properly understood then you can help them out.

project management person salary

What is the average salary of a project manager?

The salary of project manager varies depending upon the work experience and location. People start with consulting firms which prepares then perfectly for the future. However the average salary project manager ranges $74,000 to $100,000 which is calculated by the Bureau of Labor statistics in US. Apart from that, the average starting salary of a project manager is approximately $60,000 in the US.

What is the salary of project manager in Washington DC?

As we have talked earlier that salaries in prosperous regions are higher as compared to other areas. Washington DC is also a fortunate region for the people because average project manager salary Washington is about $98,000.

What is per month salary of a project manager?

The Project manager salary per month is approximately $8,100. It also depends upon the number of hours your work and your work experience as well.

What is per hour salary of a project manager?

The Project manager salary per hour is approximately $70. Your skills, experience and academic qualification will help you to increase your hourly wage.

What is the average Project manager salary in New York?

The approximate Project manager salary New York is $84,337. When we talk about the ranges then it becomes $73,782-$98,359. This range does not include the bonus and other benefits. The ranges may vary depending upon a number of factors. New York is a perfect place offering lots of career opportunities. That is why people prefer to work in such places.

Who is a Construction project manager?

The construction project manager is the one who plans and executes a number of projects that involve construction and maintenance of buildings, roadways and so on. He has the best concepts about construction. Other people who work side by side are workers, contractors and supervisors. He has to plan everything effectively and then report it to the owner. He has to take care that the project is completed within the estimated budget and allotted time. He must be capable of reading blueprints of buildings, building codes and other such things.

How much does a construction project manager make?

The average project manager construction salary is $90,000. There are bonuses included in the salary which makes it a good amount in a year. These are approximate figures calculated by the HR department.

Who is an IT project manager?

An IT project manager looks and manages all areas of IT projects. He has to ensure that the project is timely completed within the budget. He has all the information regarding technology and prepares the reports about the project. Bachelor’s degree is required to be an IT project manager. Normally 2 to 4 years of job experience is required for this job.

How much does an IT project manager make?

The approximate IT project manager salary is around $78,879. This figure is calculated by survey done by the HR department in the United States.

How much does a senior project manager earn?

The average senior project manager salary is around $150,000. The seniority is based of work experience and the skills of the manager. When the company is satisfied with his work then they give more projects to the manager and in this way there are enough chances of his bright future.

What is the salary of a project manager at entry level?

The project manager salary entry level in the United States varies and an average is calculated that is around $89,269. When the person becomes established then his salaries reach to $96,425 and it goes on the same way depending upon various fields. The size of the project is an important factor in determining the salary at an entry level.


What does Project management certification professional mean?

A project manager who has gained enough experience and has the responsibility to handle all the aspects of the project at hand, can go for the project management professional. It is a certification exam that you have to pass by attempting 200 MCQs. Time allotted for the test is 4 hours. The level of PMP has to maintain by earning 60 professional development units in every 3 years. A high school diploma or 4 years of degree is required for it. The candidates of PMP should have project management experience of working 4500 hours and in case you do not have a the bachelor’s degree then the number of hours will be around 7500 hours.

How much is the project management certification salary?

The project management certification salary in US ranges $81,191 to $103,048 in a year depending upon the seniority level you possess.

How much does a project manager in Malaysia earn?

A project manager who is working in Malaysia can earn good amount of money. Project manager salary Malaysia is around RM 97,500. The calculation in made under the employees in Kuala Lumpur.

How much does a project manager make in Canada?

Canada is a country offering opportunities to the dedicated project managers. The average salary is around $83,940. These are not the exact figures but calculated after a survey among Canadian employees.

How much does a project manager make in Australia?

The people planning to go to Australia for work would be glad to know that the salaries are quite high there. The average salary of a project manager working in Australia is around $115,482. This calculation is made though the employees in Melbourne.

How much money does an assistant project manager make?

An assistant project manager working in any field will have a different salary. For example when we talk about the construction field then an average salary of an assistant project manager of construction is $56,000 per year. Bonuses are included in the salaries that is why amount increases nicely.

Who is a pharmaceutical project manager?

A pharmaceutical project manager is the person who has the charge to see the upcoming products or check the repetition of the products existed. He has to assign the tasks as well as assemble the team working with him. He has to achieve his targets for the company.

How much do pharmaceutical project managers make?

A pharmaceutical project manager earns approximately $84,425 annually. There is not as such effect of experience on his salary. The salary ranges around $54,129 to $134,221.

How much is the scope of project manager these days?

Almost every career has some kind of scope that attracts the people to be a part of that career. When we talk about the scope of project manager then there has increased so much competition is this field. This field has become the highest paying one in various countries of the world. The courses and trainings also help to earn good salary.

At the international level there are so many career possibilities if you are looking for project management. Apart from males, females are seen working confidently in the field producing tremendous results than the men. The trend has to be changed because every individual himself creates the scope in his respective field. When we hear about the project manager salary then the first thing which comes in our mind is the increase in wages with increased work experience.

How the chances of promotion can be increased in project management?

If you want to get the promotion in your work then the easiest option is to go for the project management training. If you feel that your hard work is not being noticed by your boss then you have to highlight your additional skills and expertise. There will be some proof needed about your training program and then you are able to prove yourself in front of your boss.

Make sure you go for the project management certificate program that will prove the difference between you and the other employees. You will receive a project management certificate that you can show to your boss. It will give you a promotion along with increasing the project manager salary.


For a project manager, it is not that difficult to earn handsome amount of money. Always love your job and be sincere to it in order to prove your skills in front of your employees. Don’t be over ambitious otherwise success will run away from you.

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