Real Estate Agent Salary Stats Around The World {2018}

Earning money becomes fun once you get to work according to your skills. Whatever the earning may be in the beginning, there is always room for success after few years of employment. We are going to talk about a well- known profession in this article which is that of a real estate agent. Apart from how fun and challenging their jobs look like the real estate agent salary is also something you can look up to. Keep on scrolling down and know some interesting facts about their job outlook and salary all over the globe especially if you are thinking of pursuing it as career in the near future.


Deciding the career is one of the hardest things for a person to do especially if the person is a skeptical thinker. This is where we help you by giving you facts and figure for your dream job. For starters a real estate agent is a professional who is being licensed for representing the sellers and buyers in the transactions of the real estate. Mostly the real estate agents works under the super vision of a realtor or any real estate broker, these professionals that I have quoted about earlier are distinguished from real estate agents on the basis of some extra licensures and trainings. The real estate agent works completely on the commission that they have been given so basically their salary totally rely upon their ability to assist the close transaction and the clients.
Real estate agent works according to the duties that have been assigned to perform duties whether it is from the buyer or seller. Those real estate agents that work for the seller basically advise them the right way of pricing the house and also few tips which can increase the price and worth of house. Their main task around the sellers is to sell their house fast along with the ideal selling price of the seller’s desire. The estate agents for seller also market the property on a number of listing services. The real estate agent that works for the buyers finds location and property for their clients that match their budget and preference. A real estate agent working with buyers have to keep all the needs and requirements of the buyer in mind before showing them the property besides that they also have to keenly. A real estate agent can work with both buyers and sellers. The agents must disclose their representation clearly so that further inconvenience can be avoided.

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What is the real estate agent salary USA?

A real estate agent salary in USA is reported to be $45,737 in a year. According to the same survey many of the employees working as real estate agent tend to move to another job within 20 years of employment. The probable commission that estate agent gets $970 till $151,187 in a year depending upon the years of experience and the communication level of the professional. This is just an average and the salary varies from area to area. The range of salary lies between $25,064 and $115,882 in a span of a year.

What is the difference between real estate agent and real estate broker?

Though these terms may confuse but there is a potential difference in the work duties that these professionals perform. To be honest there are so many types and forms of real estate agents that even they themselves get all confused like real estate consultant, realtor, real estate sales person or real estate associate etc. all these afore mentioned forms lies under the same license so basically you can work in any type of career that is mentioned above as long as you have the license. A real estate broker can work as real estate agent but the real estate agent cannot work as broker unless he has the broker’s license.
A real estate broker possesses more information and education that the real estate agent in general but it is not the case always. Agents mostly work for the broker and the brokers can run their own business in the world of real estate.

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What is the real estate broker salary?

Now that I have given an insight of who exactly is a real estate broker, it is time to tell you what they actually earn being in this profession. According to a survey which was conducted earlier in 2017, the amount of earning of a real estate broker in countries like USA and Canada is estimated to be $56,045 in a span of a year. The salary varies with the set of skills that the person have. Skills like sales and operation management actually leads to high pay for the brokers. The bonus that they are most likely to get lies between $204.26 and $53,829 per year. The pay per year for brokers can be as little as $30,527 and as high as $ 151,067.

What is the real estate agent salary Texas?

With the southern accent and happy life approach, Texas is considered one of the busiest and friendly states of US. Have you ever wonder about the wage that a real estate agent gets working in Austin Texas? Well for starters the salary reported in a survey is around $23,080 per year. As the professional opt for more experience and licenses the pay can get as high as $132,980 per year.
The hourly wage that the real estate agent should expect to earn in Texas is as low as $11.09 and it can get as high as $69.93.
What a realtor earns totally depends upon their commission that they receive. At the beginning of the career, the estate agent earns very less but through the passage of time as the agent make stronger and excellent client base

What are the job responsibilities of the real estate agent according to his salary?

Apart from the realtor salary we are also going to talk about the job responsibilities of the real estate agent which they have to perform on daily basis. Here are some of the duties that a real estate agent has to perform:
They have to understand or determine the preferences of the clients and this comes up with the proposals that match their needs.
They must estimate the value of the property by comparing and analyzing the rate of market
They manage the auction and exchanges of the properties
They must update or maintain the property listing under their supervision
They must know the skill of marketing the real property to interested and possible buyers.
They must consult the clients on the condition of market, mortgages, price, related matters, and some legal requirements and last but not least they must know the act of fair and honest dealing with the clients. They should also know the in-between negotiation process.
They must know how to promote their services through advertisements, listing services and open houses
They must develop clos assistance with the mortgage dealers, contractors and also with attorneys
They must have the active knowledge about best practices and real estate market
The must know how to cooperate with the companies of escrow, home inspectors, appraisers and landers.

What is the real estate agent salary NYC?

New York is one of the most famous cities in the world which are also super populated to. Apart from this aspect, it is also known as hub for multiple employments ad the salary linked with these employments. One of those high paying profession is that of a real estate agent. The average real estate agent salary New York is reported to be $51,471 in a span of a year obviously this is not the exact amount that a real estate agent will get rather the lowest pay reported in this profession is $34,255 and the highest pay that the realtors are getting in New York is $190,628 per year. The commission that was reported in the same survey regarding the salary of the estate agent is $108,090 per year. The pay depends on so many conditions like the number of years a person serves being in this profession and the properties that they have transacted in their careers. There are also some set of skills which play a big role in the amount of pay that the professional is getting.

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How to become a real estate agent?

Now that I have talked about so many aspects regarding the profession of a real estate agent, however I have not talked about the right way and educational requirement for this job so keep reading and know if you are really trying to purse this career for your near future.
Here is a general requirement in order to qualify for the real estate agent
The age limit to apply for this program is at least 18 or 19 which totally depends upon the rules stated by the state the candidate is living in
The candidate should be the resident of USA and must have to citizenship
They must complete the required educational program in order to get eligible for the license
They must pass a state level test for real estate agent license in order to start practicing professionally

Step 1: ask yourself whether this career is the right choice for you or not?

Before moving or pursuing a career make sure to have all the ground and potential information that can help you in the decision making. A real estate agent mostly works for themselves and they have to handle all their professional tasks by themselves like management of office, handling of the paperwork, developing good and strong bonded relationship with the clients and other work related bodies etc. all you have to do is to visit any local realtor’s house and ask them bunch of questions which can be fruitful to you. Ask them questions like how day to day work of real agent looks like and also how long term career as a realtor works for them etc.

Step 2: you must know the requirement of the state license for the real estate agent

Before opting for this career make sure to check the pre-licensing requirement for the real estate agent. Each state has quoted their own set of laws for the license requirements so make sure to check the ones that is for your state. For convenience visit the real estate commission websites for your state and read the entire basic and technical requirement.

Step 3: Enroll yourself in the pre-licensing real estate course for the right education

We all know how important the education is when it comes to choosing the right career. There are a number of ways with of the help of which you can complete your pre-licensing education for being a realtor. Those ways include classroom arranged in the local real estate school, technical schools, reality firms, online real estate course and even at universities. Deciding which way you are going to take your course in is one of the most important decisions in your career making so choose wisely and always know the pros and cons. One piece of advice is to enroll in such a school that has quite good reputation, good student outcome, and provision of good quality content for education, have highly skilled staff. Also keep in mind that the education for becoming a real estate agent is a bit tougher, comprehensive and challenging that other career choices but it definitely worth it at the end.

Step 4: apply for the real estate salesperson examination

One of the things that you should keep in mind at this step is the timing of the test like in which month this test is going to be conducted. The test is highly specific to the state you are living in so make sure to follow the process of application according to your state. This step may also require fee from the candidate and not just that some state also requires your complete background check and fingerprints along with pre-license course for this test. These processes might take weeks to compete so make sur that you must be registered to take the test weeks before the day of test in fact in so many states it is a rule to submit all the requirements before enrolling for the test.

Step 5: successfully pass this test

You must realize that passing this test is way more critical than the rest of the test as it take determination and good quality preparation. Keep in mind not everyone pass this test at the beginning so it needs some extra hour studying. It is highly advisable to enroll in any prep class before taking the test so that you will have good preparation.
So here is the right procedure of becoming a real estate agent, follow the steps and opt your dream job.

What is the part time real estate agent salary?

It is a wise act to pursue a job for a short span in order to analyze your skills for that particular job. Real estate agent has a very tough job which need full on full commitment and a good sum of money which doesn’t allow you to have a good amount of earning in the beginning of the career. The average wage for that real estate agent who works only 20 hours a week is reported to be $8,550 per year. Keep in mind that the years of practicing works wonder for salary in this job and not just that the professional who have worked more than 16 years for this profession is reported to earn a sum of $73,400 per year.

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What is the real estate agent salary Florida?

The hourly real estate agent salary is summed up to be $17.21. This is not an exact amount rather the pay for the starters in this profession is reported to be $9.59 and for those individuals who have certain years of experience is reported to earn an amount of $54.37 in an hour.

What is the commercial real estate agent salary?

Before going in to the detail of this topic, I must tell you who exactly commercial real estate agent is. A commercial real estate agent is the one who serve as representative of the leasing and business properties. In a year the average wage of $64,951 per year. The more experience you have for this job the better salary you most likely to have. The range of salary lies between $34,888 and $197,737 depending upon the years of experience of the person. Some professional however are very intellectual.

What is real estate agent salary Michigan?

The hourly  real estate agent salary payment in the state of Michigan is reported to be $18.11, this is not an exact figure rather it is just a median. The pay selected for the beginners in this profession can be as little as $9.43 and for professional individual the pay may exceed to $35.10 per hour.
If we talk about the yearly salary, the average pay is reported to be $37,670. For fresh starter the salary is reported to be as little as $19,670 and for those who have been in this profession for sometims earn as much as $73,000 per year. So never miss an opportunity in form of client just to add up in your experience as this factor is essential for pay raise.

How much commission does a state agent make?

The basic commission that the estate agent is most likely to get after property transaction is 6 percent. The money is split by the buyer and seller’s broker. According to the same rule if the property is sold in $200,000 the realtor is going to get $12,000. The real estate agent must know the right skill of negotiation especially if the market is slow.

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What is the real estate agent salary Canada?

Real estate agent salary in country like Canada is an average of $60,000 per year. The strongest factor that highly affects the pay is the no of years of experience. According to the same survey many people move to other jobs once they have 20 years of experience.
At beginning of the career a real estate agent can earn as much as $34,765 a year and those agents who have few years of experience are reportedly earning $121,217 per year. The rate of commission for the realtor in Canada is $11,500 per year.


What is the salary for real estate agent in UK?

Real estate agent salary in a country like England is £18,212 in a span of a year.. Having experience of few years can help you big time in raising your pay. The real estate agents who have recently joined this profession can earn as much as £12,311 and those who are experienced should expect to earn as much as £40,323 per year


Everybody wants to go for their dream job, however pursing that dream often lead to some horrible realty experience. The job that I am going to talk about in this article is the profession of a real estate agent. If you still don’t know who these professionals are then remember one that the real estate agents are the ones who arrange the clients for you and help you in either buying or selling your property. The real estate agent salary is also higher than many other professions. For this profession it is a must requirement to opt for a license after completing the estate agent course. This job is perfect for those individuals who like challenging situation and are pretty much determined. The salary varies from place to place. I have also written some interesting facts regarding the real estate agent and their job.

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