Registered Nurse Salary Stats Around the World?

Nursing is one of the most honored and needed profession in the world. Nurses are usually the care provider for the patients. When patients are sick or wounded, nurses are usually the first one who addresses these people. So in this article we have talked about registered nurse. This profession is not only there for decades but the registered nurse salary is also worth noticing. Keep on reading this article and know every single detail about this profession if you really want to pursue it for the future.



So have you ever wondered how to become a registered nurse and what are they required to do? So here is the answer to your question. A registered nurse is the one who have completed the nursing education and passed out a nursing national license test. The registered nurses can take care of any type of group of patient whether they are infants or elderly patients. Although many hospitals require the nurses to have diploma and license in nursing some employers encourage the candidates to purse the bachelor’s degree in nursing. The registered nurses can also act as supportive and educators for not only patients but also for their relatives and their loved ones.

A majority of registered nurses look forward to get specialized in certain type of medical query or patients. For example the nurses who are to take care of the children are considered as pediatric nurses and the nurses who aim to take care of the elderly people specialize in geriatric nurse. Here some other types in which nurses can get licensed:

  • Psychiatric nurses
  • Rehabilitation nurses
  • Nephrologist nurses
  • School nurses
  • Trauma nurses

A survey that was conducted in 2010 demonstrated that there are around 3 million registered nurses present in USA. By the year of 2020 the demand of this occupation is known to increase by 26% in USA, this rapid growth makes this profession as one of the fastest growing occupation. There is a definite reason why the demand of this profession is growing. A good medical faculty along with advancement in medicine and medical services has contributed big time in increasing the life span of the patients and that is one of the reasons why a need of qualified nurses is increasing.

Registered Nurse Salary

Before you make the decision for being a nurse, there are some things you must keep in mind regarding this job. For example becoming a nurse means that you have to be in great shape, you have to work for longer hours by standing. You should be able to life heavy objects and you should bend easily. A nurse should have excellent communication skills and must also be good at organization of everything. Being matured both physically and mentally is also required in this field.

What are the types of nurses?

Basically nurses are categorized in 3 major groups. These groups reflect the responsibilities and education of nurses. Here are these three groups:

Registered nurses:

The registered nurses must possess a bachelorette’s degree in nursing which is a four years program. The education of the registered nurse is very comprehensive. They must have basic knowledge in areas like research assimilation, clinical practice as well as critical thinking. Their license actually makes them trustable in taking care of the complex needs of the patients which is impossible to cater by other form of nurses.

Registered practical nurse:

The nurses linked with this title must obtain diploma in practical nursing that is completed in 2 years duration. The education of the registered practical nurse is more focused as compared to the registered nurse. These nurses can cater less complex needs of the patients who have predictable and stable conditions.

Nurse practitioner:

A nurse practitioner is just like registered nurse except the fact that the registered nurse possesses a university degree. They can provide good quality and personalized health care to the patients. The nurse practitioners can work well in four different areas that are anesthesia, adult and pediatric care and primary health care. The average nurse practitioner salary is somewhat same as of the registered nurse in USA.

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What are different forms of nurses?

The Palliative care nurse:

Having a palliative care nurse for the patients who are in final years of their life is nothing but blessing. The palliative nurses make sure their patient goes through fewer sufferings and also maintain the life quality just as the final time to say good bye is near

The health nurse:

While applying for a job you are most likely to come in contact with these nurses. They are also known to run health care programs in their workplace. If by accident you get injured, the health nurse assists you for the immediate treatment possible.

The practitioner nurse:

They are known to provide comprehensive analysis to their patients. From diagnosis, condition and disorder they assess them all. Once the diagnosis is done they have the authority to start the treatment which include the therapeutic interventions, prescribe medications along with the management of healthcare.

Cancer nurse:

They are also known as oncology nurses. Whether you are being diagnosed with cancer or you are going through the treatment option, an oncology nurse is always going to be by your side. They are known to look after your health during this time and not just that they give their best to manage your condition.

The intensive care nurse:

If the patient is highly injured or in a critical position, an intensive care nurse seems like a life savior. They are known to provide the patients with hands on treatment. However they may require working late at night or even frequent weekend shifts as per the hospital policy.

The midwife nurse:

If you are planning to have your baby delivered nowhere but your house, than having a midwife nurse can be a blessing for you. They can prove to be fruitful if the new mothers or new born babies need hands on medical care.

The educator nurse:

They are mostly seen at schools, hospitals and at some other small communities. Their job is to teach some new medical techniques also the processes to the health care faculty of everywhere

The nurses for psychiatric ward, mental health and addiction center:

These nurses take care of the patients who have been diagnosed with any mental condition or the ones who have gambling, alcohol or drug addiction. These nurses are high in demands in clinics, hospitals and schools.

The clinical observer and interviewer nurse:

Have you ever participated in any clinical study that is organized for any healthcare process or for new medicine? The person who takes cares of you in all of this procedure is the clinical nurse.

The nurse for the retirement house:

We all know that the retired and old fellows need a bit more health care than the other patients. The geriatric nurses are more qualified than the other nurses as they not only cater for the health related issues they also provide the patients with emotional care.


What are the skills that you should be present in the personality of the nurse?

Here are some of the skills and registered nurse requirements that must be a part of the nurse’s personality:

Emotional strength:

We all know that nursing is quite a stressing job which is highly vulnerable to the traumatic situations. I mean doesn’t it seem frustrating that you are accepting sufferings and death right in front of your eyes and you have to accept this fact without taking it personal. Nurses have tendency to feel gloomy for a longer period of time. Not just that the nurses also go through some heart-warming moment in their career too but as per the requirement the nurses should have a good grip on their emotions. They should not demonstrate their emotions while on shift

Communication skills:

Having a good communication skill is one of the basic necessities for any career. When it comes to nurses, this skill is one of the utmost requirements of the job. The nurses are required to have excellent communication especially the listening and verbal skills. Based upon the patients and the team’s feedback, they can effectively communicate with the patients and their loved ones.

A good nurse should be able to advocate their patients in front of the team of doctors and not just they are also able to anticipate the needs of the patients.


Flexibility as a part of the personality is always a good option. An efficient nurse is pretty flexible when it comes to working hours and responsibilities. Just like doctors, nurses are also required for long hours of overtime, late night shifts, weekend shifts and also overnight shifts.

The skill of empathy:

A good nurse must have empathy towards the suffering and pain of the patients they are taking care of. They must be able to provide the patient with compassion along with comfort. As mentioned before a nurse works like an advocate of the patient, so basically they are requiring from the nurses to be gentle, soft and sympathetic towards them. Believe it or not a sympathetic nurse can improve the patient’s duration in a hospital and also it can be a good remark in the overall feedback that the hospital receives.

Attention towards the finest of details:

We know that each step in the field of medical might have far reaching after effects. A good nurse must be attentive toward each of the detail and must be pretty careful and not forget any single step.

From analysis of the chart of the patient to remembering details, a good nurse does not leave anything on chance. A simple mistake if made by the nurse can even lead to death of patient. So attention can actually mark the difference of life and death.

Good endurance:

Standing for long hours of the day, constant physical tasks, doing a good number of taxing maneuvers and lifting out the heavy objects are basics of the life of a nurse. A good nurse should be able to maintain her energy all day long. So for keeping up with the job life nurses should eat healthy, maintain a healthy lifestyle and must stay strong both physically and mentally.

Good interpersonal skills:

The fact that nurses act as a bridge between patients and the doctors is not hidden from any one. So this is the reason why a nurse must possess excellent interpersonal skills. A good nurse must be able to work well in every situation with different types of people. Ideally a nurse who possesses this skill can work in a more comfortable manner with doctors, nurses and other members of staff.

Skill of respecting others;

Good nurses respect the rules and also their patients. They must know how to respect the privacy of the patient along with the staff of the hospital. One must know that if the nurses respect the patients they get respect in return too.

Quick at responding:

Nurses should be efficient in responding fast to every emergency and situations. Healthcare department is fund of facing emergencies on daily basis that makes the nurse to be always prepared for the unexpected situations.

The skill of solving issues:

Efficient nurse must address the problems even before they arise. We know that t hospitals have to go through sick patients, emergency cases and traumatic cases every day; this means that the nurses should be on hand for solving the tricky issues. Whether it is about soothing the patient, handling out the family, dealing with the doctor or managing the staff possessing a problem solving skill always prove to be fruitful.

Nurse Salary

What should be the registered nurse education?

Here are some steps of qualification information of registered nurse:

Graduation from high school:

For being a nurse, on must have a high school diploma on hand. The courses that are helpful in becoming a graduate nurse are biology, psychology, English and math. If you go for advance placement classes like for physiology and anatomy, it can be extremely beneficial for your career.

Finish up a nursing program:

There are three different options as qualification of registered nurse. First option is to go for the diploma in the nursing. Diplomas are usually run by hospitals and are three years long. The bad thing about this is that it can postpone the advancement in the career when compared to the ones who hold a degree.

Second option is to go for an associate or bachelor’s degree in nursing. Associate degree program in nursing is offered by several community colleges and can easily provide the candidates with data entry nursing job in nearby hospitals. Once the degree is completed the graduate is eligible to take the license tests for getting registered. You can also skip the associate degree and right after high school go for 4 years bachelor’s degree in nursing also known as BSN.

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Taking the license test:

All the nurses are required to pass the Nation Council Licensure Examination.  This test is further counseled by the National Council of State Board Nursing. The test is taken to assess the candidate’s health promoting skill, care management, physiological and psychosocial integrity, basic care and several other features. The requirement however varies with each state.

Registered Nurse

What is the salary of a registered nurse?

The average salary of the registered nurse in a year is expected to be $66,640. The figure of pay may vary according to the experience and education of the nurse.

What is the registered nurse salary California?

The median salary calculated in an hour for the registered nurse in state of California is around $38.28. People linked with this job do not have more than 20 years of experience. The registered nurses affiliated with oncology are considered to be earning a bit more than the others. The hourly tip of this job is around $5.63.

What is the Registered nurse salary 2016?

As per the report of U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of the registered nurse in 2016 was recorded to be $66,640. The annual bonus recorded for this job is $6,024 and the range of profit sharing is $4,869

What is the registered nurse salary Florida?

The hospitals in Florida are paying the registered nurses are around $61,780 in a year which is lesser than the national average pay rate of registered nurses. The weekly wage that was calculated for this profession is around $1,188.

What is the registered nurse salary 2017?

An experience registered nurse that possesses an experience of 10 or 20 years should be an average of $68,000 in a period of year. The profit sharing was calculated to be $4,869 and the bonus given to the candidates are calculated to be $6,024.

What is the registered nurse salary UK?

A newly qualified registered nurse is paid 22,128 pounds in a year to 28,745 pounds. As the nurse gets experience in their field they are then paid 26,565 till 35,577 pounds in a year. The most senior registered nurse are paid 31,696 pounds a year. The pay varies according to the performance of the candidate.

What is registered nurse salary Canada?

According to the latest survey conducted in Canada, a registered nurse is earning around $41.90 in an hour. The candidate can expect to earn $65,000 – $75,000 in a year based on their qualification, experience and efficiency.

What is nurse practitioner salary?

According to the surveys a nurse practitioner is expected to earn a rough sum of $91,000 in year. Not just that the nurse practitioner annually get the bonus and profit sharing of $12,000 a vast majority practicing this job are of women than men. Most of the employee gets health benefits and almost all of them also receive dental care. All the registered nurses who took part in this survey showed a high level of satisfaction toward their job and also pay that they receive.

What is the certified registered nurse anesthetist salary?

The median annual salary of the certified registered nurse anesthetist is around $135,568. The profit sharing that people associated to this profession receives is around $27,369 and the bonus that they are given is $12,584.

How much do nurses get paid in England?

The average registered nurse salary in England is around 26,380 pound in a year. This is one of the most highly paid jobs in UK. The pay might increase or decrease depending on some of the factors like experience, geography and the qualification.

How much do nurses get paid in an hour UK?

The registered nurse gets paid 13.39 pounds in an hour. The amount of pay varies with experience.

What is Registered nurse salary Texas?

In Dallas, Texas the average pay of the registered nurse in an hour is around $29.87. The experience and the type of organization the registered nurse are linked with have the greatest effect on the amount of salary. The candidate who took part in this salary questionnaire has showed a high level of job satisfaction. Almost 86% of the participants were women. The bonus that the nurses receive in Texas is almost $14,681 in span of a year.

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Having a job that is linked with health care department is a blessing in its own way. The job that has a great deal of impact on the whole health care system is nursing. No doubt the job of nurse is pretty hectic and difficult where one has to stand all day long and attend the emergency situation. In order to have good salary structure the nurses are required to pass a license test that will make them registered nurses. In this article we have talked in great detail about this profession especially the registered nurse salary. The pay that they receive is more than many other professions linked with health care department. We have mentioned all the job duties that a nurse should complete in a course o a day.

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