Respiratory Therapist Salary Stats Around the World?

Thanks to the advancement in Science especially in the field of medical, we have been gifted with so many occupations which weren’t there few years back. The job that we are going to decipher today is known as Respiratory therapist. Most of you might not know much about this field, so let me give you an insight on this topic. Furthermore the respiratory therapist salary is also worth mentioning. Keep on reading and you will know almost everything that you need to know.



The occupation of Respiratory therapy is growing on a very fast rate. A respiratory therapist is a professional who take care of those patients who find breathing difficult due to any form of illness like asthma, respiratory diseases or emphysema. They are also known to provide the emergency care to the patients suffering from heart attack, stroke, drowning or shock. Many of the professionals work in the hospital and others may work in the faculty of nursing; some of them also work in the travel to patient’s homes.

Respiratory Therapist Salary

There is a wide age range of the patients who receive the medical care from the respiratory therapists. From the premature babies to the elderlies they treat them all. Usually the respiratory therapist has to work under the supervision of a physician. As mentioned earlier the respiratory therapist diagnoses evaluate and treat a wide range of breathing associated disorders. They are mostly given the choice to choose a treatment plan for the patient.

Here are the job duties of respiratory therapist:

  • Testing the lung capacity of the patients.
  • Testing the respiratory system related diseases
  • Examination test result and identification of the problem
  • Thoroughly examining and interviewing the patients regarding respiratory ailments
  • Extraction of mucus and other fluids from the lungs of the patients.
  • Determination of the treatment plans under the supervision of the physician.
  • Providing the instruction to the patient regarding the usage of inhalers and other respiratory tools.
  • Providing emergency care to the patients who are facing ceased breathing issue
  • Taking out the physical obstruction from the airway of the patient.
  • Providing the patient with education regarding the lung related diseases and its prevention
  • Analysis of the oxygen content and other gasses in the
  • Testing the lung capacity of the patient

What are the tools used by the respiratory therapist?

Here are some of the tools that are used by the respiratory therapist:

1.     Volumetric exercisers:

These are the devices which are known to measure the lung capacity of the patient. The patients are usually requested to breath into a tube. These devices also help the patient in practicing lung strengthening exercises.

2.     The suction devices:

If a person is suffering from the excessive fluid in the lungs like in pneumonia or in internal bleeding patients. A suction devices pumps out the fluid and thus enhances the breathing abilities of the patients.

3.     Asthma Inhalers:

These are small medical instruments can be easily used by the patients on their own. The purpose of these devices is to provide a dose of medication which is inhaled by the patient and as a result it opens the airways and prevents the frequent attacks of the asthma.

4.     The Gas in Blood Analyzer:

These are computerized measuring devices are used to indicate the oxygen level in the blood of the patients. If the oxygen level is below the threshold limit then this might indicate the problem with intake of oxygen in the patient.

5.     The ventilators:

For those patients who find it difficult to breathe on their own as their lungs are very weak, ventilators act as oxygen provider and thus keeps them alive. Ventilators basically pumps oxygen to the lungs and keep the body alive. Mostly doctors use this device when the patient is in the state of coma as long as the loved ones of the family wish the patient to be alive.

What is salary of respiratory therapist?

So apart from the job description and duties assigned to the respiratory therapist have you really thought about the earning that they make? The average salary of a respiratory therapist is evaluated to be $25.10 in United States of America. The pay varies from state to state and has some slight difference according to the geographic region a therapist belongs to.

Other than that the company for which the respiratory therapist works also affects the amount of pay they are getting. The vast majority of employees have showed high end satisfaction with their job and the employers they are working for. Besides the pay, hourly tip for the respiratory therapist was recorded to be around $8.33 in an hour.

What is the Respiratory therapist salary Texas?

Moving from one state to the other, if you are living in Texas and want to go further ahead with this career, it is a must for you to know what can be your potential salary being in this profession. The average salary for a respiratory therapist is calculated to be $56,195 in a span of a year. Amazing thing is that this salary is almost 2.2% higher than the average national income provided to the government linked employees. The national evaluated average salary is $55,000.

What are the educational requirements of respiratory therapist?

Before going for this field one must have a clear as a glass view about the educational program of the respiratory therapy. As this occupation is slowly becoming the highest demanded profession, most of the colleges and universities began including this program into their curriculum. So let me elaborate to you a guide of instructions in order to get the degree of a respiratory therapist.

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 The crucial information:

For being a respiratory therapist one must possess at least an associate degree however some opportunities might require additional schooling. Many states in USA demands the respiratory therapist to be licensed and in order to get it one must have 1 of 2 certifications.

The academic requirements:

A typical respiratory therapist start their career after having an associate’s degree however having a master’s or bachelor’s degree is more fruitful and also provide one with better professional opportunities ahead. The essential courses include biology, chemistry, physiology and anatomy. Some colleges do require the students to opt for these courses as prerequisites of Bachelor’s degree; the candidates must obtain good GPA in the previously mentioned courses so that they can be selected for the bachelor’s degree program of respiratory therapy.

Some additional course teaches the respiratory therapists some procedures that they have to use while practicing the job.  These procedures include pulmonary rehabilitation and diagnostics of cardiopulmonary. The most crucial requirement of some programs is the clinical experience of the candidates. This enables the students to perform an internship under the supervision of a licensed or registered therapist. Students must obtain the accredited programs either from CAAHEP that is also known as Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs or from CARC which is also called as Committee on Respiratory Care. If the candidate acquires accredited program then and only then they have eligibility for the certification examination.

The requirement of a license in this profession:

Most of the states require a respiratory therapist to own a license. Mostly the requirements for the licensing are the age limit and some back ground checks. The respiratory therapist has to be certified from the National Board of Respiratory Care or NBRC. This organization offers 2 certificates: the 1st one is known as CRT or Certified Registered Therapist which is available  for the candidates having a minimal of associate degree, the certification exam’s topics usually includes quality control, patient care and the handling of equipment’s.

The second certification is known as RRT or Registered Respiratory Therapist. CRT certificate is very much needed if the candidate is opting for the second certificate. Besides that the individual has to meet the experience and educational requirement and has to pass 2 exams. The topics included in the first exams are procedures and data and clinical analysis. The topics for the second exam are clinical situation live simulation which can possibly be faced by a respiratory therapist in his life.

Who is a registered respiratory therapist?

The registered respiratory therapist is a certificate as mentioned earlier for the practitioners of respiratory techniques. In order to pass this certificate exam the candidate must possess certificate of Certified Respiratory Therapist.

Respiratory Therapist

What is registered respiratory therapist salary?

The registered respiratory therapist salary is calculated to be $24.75 per hour. This is just an estimated salary which may vary due to some factors. The lowest salary that was calculated $38,531 and the highest evaluated salary were estimated to be $72,283. The bonus for this job was estimated to be $5,034.

What is the respiratory therapist salary NY?

Living in a metro city like New York means that one must be involved in a well-paid job. But having a profession like respiratory therapist really pay the bills? The average salary for New York is $34.62 in an hour that makes it $71,497 in a span of a year. Most of the employees associated with this job are provided with the medical and dental coverage. If the candidate works overtime as shift then they are most likely to earn a sum of $50.57

What is respiratory therapist salary Florida?

Orlando in Florida is the 73rd largest city of the world, keeping in view of this fact having a handsome salary is a must in order to survive in this metropolitan city. Speaking of the salary the average salary that is being paid to the respiratory therapist is evaluated to be $25.31 in an hour. With allowance and profit sharing the total annual salary of the respiratory therapy can go as little as $35,745 and as high as $63,274.

What is respiratory therapist bachelor’s degree salary?

If a respiratory therapist has acquired a bachelor’s degree in respiratory therapy program, the pay that they receive in an hour is calculated to be $24.

What are respiratory therapist similar professions?

Here are 6 careers that a candidate can opt if they possess degree of respiratory therapy.

1.     Adult Critical Care specialty:

The registered respiratory therapist if gain experience in the intensive care unit for couple of years. Though the experience is not the only thing which is needed, one must also go for the trainings and complete set of education.

2.     Neonatal Respiratory therapy specialist:

The need of a specialist who can take care of pregnant ladies and the premature babies in the affluence stricken countries is growing day by day. Some diseases like asthma and allergies in kids require the neonatal respiratory therapist to provide treatment plans and urgent care to the babies right away.

3.     The home care registered respiratory therapist:

The patients who are considered untreatable in the hospitals and need prolonger care; the registered respiratory therapist is the specialist who is very much needed for these patients. Patients having sleep disorders definitely call the respiratory therapy specialist. Here are some of the duties of home care registered respiratory therapist:

  • The inspection of the home where the patients are kept for the sake of ensuring safe environment.
  • They also install and educate about the equipment linked with sleep apnea to the patients
  • Frequent and regular visits to the patients who are house bound and rely totally on mechanical ventilation.
  • Suggesting amendments in the therapy, quoting the progress, and providing answer to the caregivers is the everyday duties that has to be fulfilled by the respiratory therapist.

How to become respiratory therapist UK?

In 2015 the Education of Health made the course of respiratory therapy its part. By January 2015, the health education and respiratory education were joined into an integrated study. The master’s Program in the Respiratory therapy consists of 7 modules. It is part of education program now.

One can even initiate with the nursing degree and then further graduate in the respiratory therapy. All the coursework at UK are science based. Some subjects that are taught in respiratory therapy are patient management and the diagnostic procedures.

What is respiratory therapist salary Ontario Canada?

The average salary of the certified respiratory therapist salary Canada is estimated to be $63,456. The salary given to the respiratory therapists depends on many factors like geography, numbers of years of experience and the efficiency of the respiratory therapist. The lowest salary for the respiratory therapist is evaluated to be $56,529 and the highest salary was recorded to be $69,427 in a year.

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What is the respiratory therapist salary Quebec?

The salary of respiratory therapist at Quebec Canada is reported to be $31.49. The salary can vary depending upon the education and experience of the employee and not just that the working ability of the person also influence big time. The highest salary reported for this job is $41.24 and the lowest salary is $23.34.

What are the respiratory therapist schools Canada?

Following are the accredited schools for the degree of respiratory program:

  1. College de Valleyfield
  2. CCNB-Dieppe
  3. College de Rosemont
  4. Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology
  5. Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced learning
  6. Cegep de I’Outauais
  7. Canadore College of Applied Art and Technology
  8. SAIT
  9. Clair College
  10. New Brunswick Community College
  11. Dalhousie University School of Health Sciences
  12. Northern Alberta Institute of Technology NAIT
  13. Thompson River’s University
  14. Vanier College
  15. The Michener Institute of Applied Health Sciences
  16. University of Manitoba
  17. Fanshawe college of Applied Art and Technology

What is the respiratory therapist salary Manitoba?

The average salary of Respiratory Therapist in Manitoba is stated to be $46,188 in a span of a year. The salary can go as down as $32.000 and it can go as high as $$65,000 depending mostly upon the experience of the therapist.

What are the skills that must be present in a good respiratory therapist?

Here are some of the skills that must reside in the personality of a respiratory therapist if they really want to be successful in terms of their career:

1.     Attentive towards details:

While the procedures go on, the respiratory therapist should not only monitor the patients but also the machines that are being used specifically for the patient. They must understanding every indication that the machine gives, no just that they must ensure the safe and correct delivery level and also that about the proper working of machines.

Good respiratory therapist follows the orders of their supervisor very carefully for the safeguard of the health of patient. They must also fill out the charts of the patients regarding the procedures and treatment provided to them on almost daily basis.

2.     Good communication skills:

They must possess excellent written and oral communication skill as they have to comprehend the illnesses on daily basis. They must also be able to have good communication with their coworkers too. The job of the respiratory therapist totally rely on the fact that they have to actively listen to the patient and take time out to understand the situation of their patients because if they don’t listen then their patients might suffer badly with the consequences. Other than that they must also speak in loud and clear manners so that they will be able to establish good communication with their patients and they would be able to understand every instruction that the respiratory therapist gives

3.     The skill of reasoning:

For excellent patient care the respiratory therapist must be able to perform the deductive reasoning and must also be able to apply the principles of science for the proper treatment of the patients. In some scenarios the respiratory therapist must also know how to use the inductive reasoning skill and not just that they must know how to combine the facts related to the patient’s history of illnesses which might not appear linked to the conclusion at first.

A good respiratory therapist must know the consequences of every treatment plan they suggest for their patients especially when things can take the wrong turn depending either on the environment or the condition of the patient.

4.     Punctuality and time management:

Like every other job, the job of a respiratory therapist requires a lot of punctuality. One must be able to manage time well so that none of the patients are left behind and the respiratory therapist is able to accomplish everyday goals. They must equal time to regular patients and must reach the work destination on time.

Respiratory Therapist Job

What is the respiratory therapist salary in Texas Dallas?

According to a survey that was conducted in Dallas Texas, the average salary of a respiratory therapist is reported to be $27.98 in an hour. The pay can get as low as $20.92 for the entry level employees and for the experienced workers the pay is reported to be $34.30 in an hour. If the employees wish for the overtime, they can earn up to $17.00 extra. Keeping in view salary for an hour the respiratory therapists can earn as low as $42,052 in a year or as high as $73,288.


The job that we have discussed today is the job of a respiratory therapist. There have been so many career opportunities inked with the field of medical which wasn’t even there few years back. Respiratory therapists take care of those patients have some sort of breathing issue like asthma or patients on ventilators. The job requires certification and at least an associate degree from the candidates. Most of the employees have shown high end satisfaction with this job and their employers. The respiratory therapist salary is also worth mentioning which is quite good depending upon the work structure. This is the kind of job which is slowly getting in demand and by 2020 the opportunities will double up.

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