Ultrasound Technician Salary Stats Around The World {2018}

Science has advanced quite a much in the past few years and that advancement lead to several new opportunities for the interested candidates. In this article we are going to talk about the job outlook of an ultrasound technician. You will get to learn so many new things including the job outlook, educational requirements and above all the ultrasound technician salary. If you are willing to excel in this career then keep on reading and know what you don’t.



Most of the people when think of ultrasound tech, they visualize what they see on shows at television, ads or movies. On TV ultrasound is mostly used to give peek of an unborn child to the parents. For most of the people, this is the utmost utilization of an ultrasound. What you don’t know is that there is much potent and powerful uses of an ultrasound than you know. Ultrasound technicians are also known as sonographers in other term, they play an important role in diagnosis and evaluating a great range of medical issues in the unborn or newly born child or in adults and elderly patients.

Ultrasound Technician Salary

What does an ultrasound technician do?

An ultrasound technician is specialized to perform different diagnostic techniques for identifying ailments in patients related to soft tissues and organs. An ultrasound technician must be able to perform different types of procedures and examination on the patients. Mostly the sonographers work alone or with the assistance of a nurse. Luckily the scope of sonography or ultrasound is increasing day by day and not just that in coming ten year the pay rate for sonographer will drastically increase.

There are different specialties for a field of ultrasound like ophthalmic, vascular, abdominal, breast, cardiac, OB/GYN or interventional etc. the skills of the ultrasound technicians are highly specialized and are needed the most in the world of medical. Students studying ultrasound technology can pursue the career in a variety of niche that suits their abilities and skills. For most of the other careers there is not much wide range of opportunities for personal satisfaction.

What is ultrasound technician salary?

Now that I have told you a little about the ultrasound technology, it is time to tell you what you can potentially earn being employed with this career. The average ultrasound technician salary or sonographer salary USA according to survey is $25.91 per hour. This is not an exact scale rather it is just a median of range of pay for the ultrasound technologist. According to the same survey many people move to another field or career after spending 20 years in this field. Expertise in the skills like OB/GYN, cardiology and abdomen can potentially increase your pay rate drastically.

What is the ultrasound technician salary in UK?

The range of Ultrasound Technician Salary in UK is recorder to be £35,000 for the entry level technologist who has just begun their job and for the more experienced candidates the pay is estimated to be as much as £40k to £60,000 per year.

What are the skills required for being an ultrasound technologist?

For excelling in a career you must have strong grip on certain skills that are utmost requirement of that field. Just like that the field of ultrasound also requires the candidates to have the following set of skills:

1.    Excellent interpersonal skills:

Often ultrasound technicians have to work with patients who are in some sort of complicated situation, these patients might be going through a lot so they might be in a lot physical or mental discomfort at this point the sonographers should have friendly approach toward them. They must be calm and living so that the patient should be mentally aided and do not feel sad or dis hearted. Their overall demeanor should be so stable and calm that it should emotionally support the patients under difficult circumstances at clinic or general hospitals.

2.    Excellent technical skills:

No matter where you work, technical skills will never let you down. Similarly being a ultrasound technician, one must have strong technical skills. Ultrasound technicians have to operate the computerized equipment every single day which is hard and complex for a normal person even for doctors themselves. A good sonographer knows all the technical aspects of those machines that they equip on daily basis so that those will be used with maximum potential and efficiency. Ultrasound technicians should be well informed about the advancement in machinery used by them because the science is coming up with upgraded equipment almost every year. So it is important for them to be linked with what is going on in the outside world.

3.    Good writing skills:

Do you know that thousands of patients die every year because of the poor writing skills of medical staff? Even if you don’t know that have excellent and understandable writing skill is a must for very professional out there. During the ultrasound technician school years right after competing at the exam, a sonographer should take the ultrasound images and send it to the medical staff for evaluating their efficiency. The sonographers should also send a written report alongside which would technically comprehend the finding. These writing skills also depict how much command a technician has over the technical terms and how much knowledge he has for this field.

4.    Good grip on hand to eye coordination:

An efficient ultra sound technician must know the techniques and hacks to move the ultrasound machines along the body of the patient in such a way which produces excellent quality imagery. The technicians have to keep using the devices while keeping eye on the monitor watching the internal system of the patient. So, having a good grip on hand to eye coordination will make them attentive towards minute issues too.

5.    Good focus and attention required about the details:

A sonographer must be super attentive to even the slightest details of patient. They must be able to follow the instructions of the machinery they are operating so that the ultrasound images should be perfect and give off clear depiction of what is going on with the patient. A clear or vibrant image will help the doctors to diagnose the ailments correctly and thus treating them. Being a future sonographer you must know that even a slightest mistake in ultrasound can potentially kill somebody.

6.    Lots and lots of stamina:

Being linked to the medical world, every professional in this area should have a lot of stamina as you have to work for long extended periods. Being a sonographer, you must know that this is no front desk job which requires the professional to get lazy during the working hours. You have to work on your feet for long duration of the day. Sometime the ultrasound technicians even have to shift the patients on and off the examination table. If you are a person with lots of potential and energy I will highly recommend you to pursue this career, but if you are a lazy person who gets tired way easily then don’t go for it!

7.    Good management skills:

Time management is very important for the sonographer because if you lacked in this area then your workload will get so much causing you to bail out. A typical sonographer day is super busy with responsibilities and appointments. They must be able to manage time well so that they can meet up with the patient schedule actively. In general hospitals sonographers have to confer meetings with the physicians daily, delaying on patients just because you cannot manage time will give a bad out look of you professionally.

8.    Good and friendly attitude:

Having good terms with the other members of staff is very important for excelling in this career. No matter how cranky or upset you feel, try to show a positive attitude and a smile on your face with your coworkers.

ultrasound technician

How much does an ultrasound technician salary make in California?

California is filled with opportunities after New York but does being an ultrasound technician be of any benefit there? The average Ultrasound Technician Salary should expect to earn in Los Angeles California is $29.48 per hour. The maximum salary that the ultrasound tech are getting in California is $17.75 per hour and the pay for highly experienced individuals or people who have been in working for more than 2 years can be $39.73 per hour. The yearly salary can be as little as $27,821 and it can be as high as $80,669 per year.

How much does an ultrasound technician salary in New York?

According to the survey that was conducted by the average Ultrasound Technician Salary is evaluated to be $32.97 per hour. The salary can be as little as $15.10 in an hour and as high as $36.94 per hour in New York for the sonographer. Experience and some skills work as key factors in pay increment. You might be hired for less but gradually you pay will increase for sure.

The yearly pay that was estimated via the same survey stated the lowest pay to be $31,627 and the highest earned pay at New York by sonographers is $76,321.

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How much does an ultrasound technician salary makes in Texas?

According to a survey conducted back in 2013 the median yearly Ultrasound Technician Salary in Texas was estimated to be $65,600. The minority yet highly paid sonographer which makes 10% of the total employed sonographers make almost $89,000 per year while the lowest earning recorded in the same survey is $46,200 in a span of a year.

The average hourly pay for the ultrasound technicians in Texas was $31.53.  According to stats this career might grow on a shooting rate till 2020.

What are the job duties of Ultrasound technician?

Here is a little more sonogram technician job description for you. I do have elaborated them before but here is a clear outlook for you:

1.    Ultrasound diagnostics:

The first and foremost duty of the ultrasound technician is performance of authentic and accurate ultrasound test of a body part of a patient according to the direction of the physician. Basically an ultrasound technician moves a high frequency sound wave from the patient’s needed body part by the help of a ultrasound equipment, a clear image is thus formed which is then used for diagnosis or analysis purpose by the physician. Depending upon the ailment, the sonographer might run the ultrasound many times a day on the same patient.

2.    Cardiology:

Ultrasound technicians can also perform ultrasound in order to find problem in cardio-vascular system or in the heart. The sonogram machine detects out whether there is a blockage in the arteries, veins or heart. Keeping in mind the sonogram image, the ultrasound technician can aid the doctor about specificity of the ailment of any patient so that doctors can come up with right plans of treatment.

3.    Gynecology

The gynecologist uses the ultrasound image in order to determine weight, growth rate, sex, size or abnormality of the unborn child. Besides that the ultrasound technician using sonogram can also find out issues with uterus, vaginal tube or cervix of the pregnant or non-pregnant ladies. A sonographer can also find any small sized cysts or tumor in the uterus using ultrasound images

4.    Interpreting images:

Besides using the ultrasound machine, a sonographer is also equipped to analyze and interpret the ultrasound image too. Basically they perform some calculations and measurements which they learn from ultrasound technician education, furthermore these calculation and measurement is than discussed with the doctor for suggesting the proper plan for treatment.

Here are some other job duties which have to perform on daily basis by the ultrasound tech:

  • They have to explain the process of ultrasound to the patient and ask if they have any sort of query regarding the procedure.
  • The sonographer have to keep the patient record up to date and they should also include some medical notes regarding the ailment of the patient and ultrasound image
  • They must be performing ultrasound in such a way that enables the probe to click picture from each and every angle so that each angle and section will be perfectly elaborated
  • They must share the preliminary research and findings to the doctor or any healthcare member on panel.
  • They must evaluate the quality of image and they should also interpret the image taken or captured form the ultrasound machine
  • They must know how to evenly spread the gel used for ultrasound so that it can cover all the area of the body which has to be scanned.
  • They should well maintain the ultrasound machine and all the other equipment that is in their use and also they should sterilize the whole room for making it dust and germ free.

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What is Ultrasound Technician Salary Colorado?

If you are living in Denver Colorado and thinking of pursuing this career for your future, you might want to know what you can potentially earn from this career.  The average sonographer salary is reported to be $35.53. You can earn as little as $34 and as high as $37 per hour if you work as an ultrasound technician at Colorado.

What is cardiac Ultrasound Technician Salary Canada?

Canada is developing and coming up with opportunities on vast rate. But do you know how much will you be able to earn if you want to be cardiac sonographer in Canada? The median wage of a cardiac sonographer in Canada is estimated to be $30.17 in an hour. The total yearly pay for starters can be $44,277 and for those who have some years of experience or certificates might earn $88,748 per year. The overtime rate for a cardiac ultrasound technician is $60.00 per hour.


What is ob gyn ultrasound technician salary in USA?

According to a salary report that was submitted in May of 2012, the average ultrasound technician salary  in US is almost $66,360 per year. The top highly paid professionals who make the top ten percent are earning more than $91,070 per year.

What is the educational requirement of an ultrasound tech?

Here are few milestones which you have to achieve in order to be an ultrasound technician:

Milestone#1: get the needed education for this career:

There are two degrees for the ultra sound technicians the associate’s and the bachelor’s degree in diagnostic medical sonography. There are also some ultrasound technician schools which provide the students with some extra certificates based programs. Those students who have obtained the degree in some other health care program but still wish to learn a little about sonography, these certificates work best for them.

You must select the sonography program which is being accredited by CAAHEP or Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Program. An approved course or program is usually a requirement for the licensures so be aware to check whether your school is providing you with approved course or not. Some areas that these programs cover are ethics, abdominal sonography, obstetric sonography, cardiac sonography and breast sonography etc.

Milestone#2: obtain certificate:

Although having a license is not always a requirement when it comes to diagnostic medical sonography but most of the employers do prefer those candidates who have obtained their license from a professional nationally approved agency. One of the agencies which I mentioned before is known as ARDMS or American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography, the certificate training test that they conduct is called as SPI or Sonography Principle and Instrumentation. Those who complete the background education and the training of this certificate are most likely to get a good job in near future.

Milestone#3: find a suitable job

The fresh graduate can find ultrasound tech job no experience easily at clinics, hospital or facilities of public health. You may also find good job initially at any physician’s office or at any diagnostic lab.

Milestone#3: Carry on your education:

The certificate that I have mentioned earlier can be used for only ten years and one must renew it after that time by re-appearing in the test. The candidate must complete 30 hours of training before giving the test and passing it.

Milestone#4: Improvise the opportunity advancement as much as possible:

As you work for years in this field you gain general experience about almost other related fields, try to have certificates in the other semi fields of ultrasound technology so that you can earn more by linking with the field in which you have the most expertise.


How much do ultrasound tech make with a bachelor’s degree?

Having a bachelor’s degree does affect your pay rate drastically and not just that your work environment also changes. According to a survey which was held back in 2015 the average yearly pay rate for those ultrasound technicians who have a bachelor’s degree was $68,970 per year. As per the same survey the salary for those sonographers who are listed as the ones who are getting the most pay earned around $97,000 a year. So work hard and upgrade your degree so that you can also consider in the highly paid professionals.

How long does it take to become an ultrasound tech?

You can either get an associate’s degree which is a 2 years program or a bachelor’s program which is 4 years long. Some individuals as per the requirement of their employers also purse certificates which have different time span some are 6 months of training period some are as small as 3 months etc.

So there you go, this was the brief job outlook of the sonographer ultrasound technicians.


In this article I have quoted the ultrasound tech job outlook 2017, ultrasound technicians are also known as sonographers; their main job is to identify ailments using different diagnostic techniques by the help of an ultrasound machine. There is a vast range of fields for which an ultrasound can perform its tasks for. In this article you have learned about the educational requirement, job outlook and above all the ultrasound technician salary which is quite high as compared to several other jobs.

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