Vet Tech Salary Stats Around the World? (Comparison)

The person who has an utmost love and empathy towards animals can excel as Vet tech the most. In this article I am going to talk about the vet tech salary and other requirements for acquiring this career. Keep on reading this article if you really want to pursue this opportunity in the future.


Just like nurses are to the doctors, similarly the veterinary technicians are to the veterinarians. They help out the vets in treatments and diagnosis of the animals in the research laboratories, private practices and in animal hospitals. Mostly people interchange this title of the job with the veterinary technologist. Majorly these two are similar professions with very little difference. The vet tech also supervises the vet tech assistants on job.

Vet Tech Salary

Vet tech also care for the animals that are recovering from any recent injury or illnesses. The vet technician also take care of the animals on the routinely basis so that the animals can remain healthy. One of the most appreciated skills of a vet tech is that they should love and affection toward all the animals.

What are the job duties of a veterinary technician?

If you have decided to choose vet tech as your career, then the duties that are assigned to you mostly depends upon the type of the facility you are working in. However for most of your career you would have to assist the veterinarian doctors for taking good care of the animal patients. Here are some of the job duties that a vet tech has to take care of professionally:

  • Analyzing the animal patients regarding the changes in their behavior.
  • They have to prepare the animals for the surgery or any treatment plan designed by the vet doctors.
  • They provide the first aid to emergency case animal patients and along with it they also provide nursing care to the animal patients.
  • They develop and take the x-ray of the admitted animal patients.
  • They take the lab test samples and examine them too
  • One of the job duties of the vet tech is to maintain the record of animal patients
  • They provide the medication, treatments and shot to the patients

What is the salary for vet tech?

One must know the wage that they are most likely to get from the career they choose. The median vet tech hourly wage is reported to be $14.19. The yearly salary is reported to be as little as $21,718 and can be as high as $41,370 in a year depending totally on the experience years of the professional.

What is vet tech salary Texas?

The median salary of the vet tech in Houston, Texas is estimated to be $12.84 in an hour. According to the survey, the initial years in this position does not provide much pay scale but slowly as more experience comes the pay start increasing. Mostly candidates tend to shift to some other position after 20 years in this job. If the candidate go for overtime in this career, the expect pay for them is $18.29 per hour. Talking about the annual pay, the salary that the vet tech receives in Texas can be as low as $20,660 and can be as high as $36,174 in a span of a year.

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What are some vet tech requirements?

Have you ever wondered how to become a vet tech? If you don’t know then let me tell you, here is a precise outlook on the educational requirements of a vet etch

If you want to become a vet technician then you must go for an associate degree program which runs for 2 years after high school. The name of the degree is vet technology which provides the students with the adequate skills and knowledge which help the candidate big time in their professional lives. Besides the vet technology, one can also go for an associate degree in the animal science which can provide good knowledge on the vet technology

The Associate degree of applied science in the Vet technology:

In addition to the high school degree, some of the community college also require from candidates to

Possess a 16 to 20 hours observation in the hospital of vets. In the core field of study, students complete a lot of courses related to the program. Some topics affiliated with the vet technology are: clinical practices, the diseases of animals, the animal behavior and the management of the vet hospital.

During the study, the teachers mostly try to enhance the communication skills of the candidate as they must know how to communicate efficiently with the owners of the pet patients and also the excellent way of working with the vet doctors. Besides the main line of course, there are some other courses offered in this degree which are aimed to provide the general educational in the basic science and the humanities. Once the degree is passed, the newly graduated vet technicians must be ready to appear in the national level test which is administered by the medical board of state Veterinary in order to grasp good job opportunities in the future.

The required training information:

It is mostly part of the curriculum in many vet colleges to obtain some practical field work experience. During the period of last semester the students can opt for externship. If the externship require long hours of duty than the candidates must complete during the season of summer between the first and the second years of the enrollment. The internees help the veterinarians by taking blood sample sterilizing the instruments used in surgeries and by weight the animal patients. The intention of the training is to teach the candidates work ethic and professionalism: the internees learn how to control the emotions during working hours and ways to manage stressful circumstances.

Once the candidates are graduated and possess an associate degree, they are further directed to assistant position in the local veterinary hospitals. They are also further eligible to be enrolled in a 4 years bachelor’s degree program in pre-veterinary program or animal sciences.

What is vet tech salary Canada?

The average vet technician salary in a country like Canada is reported to be $16.44 in an hour. This job is relatively new in Canada so the linked candidates do not have more than 20 years of experience. In a year vet tech depending upon their efficiency and skills can earn as little as $27,008 and as high as $46,890. The hourly tip of the vet tech is reported to be around $1.47 in an hour. The annual bonus for the vet tech is evaluated to be $500 in a year.

Who is a vet assistant?

Vet assistants play a very important role in daily activities of vet hospital. Following are few job responsibilities of a vet assistant:

  • They have to thoroughly administer the medications that are given to the animal patients.
  • They have to keep high maintenance of surgical instruments, sterilize these instruments and assist the vet techs and veterinarians during the surgeries like monitoring the patients and preparing them for surgeries.
  • They have to clean and disinfect the cages in which the patient animals are kept along with the areas of treatment and exam rooms too.
  • They have to document daily care of patients and also maintain their charts
  • They are eligible to perform some lab related tasks like the urinalysis set up, the exam of fecal material and the bedside SNAP test.

What is the difference between a vet technician and vet assistant?

The role of the vet tech and vet assistant are crucial when it comes to veterinary practice, however the role of both these professionals are different from each other.

The Education:

The educational trainings for both these professionals are different from each other. All the educational requirements of a vet tech are described in the above sections. A vet tech needs an associate degree in order to be eligible for the job where as there are no such requirement for the position of a vet tech. mostly vet tech earns the certification through the post-secondary level schools like community colleges, vocational schools, vocational centers and technical institutes. The time duration of these short courses lasts up to a year or six months. The areas that these training cover are introduction to the medical terminologies, identification of breed, the right restraining and different ways of administration of medications.

The duties:

The duties assigned to the vet assistant are more extensive than the vet techs but obviously they are not as technical as the vet tech. a vet assistant is given both clerical and clinical responsibilities. The clerical duties include the customer services like making schedules for the appointment, issuing the bills to the customers and requesting the pet records etc. when it comes to vet tech, they act more like nurses to the human patients. The vet etch are authorized for taking the X-ray, major assistance in the surgeries and processing the tissue samples of the animal patients. Vet assistants make sure that the conditions are ready for the vet techs.

What is the vet assistant salary?

According to a survey the average salary of a vet assistant is $11.55 in an hour. The females seem to dominate this profession in USA. A factor that highly influences the wage of vet assistants is the residential area they are working in. More than half of the professionals are not provided with any job benefits like the medical coverage. Only two-thirds of the professionals are provided the dental coverage by the employers. Most of the participant in the survey reported high end satisfaction from the job. The hourly rate of the vet assistants lies between $9.08 and $15.13.

The yearly salary of vet assistants can be as low as $18,957 and as high as $32,870 depending upon the skills and years of experience of the assistant. The yearly bonus lies in the range of $97.62 and $$1,930 and profit sharing for most of the vet assistant is evaluated to be $400.

What is the vet Tech Salary Ohio?

According to a survey that has been conducted in Cincinnati Ohio, the median salary of the vet tech is reported to be $13.23 in an hour. Mostly professionals linked with this profession in Ohio move to some other profession within 20 years of their occupation. Experience has somewhat moderate effect on this job. The vet techs who have experience in anesthesia and Radiology are the ones who are being paid the highest in this profession.

The yearly pay reported in Ohio for vet tech can be as little as $$20,426 and can be as high as high as $53,829. The rate of over tie for vet tech in Ohio is $21.50 per hour.

What is vet tech salary NY?

New York is considered as the city which never sleeps. Being a metropolitan city, New York provides ample number of job opportunities and never disappoints anyone professionally. Average vet tech salary in this metropolitan city is reported to be $37,094 in a span of a year. Surprisingly the salary is 19.9% higher than the national federal salary.

Vet Tech

What is veterinary technical salary Alberta?

In a year the vet tech is reported to earn a median wage of $43,875 in Alberta. The hourly median salary is $23. The beginning salary of the vet techs is evaluated to be $31,000 in a year. The pay of vet technicians in Alberta is 1.3 times more than the average salary of the country.

What is the vet salary Ontario?

The median salary of vet tech and the entire vet tech related job is reported to be $39,953. The average salary in an hour for vet tech is $20. The pay is almost 1.2 times more than the federal pay of Canada. The yearly median wage for the entry level Vet tech is evaluated to be $$28,000. However the most experienced professionals are reportedly earn a sum of $56,000 a year. The pay can vary from workplace to workplace.

What is the registered vet tech salary UK?

The median pay of registered vet tech salary in United Kingdom is estimated to be $19,702 in a span of a year.

What is Vet tech salary California?

A vet tech in Los Angeles, California is earning the median wage of $16.15 in an hour. The entry level professionals can expect to earn $10.48 in an hour and a well experienced and highly efficient candidate can earn $23.99 in an hour. The rate of over time lies between $14.19 and $34.03 in an hour. The total yearly pay for the vet techs in California can be as little as $22,727 and can go as high as $56,844.

What are some quick facts about Vet Technicians?

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics has named this profession as one of the brightest looking occupation due to its great job outlook. The rate of employment in this profession has grown on fast pace since 2004.
  • Most of the job opportunities for the candidates are in hospitals
  • There are almost 96,000 candidates affiliated with this profession in United States alone. This was stated in a 2014 labor statistics.
  • Back in the year 2016, the median salary reported for the vet tech is around $32,490 in a year and the average hourly rate for the vet tech was reported to be $15.62.

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What are some soft skills which should be present in a vet tech personality?

For being a good and successful vet tech, there must be some soft skills which should be part of your personality. Here are some of them:

1.     Oral communication:

A good vet tech conveys the general instruction in a pro-efficient manner both to the vet assistant and to the clients. In fact this is one of the skills which must be polished and well-practiced if you want to be in this field.

2.     Good organizational skills:

In order to gain success in your profession, you must learn the skill of keeping the records and tracks. The less bias you are the more clients you will like to have.

3.     Excellent interpersonal skills;

Though this job is mainly linked with the treatment of the animals but good skills when it comes to interaction with humans is also necessary. Pets cannot not directly communicate with you that is the reason why you have to talk to the owners of those ill pets. You must know how to talk and convey your message in simple words to the owners. Besides that you also have to work with the veterinarians and vet assistants every day, having this skill will only enhance your professionalism.

4.     The skill of listening

Being in this profession one must listen to the needs and prospective of the client they are working with. Both vet techs and vet assistants directly communicate with the clients so they must acquire an active learning skill in order to record everything 100% error free. Even a slight mistake can become deadly toward the patients.

5.     Good coordination skills:

The vet tech must know the acts of coordination of their actions with that of the vet assistants and veterinarians. They have to keep a keen eye on the duties of the vet assistant and must regularly report all the things that take place in the clinical practice.

A good vet tech must notice every thing that has been going on in the vet hospitals and  msut come up with ways to avoid further complications.

6.     The skill of solving problems:

Just like the people in office do not reach to the employers for every petty issue similarly in this profession you can’t take every problem to the veterinarian. A good vet tech finds it challenging and rewarding to solve problems by their own. Some of the issues that they have to face daily are illnesses, injuries and emergency cases.

7.     The skill of critical thinking:

The skill of critical thinking helps a professional to come up with multiple solutions to a single problem. Not just problems it also helps in making alternative decisions. Coming up with different solution also enhances your thinking capabilities.

Vet Tech Job

What is the vet tech salary TN?

As we know the vet tech salary varies from city and town to town. The vet tech salary that we have mentioned in this section is provided in Nashville Tennessee which is $13.77 for an hour. The salary mainly depends upon the geographical region and the population.


There are hardly few among us who doesn’t consider pets lovable. For those who share a strong affection with these God Gifted creatures, which job is better than the job of a vet tech. This profession has multiple advantages especially the vet tech salary. Vet techs are basically like nurses are to the human patients. They have to help out the vet doctors in treatment and diagnosis process of the animal patients. They show close affiliation with veterinarian and play big role in decision making as well. Vet techs also supervise the vet assistants whose job is both clerical and clinical. Besides that vet tech also handle all the technological procedure in vet clinics liking taking of X ray, taking Blood sample and using machines during surgeries. In order to pursue this career one must possess an associate’s degree program in vet technology and also have some externship experience.

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