How Much Is Web Developer Salary {Updated}

An average person spends 92,120 hours of their life at work. Even though there are many job opportunities to choose from, it is highly advisable to choose the one that suits all your needs perfectly. Even if not all, the job you select for excelling your career should meet some of your requirements. The job that we are going to mention about is Web developer. Not just the job we are also going to discuss the web developer salary 2017.

Web Developer Salary


So have you ever wondered what web developer jobs are really like? Well a web developer has many job responsibilities. Web developers are known to shape up and modulate the visitor’s experience for a website. They enhance the whole experience via website style designing like colors and fonts, layouts of the page like headings and paragraph designing, page unique features like pictures and animations.

Usually web developers are assigned with projects in which graphic designers and a project manage works along with the web developers. Every project has a predetermined budget which has to be kept in mind by the web developer. Along with it the web developer should also keep in mind the scope and design of every project that they have been assigned.

A web developer along with the strong technical skill, web developers must also possess good oral and written communication skills. One of the strongest requirements of this job is good time management which is very necessary for the web designers to practice. They should be well aware of the emerging technologies and should quickly resolve any highlight issues while the project is running. They should also no the trends and standards.

With efficient use of the coding languages like JavaScript and HTML a web developer is known to bring the web applications or websites to life. They continually maintain, upgrade and test the websites for the sake of enhancing user experience.

What are web developer similar professions?

There are dozens of jobs that are associated with the web industry. Here are some of them:

·        Web designer:

If you the word “designer” in any job this means that the job is big time linked with designing. Their main function is to put check and balance on how a website looks like. The job title depicts that the main focus is on web. The technical skills include light JavaScript, HTML, and CSS along with the designing tools of choice.

·        UI Designer:

There is little to no implementation in this job and it is rather only about the designing procedure. The technical skills included in the job are light (easy) CSS, HTML and designing tools of the candidate’s choice. If you haven’t heard much about this profession before then you must know that this job also runs with the name of Visual Designing in the web field.

·        Front End developer:

The main aim of this job is to put a good focus on CSS, HTML, light backend work and JavaScript. There is no designing included in this job that’s why the job description hasn’t included it in the title. The job however requires a very deep skill in some other technologies. The developer should have a good grip on some concepts beyond the core technological terms like regression performance and testing. If you cannot find any job with the similar description then try looking for Front End Engineer. The job is definitely associated with highly skilled performance. Based upon the technology there are some other similar professions like JavaScript developer or JavaScript engineering. The demand is however mostly for the Front End developer these days.

·        Art Director:

The main aim of this job is designing, leadership and quality control. The strongest skill which an art director should possess is the good communication skills with the clients. The job also goes with the name of Design director.

·        Interaction Designer:

Interaction designer have somewhat the same job like UI designer but the main focus of this job is the way things are used

·        The UX designer:

The main function of this job is to conduct proper study and research as to how people use any website. They also make sure to upgrade the websites with the positive changes and then testify for the optimal results. There is no implantation or design skill included in the job unlike the title. The job’s main focus is to cater the experience of the user, and the professionals are required to show full dedication in this field.

·        Content strategist:

These professionals work directly on the structural designing of the website. Some detailed of the job includes content analysis, metadata, taxonomies along with proper scheduling. A more modern term associated with this job is Information architect. Content strategist works closely with the other professions whom are linked with the content of the website like Editors, writers and copy writers.

Full Stack Developer:

This profession is quite exotic because it combines Back and front end work altogether. Highly cross over individuals are required for this job

·        Customer service representative:

This job requires face to face communication with the users of the website. If the website is facing any technical problems or bugs, customer service representative will try to fix it and also look for the future issues.

·        Product Manager:

These professionals provide a detailed guideline of the website or any of its features. They mostly deal with the clients and the plans of actions of a given project. This job is transitionary and the professionals usually get updated to a bigger post than this.

·        SEO:

Though this profession is a part of web world but due to its multiple functioning it is valid enough to be placed in a whole new category


What is junior web developer?

Junior web developer is a common term which is widely used for the individuals who are getting started in the web development industry. Don’t be fooled with the term though because “junior” does not mean that this job is any less important than the web developer. The average salary of the junior developer is more than several other professions. Every year there are almost 4,869 job openings in this field. Here are some of the programing languages that a junior web developer should have a strong grip on:

  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • jQuery

Other than the above mentioned languages, here are some other areas of expertise which can enhance the working experience of the junior web developer:

  • Version control
  • Responsive designing of web
  • UX, photo shop and web design etc.
  • Cross browsing compatibility

These are some of the must have skills list for junior web developer, but again you can add some additional skills in order to strengthen your chances of obtaining a good job. Some additional skills include Freelance work, putting the code on GITHUB, contribution in open source projects, taking part in the Hackathon.

What exactly is the qualification of the web designer?

Have you ever wondered what the qualification criteria are for web designer is? If you don’t, then here is a detailed answer to your query.


The qualification holds a minimum of bachelor’s degree in I.T. The degree holds a good part in practical education of some key elements like production of multimedia files, web applications, digitalized arts and design, visual communication web programing and publications, usability and interactivity tests.

The interested candidates can also obtain degree and diploma certificates from various accredited bodies such as certified Internet webmaster, writer’s guild, International webmaster Association-HTML

What are the essential development skills that a web developer should learn?

Web designers along with the educational skills should also take good responsibility in coding of their designs along with creation and publication of the contents. They should develop a high end understanding of CSS and HTML techniques along with this they should also be well aware of some other technologies like MySQL and PHP. The designer in order to create pages must also be aware of some featuring techniques like JavaScript and flash, this will help in enhancing the graphics whether it is a business or animation application. A web designer is always quite aware of the demands of the standards created by some of the organizations like Worldwide web Association

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What are the design skills that a web developer should learn?

A web designer should possess strong graphic designing skills. The main aim of the web designer is to create such an outstanding website which should not be far-fetched rather it should be super easy and user friendly. It doesn’t matter where the application is supposed to run whether on smartphones or personal computers, it should be easy to navigate. Having a graphic designing skill is not only helpful for web application but also for printed media. A web developer must also be pro-efficient in the designing softwares like Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop

What is the optimization skill?

A web designer also strives from high ranking of the website on search engines. The content must be so good that a great number of visitors must be attracted to it every day. The web developer should work in close affiliation with the content developer so that high quality and non-pledgerized content should be uploaded on the website and applications

What is the required experience?

An adequate experience in creation of websites is necessary for the web developer.  The developer should have the ability to create website in multiple categories and formats. Fresh graduates who don’t have much experience can also participate in Website Design Institutions. The young professionals act as interns in the schemes not just that the schemes also provide the clients with free website upgrades. There are a wide range of clients so the interns get to learn a lot from them and obtain experience in different aspects of their field. Their work is also show cast on the official website of the institution.

Tell me more about web developer associate degree?

The associate degree basically teaches the web developer student maintenance and designing of the website. The students also learn to manage the functionality of the website. The developers are also taught the animated graphics. There are a number of community colleges at USA who are offering this degree programs.

Both technical and creative skills are enhanced and taught in the associate’s degree. The degree is a 2 years program. In the meantime the web developers learn how to develop database, animated images, web authorizing tools, developing database, maintenance as well as creation of the websites.

What are the areas of interests in this degree?

Area of interest includes interactive website formation, E-commerce and its issues, the basic visual programming, networking and motion graphic. If the candidate is applying for this program he should possess a High School Diploma or GED certificate the coursework enables the students to create first class websites that are for individuals, corporations or for business. Here are some of the course topics that are offered in this program:

  • User interfaces
  • Linux
  • Simulation of networks
  • Java
  • Processing of file
  • Scripting


What are some good areas of profession for the web developer?

For graduates there are different opportunities settings, the young graduates have the option to go for their own businesses, corporation, publishing companies, banks, entertainments bodies etc. here are few job titles for the fresh graduates to look forward too:

  • Administration of web
  • Web software developer
  • Web designer
  • Web developer
  • Web application developer
  • Content developer

What are continuing educational programs offered for this field?

There are multiple opportunities provided by International webmasters associations. For this you must be a part of this organization. The organization also provides the professional development courses along with the resources for employments. Once the members complete the basic, core and then elective courses they are afterwards eligible for the certification. The certification includes web programming, web technologies, web graphics and web multimedia business.

Fresh grads should also go forward for professional certificates via CIW (Certified Internet web). The areas of certification include JavaScript, Database design, E-commerce and web design.

Those graduates who are seeking for associate degree will acquire skills of digitally marketing, severs, interface and database. There is a variety of areas in which they can work Include software development, content development, and web designing and administration wing.

What is the web designer salary?

The average annual salary of the web designer is around $72,638. The range vary depending upon the efficiency $62,185 and $83,010. This information was collected and surveyed at many companies’ HR and then averaged.

What is front end web developer salary?

The front end web developer has these bankable sets of skills on the market of job today. The federal average annual wage of the front end developer is $75,000 or even more than that in some cases. Even if there is a lot of technological competition the wage of web developer can increase to even $100,000 a year. But keep one thing in mind that the salaries vary from experience and place. The higher experience along with intellect you have the ore you will be demanded in this particular field.

What is junior web developer salary?

As I have mentioned before the term junior in the above mentioned title does not mean that this job is easy or on a smaller scale but it means that the developer has just begin their career. The average salary annual salary of the junior web developer vary from place to place but as per a survey conducted in 2017 the federal pay for this job is $71,000 per annum.

What is freelance web developer salary?

Working as a freelancer the profession of web development is better than anything. Although there aren’t much freelancing professional who were surveyed regarding their annual wage but as some of the survey showed that freelance web developer has potential of earning more than $150,000. For the new freelancers the annual salary might range anywhere $27,000 to $45,000. Having ten years of experience will rise up the salary of the freelancer to $55,000-$85,000 in a year. This all depends how well their business is established or how many projects they get in a month.


What is computer programmer salary?

Computer programmers earn as much as $61,000 in a year. Keep in mind that this is an average pay scale that varies from place to place. Programming usually runs in the form of project which ends up with good load of bonuses and profit sharing. Computer programmers usually work in offices as salaried workers. Their work similarize big time with web developers and has little difference. The code softwares and also handle the bugs, updates and troubleshoot of the generated softwares. They also customize the software purchased from the vendors.

What is the entry level web designer salary?

In a year an entry level web designer is known to earn around $45,435. The salary varies from place to place. The bonus that they receive ranges from $240 to $5,700 in a year. The employers who have participated in the survey haven’t shown much satisfaction with the job and people do tend to change over to some other field offered in the web world.

What is entry level web developer salary?

The median annual pay scale of the entry level web developer is around $54,000 in a year. You might have noticed that the entry level web designer has way lesser annual pay than entry level web developer. There is a high end satisfaction from employers under this job category. The bonus that entry level web developer receives is as high as $7,000. The job comes with a great deal of allowances including the one for health too. The annual profit sharing of entry level web developer is $6,743.

What is web developer salary per hour?

According to various different companies, a web developer is known to make anywhere around $50 to $60 in an hour. This opportunity is considered as full time job. The range of pay varies and there are several reasons associated in the variations like experience, certificates, geography and rules of the company which has hired you as an employee.

What is web developer salary Canada?

A professional web developer living in Ontario Canada earns a median wage of $51,836 in a year. The experience of the professional is known to mark the pay scale that they are going to get in the country like Canada. Most professionals have an experience of at least 10 years who had participated in our survey. The job also offers profit sharing and bonuses annually.

What is full stack web developer salary?

In a year, a full stack web developer earns around $73,933. This is an average figure of pay which definitely varies from place to place and of course with experience too.

What are the most current, approximate numbers of graphic design jobs?

According to the survey conducted by Bureau of Labor Statistics the most current, approximate numbers of graphic design jobs in the year of 2017 are 210,710. There is a 0.9% rise in the job opportunities as compared to earlier years.


There are so many job opportunities for us to choose from. But the ideal job should meet may be not all but most of your requirements. Above all other aspects, a job must provide the candidate with a handsome wage along with challenging job. In this article we have talked about ideal job opportunities which seem to be in high demands these years. The job is known as web developing. I have also mentioned the average web developer salary 2017 just to give you a better insight. A candidate must have 4 years of bachelor’s degree in I.T or 2 years of associate diploma in web developing.  A web developer must possess a great range of technical skills in order to excel their career. Some of these skills are production of web applications, website deigning, graphic designing, project management and troubleshooting assistance etc.

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